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Innovative cloud computing service model China million net dozen free card

Cloud computing is in full swing in the domestic rapid Mengjin, from the government to it giant enterprises, from operators to IDC service providers, as if all of a sudden have become cloud computing service providers, to provide users with a variety of cloud services.  In this technology-driven cloud computing "expansion", users are still "foggy", for the cloud service providers, more need is innovative service model. Shortly before the six free services, China's network announced that almost all its applications are transformed into cloud services, while the six industry recognized fee business into free services, including free 5M bandwidth, 2G free space ...

China Shuo NET helps push cloud server enterprise enterprising is kingly

Intermediary transaction SEO troubleshooting Taobao guest owners buy cloud host Technology Hall "article summary" cloud host, since the 2011 hot rise, the IDC industry to become the perfect replacement VPS series, its success lies in its relative to the dominance of the VPs, and platform cloud with its convenient operation, real-time monitoring and visualization services,   Let webmaster more convenient to enjoy cloud benefits, has become the industry's Nova! At present, cloud computing as a personal PC and the Internet after the third it Industrial revolution, its development prospects attract many governments, enterprises into this ...

China million net Fan Chunying: Cloud computing enters mixed cloud era

Recently held in Qingdao, "2012 China cloud Computing and cloud Services Peak Forum," "> China million network Vice President Fan Chunying said, This year the industry has begun to consider how to combine public and private clouds. He sees the cloud as a hybrid cloud, a new cloud-hosting cloud that hosts the private cloud. Fan Chunying said that users may encounter some database server can not be moved to the "cloud" ...

China Telecom Cloud Computing company April Listing: A number of standard-setting

"Telecommunications Industry Network News" (reporter Wu Lei Shandan) China Telecom's enthusiasm for cloud computing is high, beyond everyone's imagination. Following August 31, 2011, after the first release of the full cloud computing strategy in the three major operators, the communications industry newspaper (NET) reporter recently learned that China Telecom will set up a professional cloud computing company to govern the management of the country's cloud computing business.   Cloud computing companies are expected to be listed in April. As early as last year's cloud computing strategy, cloud company preparatory was set up, according to people close to China Telecom. The team leader of the preparatory group is Sun Kangmin as deputy general Manager, preparatory member ...

NET true + Open + cloud--France Telecom Orange announced the new strategy of the net

April 19 17 o'clock, an office building in the Beijing CBD, Orange Business Services (orange) of the net real meeting room is waiting for a very moment. The huge display screen is constantly switching from Paris, London and the Netherlands, the high-definition image of Arnhem. 1 hours later, a global sync launch began, and it was broadcast via the internet, and Beijing was one of four publishing sites. This is a conference on the real business, but also the telecommunications operators are rarely the form of the Conference. This Law ...

China Telecom Inner Mongolia resource pool Upgrade Sky Wing cloud strength

In recent years, China's cloud computing industry is a joyous occasion. On the one hand, recently by China and other member bodies to promote the project and focus on the two international cloud computing standards--ISO/IEC 17,788:2014 "Information Technology cloud Computing Overview and terminology" and ISO/IEC 17,789:2014 "Information Technology cloud Computing Reference Architecture" officially released, Makes the international standardization of cloud computing work into a new stage. As one of the promotion countries of these two international standards, China has submitted more than 20 items, which has made important to speed up the development of standards.

Microsoft Greater China CEO Leung: How Microsoft from the window to the cloud

As the only it company with a full product line from the enterprise to the consumer level, Microsoft has ranked cloud computing as the primary key factor in keeping the company growing and successful. From a technical point of view, Microsoft sees cloud computing as a huge transformation and transformation that parallels the 70 's microprocessor, the 80 graphical user interface and the 90 Internet. As the only it company with a full product line from enterprise to consumer level, Microsoft, in its 2010 report, ranked cloud computing as the primary key factor in ensuring sustained growth and success for the company (the other two are strong production ...).

Cloud Security Alliance establishes China office to drive cloud security across development

Beijing May 19, 2014, The Cloud Security Alliance (Cloud) announced the establishment of the China office in Beijing, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with various institutions in the Government, to promote the development of China's cloud security across the country. "Cloud computing in China has moved from concept to full-scale practice and solving cloud security issues is the key to the development of China's cloud industry," said Jim Reavis, founder and global chief executive of the Cloud Security Alliance (Jirewei) in a speech. In order to adapt and promote this trend, ...

Constructing cloud ecosystem to perspective Microsoft Cloud Computing China layout

Cloud computing has a variety of definitions, it is not a pure product, nor a new technology, but a new way of generating and acquiring computing power. Its emergence has a great impact on it's application and deployment patterns as well as business models, and it's inherent ecosystem changes as well, so the upstream and downstream of the industry chain needs to give far-reaching consideration to cloud computing. Microsoft has come up with the idea that it is service. That is how the concept of cloud computing can be truly integrated into the IT level, the realization of users, partners in the field of computer more innovation. Microsoft...

The choice made by China Mobile in the cloud era

Microsoft James Black, serif; FONT-SIZE:10.5PT "> China Mobile decided to shift from" mobile communications experts "to" Mobile Information specialists ", which means that traditional telecoms carrier systems will be broken. The traditional operator's infrastructure is the network infrastructure construction, such as telephone, exchange, transmission, on this basis will provide some value-added services. What is the slogan "information expert" by China Mobile? Across the era of information experts, the whole society has gradually become the core of information services as a service, China Mobile ...

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