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Host game to decline? Moving impact disaster into the living room center

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall [summary] The user is migrating to the handset game, the host game foreground is not optimistic. Smartphones are replacing game consoles as a new favorite. Tencent Science and Technology Fan Xiaodong September 17 reported that the 2014 Tokyo video game show will be held tomorrow in Tokyo, as the second largest game show in the world after the United States E3 Games show, last year, a record of more than 270,000 people into the museum, but a year past , with the host game facing the market environment constantly ...

The Chinese don't like to buy games, but they extravagantly in the game

"The Chinese don't like to buy games, but they extravagantly in the game," he said.   "Yodol, a company that has helped localize a variety of European and American Games, describes the characteristics of Chinese gamers." These game-consuming players, called "tyrants" in the player group, are also the main source of performance for Chinese game operations. In order for these "tyrants" to take out more real money, game operators do what they have to do. "Todo" is the most common means. They either provoke "tyrants" anger through the challenge, or "tyrants" as a "high play" status guide.

Monthly Income 20,000 network game acting: Enemies of the game operators

24 Hours of work. "Xiao Qiang" uncover difficult to see into the game operator Public Enemy in the eyes of friends as if Gates ultimate trainer to build acting production line in Wuxi, Jiangsu, a spacious house, neatly placed around 150 computers, but this is not an Internet café. Only one person in the big room looked back and forth at the computers, and occasionally stopped to operate.  A few hours later, another colleague took over his job, and that was a 24-hour cycle. But they, have never, and will not see their boss "cockroach"-a well-known but also unknown in the industry ...

Aerial network buys big-cap network: "Pan-game" strategy emerges

This reporter Shijuan December 15 20:00, the Air network nasdaq:kong announced the acquisition of a wholly-owned internet gaming company large-cap network.  Through this acquisition, the air network will fully enter the Internet gaming market area, and in the future to try mobile games and Internet games cross-platform integration strategy to form a "mobile game + Internet Game" new business model. According to the Chinese Economic Times reporter understand that the acquisition of the upper limit of 80 million U.S. dollars, the air network will be a large network in 2010 by the United States accounting standards after the after-tax profit basis. Trading with empty ...

The Magic Gate: The Battle of Heroes classic game of chess comes to iOS

Game forward: "Magic Door: The Battle of the Heroes" is Ubisoft (UbiSoft) production of a strategic and chess game. The game is set in "Heroes 5" 40 years ago, players need to cross the Ashan territory, to find ways to strengthen the power to save the chaos of the world. Game play point: Chess game Classic, high-definition screen. Join the battle mode (same machine vs/online). Evaluation text: "Magic Door: Hero Confrontation" was in 2009 by IGN voted the best DS game, as one of the world's most popular game of chess ~ this iOS ...

Middle East Game Market Survey: Opportunities, Challenges and lessons learned

Region overview Arab world map and country distribution * Total population: 338 million total area: 13900 sq km * 21 countries contain many commonalities, and there are many differences * commonalities include: 1, all advocating humble values and strong family values 2, religion: Islam or Christianity 3 , language: All speak Arabic * differences include: 1, social culture 2, economic development level 3, science and technology level region economy * purchasing power parity (PPP) is a measure of home purchase ...

Talking about seoer and game life

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall talking about Seoer and game life!" Remember the game before work, I have limited economic conditions,   Selected a may be so far is not very hot network game: Dahua West Tour, Oh, because this game did not open Jiangxi area, I ordered from the game area near Jiangxi province Zhejiang: Misty Rain Jiangnan. ...

Where does cloud computing go in the high-end "military" sector?

With strong computational performance, reliability, high security, high versatility, scalability; computing systems virtualization; "Cloud computing", known for its features such as on-demand services and low operating costs, has taken root in the corporate marketplace, but in another relatively independent and mysterious and high-end "military" sector, what is the point of cloud computing? Engels once put forward: "Once the technological progress can be used for military purposes and has been used for military purposes, they are almost mandatory, and often in violation of the commander's will caused by changes in the way of warfare or even change." "such as missile defense systems, such as radar, ...

SEO is a game of the brave

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall search engine optimization dilemma what is reasonable seo, what is excessive search engine optimization?   Not a clear red line to judicious around? The answer is No. Engage in SEO seoer and stationmaster, everyone is on thin ice abyss to test ...

A glimpse of the underground world of China's Internet

Absrtact: Feng Dahui (fenng) has shared a story about hackers in his micro-credit public accounts, which is a legendary novel style, which many people have read before expressing their belief. Fenng to this comment: "People questioned may not be ignorant, but things Feng Dahui (fenng) in its micro-letter public account" gossip "on the share of a" hacker "story, the article is quite legendary novel style, many people read after said" Can't believe. " "The people who are questioning may not be ignorant, but things are more than they know," Fenng said.

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