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Super Cloud Vice President Dong Xin introduces Super Cloud Next generation high temperature server

Moderator: Good afternoon everyone, welcome to the Third China Cloud Computing Conference Cloud Base Division venue, this afternoon by the super cloud to share with you in the cloud computing and the Big Data era, the cloud as a focus on infrastructure manufacturers in what we are doing, we can help people achieve what, today I would like to ask everyone here, There are many new friends, old friends, which are the first time to visit the cloud base, are there? I simply put the current general situation of cloud base to tell you, cloud base two years ago formally established, but also by Dr. Tian founded China Netcom after the third venture, so ...

Cloud computing will dominate server market channels or big shuffle

Although 2011 years have not ended, according to the supplier in the past two quarters of sales performance and the short-term market conditions of the forecast situation, the entire server industry, the whole year two largest market growth point, respectively, from the Internet and the government's cloud computing procurement projects. Ability to integrate resources, that is, cloud computing implementation capabilities of the partner resource contention, will be the future server industry chain of the most important competition point, although 2011 years is still not over, but according to the supplier in the past two quarters of sales performance and short-term market conditions of the pre-award situation ...

Super Cloud 25 Server strong beach in South China market

June 21 News, cloud base core manufacturers, China Cloud ERA infrastructure products and services leader-Beijing Tiandi Super Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., united its brother manufacturers Beijing Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., co-sponsored by the theme of "Up the sky, share the future" cloud server than the survey and Research Forum 25 products Promotion meeting, The Jianguo Hotel in Guangzhou is held grandly. Beijing World Super Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. Vice President Dong Xin, Beijing Tian Yun Technology Co., Ltd. South China branch general manager Hu Shifeng, with many from the enterprise customers, industry customers and channel partners, such as nearly hundreds of guests together ...

Cloud application server pointing to China cloud trend

In the eyes of most business leaders and CIOs, the process of building cloud computing is not a thoroughfare, or even a distraction. In China, CIOs still devote 70% of their energy to business continuity and crisis management, with just 30% of the time and money that CIOs are making the road to cloud computing business more difficult. Now, as the fastest-growing Chinese infrastructure provider in the industry, world-wide cloud is looking for opportunities to make it easier and simpler for companies to build their cloud-computing infrastructure. The second year of the establishment of the launch of 25 Cloud series server sky-Cloud, in the technology surprised four, but also the logo ...

China Domain name report: More than half of our domain name server is unsafe

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall August 26 news, the North Dragon Medium net carries the domain name registration management organization CNNIC to release the domestic first "China Domain Name service and the Security status report", "the report" shows that our country current domain name server total quantity nearly million, among them more than 50%   Domain name server is relatively insecure, and 57% of our important information systems have the risk of domain name resolution. The following is the "China Domain Name Service and security status report" Full text: report summary:-As of August 10, 2010, monitoring ...

What is the cloud server?

In this era of cloud computing, we know that the type of server, will not be limited to the rack-type server, tower Server, Blade server, there is already a "cloud server" character was born. Perhaps we have not figured out what is cloud computing, there is no unified definition of cloud computing, the emergence of cloud server can be accepted? For cloud servers, there is no exact definition, and this cloud-born server is generally high-density, energy-efficient, manageable, and the price per node is lower relative to the rack server. In essence, cloud computing ...

Wei Yiqun: Cloud Computing creates server market segmentation

June 14 Morning Message from the proposed server concept, to build production lines, and then to the first server offline, only in less than 8 months time. This is inconceivable to the old server vendors, but they did. And from the first server offline to the series of new products released, but it took only 3 months time. During this time, they also won the attention of Intel, VMware, and many other partners, but also won large orders including the National Grid, China Telecom, Unicom, Taobao, 360 and other mainstream customers. ...

10 Index analysis should choose Cloud Host or standalone server

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall with the rapid development of cloud computing, "cloud" technology in the use of the internet trend to promote the concept of cloud host is also hot up, more and more IDC company to provide users with cloud host services.   Vigorous publicity, so that users in the server rental, server hosting, cloud host business, users how to choose the appropriate enterprise development needs of products, became a problem? This paper analyzes some differences of cloud host, server lease and server hosting in China IDC industry at the present stage. ...

IDC: China Becomes a Bright Spot in the Global x86 Server Market

[Latest] According to IDC latest data show that the Chinese market as the second quarter of 2014 x86 server market growth engine, including China local companies gratifying results, the wave of servers in the shipments continue to lead. According to research firm IDC latest data show that: the second quarter of 2014, China x86 server market, the overall shipment of 448,000 units, sales of 1.43 billion US dollars, an increase of 22.2%, respectively, 34.6%; global X86 server market overall shipments To 220 million units, sales of 9.8 billion US dollars, ...

Aiming at cloud computing, the Super Cloud server production base

Beijing World Super Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Super Cloud") is a newly established domestic server manufacturers, its main investment is the Beijing government, the original China Netcom CEO Tian founded Broadband Capital and the United States micro-Supermicro three companies. So as a new company that has just entered the server market, why can the super cloud get so many "big shots" of the support? Where is the feature of its flagship product? With such questions, the reporter went to the company's production base to visit its production site.

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