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Selina Yu Burns Hunan TV: Trying to help two people recover

Morning News reporter Cengyu learned that the day entertainment company vice president of Willow yesterday morning to Shanghai, she revealed that the company is now with doctors and Yu family to communicate the most effective treatment program. At the same time, yesterday Day entertainment on Yu injury to give formal reply, Yu back, arms, legs have different degrees of burns, burn area of 39%, is a third degree burns. In addition, the reporter also interviewed Hunan satellite TV deputy editor-in-chief, chief editor of the room director Li, the other side said: "The play will continue to film, but not to change the angle to see the two people's treatment and recovery." Specific Aftercare Services ...

2014 annual observation of apparel industry: the agitation and transformation of the Internet

The author notes: Over the past few years, my annual observation articles, mostly from the industry's internal perspective to observe and interpret the industry changes. In fact, the development and change of an industry is affected not only by the internal environment, but also by the external environment. This year's annual observation, I change the angle, talk about the external changes and clothing industry changes in the relationship. At a recent conference, the author asked a question: Do you have a good business five years ago or do you have a good business this year? The large number of people replied that business was good five years ago. The author also asked: Do you say that business is better after five years, or is the business doing well this year? The big number of people answer, five years later more difficult. ...

Is it really a problem to think about entrepreneurship?

There are so many hands on entrepreneurial questions, and almost 80% of the problem is that you have to give the solution directly. I decided to change the angle. The girlfriend (wife) is afraid of a lot of people have encountered problems-usually good, occasionally "temper attack." However, the attack is "terrible". Then you always think: "How to let her not to attack?" "At first, you may naively think she's angry because you're not doing well enough, and then maybe you feel like you're not good and you're not, and then you finally wake up and she's just" not in a good mood. But, all ...

Internet companies are building a vulnerability reporting incentive platform

Following Google and Facebook to launch the vulnerability Award program, domestic internet companies have also built their own vulnerability incentive platform to encourage security technology experts to identify and notify the Enterprise vulnerability information.   A researcher named Mil3s Beep has received a cash reward of more than 35,000 yuan since the 360 security vulnerability response platform was online. Previously, the so-called 0day vulnerabilities (which have never been made public or patched) usually only circulate in the underground "black market", being used by hackers for cybercrime and profiting from China. However, if the manufacturer to change the angle, its ...

Domestic apparel retailing industry, how far is it from the real O2O

"Double 11" crazy snapped up after, a lot of net buys a clan to fall into the rush of return goods again. According to Xinhua reported that a woman in a place to save time and freight, unexpectedly came up with "strange strokes": to the physical store to "try on" as a cover, will be the number of the network to buy a large brand coat, exchange for the appropriate number of their own. Of course, the consumer's approach can not be advocated, but we may wish to change the angle of thinking, in the electric dealers are speculation O2O concept of today, to achieve the same goods near the line store returned goods, distance from consumers how far? "Two lines" of estrangement both waste resources and weaken the experience line up and down ...

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