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Umlgraph 5.5 Publish UML Modeling Diagram Auto Draw tool

Umlgraph is an automatic modeling tool for declarative specifications, UML class diagrams, and sequence diagram rendering. It can specify a class diagram to use the Supplemental Java syntax on the Javadoc tab, run Umlgraph doclet on the spec, and generate a Graphviz chart specification that /18860.html "> Automatic Processing Create PostScript, GIF, SVG, J ...

JQuery + HttpHandler to achieve picture cropping

Text: In order to make the hierarchy clear and easy to read, the entire solution is as follows: Bitmapcutter.core is a picture of the server-side processor, class diagram is: A simple description, more information to view the source note: Cutter for the Crop object, used to store the data submitted by the client via Ajax. Helper for the image processing class, including picture rollover (Rotateimage ()), picture cropping (Generatebitmap ()). Callback to serve ...

Ubuntu Desktop 8.04 takes you to one of the basics: System Installation

As early as 03 read a big moment, the same dormitory installation red Flag (red version) Linux, I have seen, but at that time is not very like Linux. This August, installed in the VM Red version of Linux, still difficult to use, did not learn programming do not want to use. So to learn more about other Linux, decided to try UBUNTU, Chinese called Class diagram. The current Bantu desktop version is 8.04, it is said that 8.10 will be launched. On the day of the RA3 listing, it is really emotional, decided to show you Ubuntu (the following ...

Process analysis of client clients for Hadoop RPC communication

Hadoop RPC communication is different from other systems RPC communication, the author for the use of Hadoop features, specifically designed a set of RPC framework, the framework of personal feeling is still a little complicated. So I'm going to split into client-side and Server service-side 2 modules for analysis. If you have a good understanding of RPC's entire process, you must be able to understand it very quickly for Hadoop RPC. OK, let's cut to the chase. The related code for the RPC of Hadoop is ORG.APAC ...

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