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Click Technology President Zhidong: No good, don't go into cloud computing

Click Technology President Zhidong when talking about "cloud computing", said, "To enter the cloud, you see cloud without cloud what the benefits, there are advantages we do, no good can continue to wait and see", do not be led by the nose. Business Newspaper Reviews: Cloud computing is fire, a variety of enterprises swarming, and Zhidong on the application of cloud computing cautious attitude, let this concept increasingly confusing.

Lava Game Network today officially online collection of nearly 20,000 games

November 23 News, this morning, the original Sina founder Zhidong in Weibo revealed that its founder of the Lava Game Network ( officially online trial run.  Zhidong founded the Click Technology company in 2001, and in September this year, click on Technology-developed game products-"lava game box" available, Zhidong began to dabble in the game industry. Lava game box using "Game On Demand Technology", which is similar to VOD (video-on-demand) technology. Before the user to play a game, need to download to the local, and then install, then boot into ...

The father of the Internet innovation Zhidong Lava Game Network installation quantity exceed million

April 14 News, Sina games from Beijing Click Science and technology learned that the choice is to play platform "Lava Game box" user installation has officially broken through tens of millions of installed capacity, and the monthly natural growth rate to maintain a high trend.  At the same time, Lava Game net new edition also recently quietly on-line. Lava Game Network by Click Technology Founder Zhidong led the introduction of the lava game since last year's formal market-oriented operation, caused the industry and players attention. Not long ago, Zhidong announced the Lava game box active users have reached 1 million. Lava Game box is a click of technology launched a ...

Zhidong: As long as can obtain the user's approval, obtains the large user stickiness

Dispatch March 25, 2012 China (Shenzhen) It leaders Summit was held in March 24-25th at Wuzhou Hotel in Shenzhen, the theme of this summit is "the way of strategy in transition". As the full strategic partner of this Summit, Dispatch will broadcast the whole webcast to the General Assembly.   BEIJING Click Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhidong in an interview with Dispatch, said that 2012 will be mobile internet blowout year, specific optimistic about the game class, reading class and other applications. According to the investment group statistics, the domestic mobile internet industry last year a total of 59 mobile internet companies ...

Zhidong: Entrepreneurs don't mourn the carrier-class business

Click Technology Founder Zhidong (Source: Sina Finance and Economics chenxin) Sina Science and technology news November 20 afternoon, in today's "2010 Entrepreneurs Annual Meeting", click Technology founder Zhidong publicly expressed opposition to innovation has disappeared, and warned entrepreneurs that entrepreneurship has never been easy to succeed. Zhidong said that 15 years ago, Internet innovation is lack of conditions, the industry to do more innovation is such as the introduction of good technology from the United States, good model, but now in all walks of life, all fields have innovation. He encouraged entrepreneurs not to fall into mourning because of the emergence of carrier-grade companies ...

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