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Discussion on profit of local portal or professional website operation and Promotion

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall every Friday 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the ADMIN5 members of the QQ group to discuss the topic of regular discussion this week is a regional portal or professional website positioning to promote profitability of the following roughly sorted out the 3 group discussion of the record. Keep Authentic only the topic has nothing to do with the discussion omitted hope to have the time, is doing the regional nature of the network friends, can be in the free time to refer to after all 3 groups of No. 600 people half an hour of boutique discussion ————————————————...

Community 3.0, the local portal's strong attack

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall recently, the Webmaster circle in the sadness sound one, the pessimistic thought stationmaster time is leaving us far. In the view that the mobile internet market has been occupied by the three big giants that have the advantage of the channel. Let me tell you what is "mobile internet, community is king". Community 3.0 will drive more industries and industries to take advantage of the mobile Internet.   It is incumbent on the "local gateway". More than 10 years of webmaster times, the local portal has become a comprehensive local life services, Community mutual ...

Chinese charity Fund list for second time in Chinese version of Forbes

"China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation" to become the best public Offering foundation "Tencent Charity Foundation" to become the best non-public offering foundation Forbes believes that China charitable foundation is transparent to the future December 1, Forbes Chinese version of the second release of "China Charity Fund list." Unlike last year's review of the National public/Non-public offering foundation, the Chinese version of Forbes was targeted at all local and national foundations registered in China this year. For all foundations that have disclosed the 2009 annual work report, according to their public expenditure for the year of 2009, respectively Lin ...

Chinese domain security higher local enterprises will be able to apply for priority

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall China Internet Network Information Center Deputy Director, Deputy Chief engineer Jin Yu since July, the Chinese generic top-level domain name ". Company", ". Network" officially open registration. This is the 2010, "China" as the country's top domain name has been formally integrated into the global Internet root domain Name System, the Chinese top-level domain name of the global development of another major initiative. However, the use of English web site has become an inherent habit of netizens, Chinese domain name promotion still faces many difficulties. China Internet Network Information Center Deputy Director, Deputy Chief Engineer Jin Yu table ...

News says local debt has risen from 4 trillion to 7 trillion

Author: Zhu Xiaomong, a trainee journalist, has reported that local debt has soared from 4 trillion to 7 trillion in just a few months.  According to experts, up to 7 trillion or more local debt could drag down China's nascent economic recovery.  At present, the local debt issued in the form of various forms and local government financing platform is not included in the local budget, the budget constraint of borrowing funds is not in place, the transparency and the normative are insufficient, all of them are easy to risk. The State Council May 26 convened a meeting to deploy to strengthen the management of local government financing platform and deal with the debt of financing platform company ...

Experts say local fiscal reserves of potential crisis exceed 4 trillion

The signal that "dangerous" fiscal local governments are selling aggressively means that local revenues are at a crisis.  Banks are actively lending to local governments, but they are likely to make local debt more and more.  Interview • Author/Ying Pan Qingshan The decline in profits of state-owned enterprises and the decline of land transaction prices, the two sets of data reflect the hidden crisis of local finance. May 20, the Ministry of Finance released data show that 1 ~ April, the national state-owned enterprises to achieve profits of 323.64 billion yuan, down 32.3% Year-on-year, the Ministry of Land and Resources released the "2009 First quarter full ..."

Chinese robotic market bursts: "pie or trap" for local companies

"Made in China" is facing a transformation, from labor-intensive to intelligent manufacturing, which urges the domestic industrial robot market. China has become the world's largest buyer of industrial robots, according to data. However, the use of industrial robots in China is still low compared with China's vast manufacturing base. According to the International Federation of Robots, the number of robots per million manufacturing workers, Korea 396, Japan 332, Germany 273, the world average of 58, and China only 23. More worrying is that, although there are many domestic industrial robot suppliers, but ...

Local community Hangzhou 19 floor How to do commercial product upgrades and two or three-line urban sprawl

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall for the 19 floor of the future conjecture, Wang Zhenyu hope in the short and medium term, can let 19 floor become Chinese female favorite local community, in Blind Date, marriage, decoration, childcare, parents, etc., to provide them with local life experience sharing services. Author: Chili 旖 from the Hangzhou municipal property Rights Exchange, May 7, the 19 floor and Hangzhou Joint Venture Investment Partnership, Hangzhou Yong Xuanyongming Equity Investment Partnership signed the "Joint agreement" and "...

The Chanyu of the Dragon Lane: The real secrets of local community portal Operation Dafa

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall "Stationmaster" the magazine and the Anhui Internet Alliance sponsored stationmaster lecture already to the 17th period, this time for everybody to come from Changzhou Dragon Culture Media Limited Company of Jiangsu Changzhou Chanyu, its founder of the Dragon ( Changzhou is the largest regional portal and local community, 5W post, daily PV over 180W, for the domestic well-known local community model. Money always has a wealth of community operation Experience, has successfully established a number of community to take ...

Chinese local marketing is becoming mature in competition

China's local marketing in the competition to mature Cheung The annual "China Outstanding Marketing Award Finals" has been the curtain, the Shenzhou car rental, Everbright Bank, the public, Bank of Communications, Siemens, Lovol, China Ping ' an and other 12 enterprises won the Gold and Silver Bronze award. The "China Outstanding Marketing Award", co-sponsored by the Economic Observer and the Hong Kong Management Association, is the most important competition in the domestic marketing field and has been successfully held for 11 sessions since 2003, producing in the Chinese marketing market ...

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