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Let Pigdin display pictures and videos in the chat window

Pidgin (formerly known as Gaim) is a cross-platform instant messaging client, published using the GNU General Public License. The software supports several existing instant messaging protocols that allow users to log in to different Instant messaging services using the same software. As of 2007, Pidgin had about 3 million users. Pidgin "> Don't know much about Windows system users, but ...

"TERA" Test Game Interface Introduction Game task Practice Video

The net (Compile/Orient Exotic) "TERA" Last week in Korea opened a four-day stress test, this article will bring "TERA" game interface details, and the interface of the Korean menu all have Chinese annotation oh. The following figure is the main interface of the game A: Avatar (HP/MP/Fatigue value) B: Chat window (area/TRADE/Search Team/Team/General/private message/system hint, etc.) C: Comprehensive Menu Interface "forum original" "DW" Exclusive: Tera Interface Chinese interpretation (...)

Facebook announces new bonus features, transfers between friends

"TechWeb reported March 18," Facebook is developing and testing its instant messaging applications Facebook Messenger users to "Send red envelopes" new features. Facebook has announced that it will use Facebook Messenger for instant Messaging to add new features, allowing friends to transfer money between them through the application. In the new Facebook Messenger Chat window, users can transfer money to friends by clicking on the dollar icon. However, before this, the user ...

Tencent officially opened Beta1 priority experience

Recently, Tencent officially opened the QQ2012 Beta1 priority experience, and provides the QQ2012 Beta1 download, in function updates, QQ2012beta1 2012 new interface, in the session window, QQ skin settings, multiplayer video, find contacts, etc. have Function improvement. Below, we take a look at the wonderful performance brought by QQ2012beta1. First, the installation interface is more innovative QQ2012beta1 software installation and conventional software similar ...

Facebook has developed a new chat room function code-named Host Chat

Facebook has confirmed that it has begun testing this feature. Compared to AOL's traditional chat rooms, the "Host Chat" feature allows Facebook users to meet friends and stay on the site longer. Although Facebook confirmed that it was testing the feature, it did not give more details, saying only that "a small number of users are sometimes involved in the test." "Because only a small percentage of users are involved in the test, the test range is small and sometimes only for a specific country, so unless the functionality is tested smoothly and rolled out in a wider range, other users are ...

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