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FortiOS 5.2 VPN: IPsec VPN with the native Mac OS client

This article will show you how to create an IPsec VPN on a FortiGate, and connect to it using the default client built into the Mac OS.

VPN-connected virtual servers in cloud environments

If you're already starting to "> Implement cloud Computing, it's possible that you're using one of these three tools to connect to your server." You may be more accustomed to using Windows Remote Desktop or secure Shell (SSH) to remotely administer a physical server. If you've never used the three tools mentioned above, take a quick look at which virtual machine resources are available ...

ASUS Server to build professional dual-line router solution

We usually have more contact with "hard" routes in our daily lives.   The so-called hard routing is a special application of hardware devices, including processors, power supply, embedded software, to provide the configured router function.   "Soft" routing is relative to "hard" routing, refers to the use of professional servers, with the free Linux/unix platform or professional Windows platform set up. "Soft" Routing has many advantages: first, should ...

Asia Pacific's first deployment of next generation Education Cloud computing Center

Singapore Institute of Technology (Singapore Polytechnic) (SP) became the first educational institution in the Asia-Pacific region to arm students with the latest cloud computing technology by operating a data center environment, with the inauguration of the Singapore Institute of Technology's Power and Electronics Engineering Cloud Computing Center (SPE3C3). SPE3C3 is the creative Power and Electronics Engineering Institute, which will provide on-demand, scalable virtual computing and storage services for faculty and students in the laboratory to support more complex projects and research work. The Singapore Institute of Technology will take advantage of cloud computing to ...

Five Mainstream Virtualization Technologies

With the popularity of virtualization technology, five mainstream virtualization technologies have gradually emerged. The five virtualization technologies are: CPU virtualization, network virtualization, server virtualization, storage virtualization, and application virtualization.

Li Yongwei: The current situation of cloud computing network security

July 4, the 2012 China Computer Network Security Annual Meeting held in Xian today, Cisco Cloud Computing Architecture Security Senior Consultant engineer Li Yongwei published the topic "Cloud Network Security" speech.   Cisco Cloud Computing Architecture Security Senior Consultant engineer Li Yong's transcript: Hello, my report on the topic is "cloud computing network security."   Today, the main content is three parts, one is the cloud data Center security strategy, the second is the Cloud Center security architecture; The third is the Cloud Center security Virtual Service point. First to introduce ...

Private collection: Seven open source Linux Network Service System

For small and medium-sized enterprises, there are many free and open source router and firewall solutions, even as a business choice.   Many of these products offer LAN services, such as VPN services, hotspot gateways, and the use of mandatory network portals to share wireless networks. Here, the editors find open source and free router projects that are suitable for businesses that include small businesses, midsize, and even the size of Cisco and Juniper.  Gossip Less, we look at these seven open source and free Linux network operating system. &nb ...

Top 5 Hazardous Enterprises Mobile Threats and Security Defense Measures

Top 5 Hazardous Enterprises Mobile Threats and Security Defense Measures. Most business employees today require some applications on the mobile side to do the work almost every day, but once a malicious attacker is targeting an application on your phone, the impact of the attack on the device may be a chain . Top Five Mobile-Endangered Enterprise Threats David Richardson, Director of Lookout Products, and his team concluded that five major mobile-based malware families impersonate employees to download malware as a true corporate application. Research shows that these five active moves ...

Microsoft announces IaaS Technical support for Windows Azure-News Center

"Sadie Network News" April 18, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft announced that Windows Azure to provide IAAS (infrastructure services) technical support. Microsoft also disclosed a number of new features for IaaS to enhance the company's cloud platform. The timing of Microsoft's announcement was interesting, as Amazon's AWS (Amazon Web Services) summit was held in New York in Thursday. According to Microsoft's Scott Gasri (Scott Guthrie), Windows Azure's IaaS technical support leads ...

How Windows Azure helps businesses take advantage of the speed, scale, and economic benefits of the cloud

Editorial Staff Note: This article is written by Scott Woodgate and Karri Alexion-tiernan of the Windows Azure Products Marketing department in the past few months, you may have heard us talking about "the Power of convergence", and we shared the internal deployment of Windows How Windows Azure in the Server and cloud helps enterprises take advantage of the speed, scale, and economic benefits of the cloud. Now, we're going to make a lot of new investments for developers and IT pros ...

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