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Server-push Technology (Comet) asynchronous processing +client long connection to the server side

Server-push technology has been available for a long time, but until the birth of gtalk slowly guide the technology, but so far, very few people to apply this technology, Server-push is a what kind of things? Therefore, the name of Server-push, "server Push" means that Ajax have been used, it and Server-push is the opposite two things, Ajax is from the server side pull data, if you want to regularly update the data block displayed on the page, then the simplest way ...

Reverse Ajax:comet Stream and long polling for response communication between server and client

The client example uses the JQuery ">javascript Library." In this first article, we explore different reverse Ajax technologies, using downloadable examples to learn the Comet of using the streaming (streaming) method and the long polling (polling) method. Web Development has been great in the past few years ...

The product characteristic of Blade server and the application range of technology

In the business and enterprise network, generally are mining C mode, that is, "client-server" mode, according to the authority of the investigation and prediction, the future of the network development also shows the trend of centralized computing.   And the rise of data center to the server configuration density put forward more and more high requirements, it is in this situation, in order to break the limit of individual performance of the server, a new generation of clustered server-blade server. With the further development of large-scale computing and network server requirements for parallel processing capabilities, "collective power" to cast a powerful processing power blade server has been ...

Liu Dialogue subsidence super: Cautious optimistic class client Web game

February 11 News, 51wan President Liu, Hangzhou Pan-City vice President Chen Yishu, Brilliant Interactive CEO Zhu Haiyan recently a visit by Tencent Technology and Bo Rui Communications jointly hosted the interview program "New Media Investment Salon", talk about "web game choice inflection point." Over the past decade, Shanda, the perfect, NetEase and other first-line client network game companies and their star products have been recorded in the Annals of Unlimited, and cultivate a large number of loyal players. But in the increasingly lively field of web games, on the one hand, shanzhai model of plagiarism eroded the enthusiasm of the boutique game developers, the other side ...

The solution of Pao Server system in Guangdong Netcom VOD project

1. Project background with the rapid popularization of the Internet, the number of Internet access has increased by leaps and bounds. At the same time, there is a growing demand for information on the Internet. Gradually not satisfied with the simple text interface and boring MIDI music, and eager to be able to hear the more cordial to see the sound and image. So the network streaming media technology is born with the development of the network, and integrates the television technology, and becomes the rapid rise of a high-tech comprehensive technology. It took advantage of the network and video technology, and completely changed the passive side of the past watching the show ...

China Domain name report: More than half of our domain name server is unsafe

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall August 26 news, the North Dragon Medium net carries the domain name registration management organization CNNIC to release the domestic first "China Domain Name service and the Security status report", "the report" shows that our country current domain name server total quantity nearly million, among them more than 50%   Domain name server is relatively insecure, and 57% of our important information systems have the risk of domain name resolution. The following is the "China Domain Name Service and security status report" Full text: report summary:-As of August 10, 2010, monitoring ...

iOS Electronic client cross-evaluation experience unusual online shopping

Online shopping has become a part of ordinary people's daily life, whether young people middle-aged or even some old people will be through the network to buy those supplies. As inflation deepens in China, as well as the Chinese people are naturally sensitive to price, the low price of online shopping as the core competitiveness has become an important reason for the rapid development of the Internet, the net purchase to provide users with convenient way to buy, as long as a simple network operation, home, can be door-to-door, and has perfect after-sales service. At the same time, in such a website such as Dangdang to buy goods, can realize door-to-door, cod, make online shopping ann ...

A comprehensive understanding of server development Technology

The server is actually a combination of software and hardware, from a broad perspective, it can achieve two functions one is to store the entire "> The information in the network system so that other access to the network, followed by the ability to access the information of the front-end devices from the existing information to provide the required information. It can be said that the server is the whole network system in the heart, to ensure the efficient work of the entire network system ...

Server Virtualization Technology In-depth Analysis

Server virtualization technology should be traced to the IBM mainframe virtualization z / VM. Today's content covers CPU virtualization, memory virtualization, IO virtualization, and GPU virtualization. Technical in-depth popular science articles.

Image server architecture evolution

Now almost any application, such as a website, a web app and a mobile app, needs a picture display function, which is very important for the picture function from the bottom up. Must have a forward-looking planning picture server, picture upload and download speed is of crucial importance, of course, this is not to say that it is to engage in a very NB architecture, at least with some scalability and stability. Although all kinds of architecture design, I am here to talk about some of my personal ideas. For the picture server IO is undoubtedly the most serious resource consumption, for web applications need to picture service ...

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