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Lenovo Network to join the CSA Cloud Security Alliance

Recently, the domestic first-line security manufacturers Lenovo Network Royal officially approved to join the global "Cloud Security alliance" CSA (Cloud Alliance). As a member of the Alliance, Lenovo will work with the front-line mainstream cloud security manufacturers at home and abroad to promote cloud security and cloud computing related information and knowledge exchange, in the cloud computing environment for consumers and suppliers to provide the best security solutions. Cloud Security Alliance is the 2009 RSA Conference established by the Organization, once proposed that the industry widely recognized, is a cross-sectoral, cross-regional international exchange and cooperation platform. Join the league threshold ...

Ant colony algorithm based resource scheduling for cloud computing Alliance

Chen Donglin of Cloud Computing Alliance resource scheduling based on ant colony algorithm Yiu Mengdi Guiyang ling in view of the architecture of Cloud Computing Alliance and the research of resource scheduling under Tan Yun environment, the research on resource scheduling problem under Cloud computing alliance is lacking. Set up a cloud computing alliance resource scheduling model composed of cloud user, cloud service provider and Cloud Alliance coordinator, In order to maximize the benefits of cloud suppliers, a task-virtual machine-data center scheduling algorithm was designed, and the ant colony algorithm was used to solve the model, and the algorithm was verified by Cloudsim simulation software.

2014's Internet cloud development

With the development of the times, the concepts of global cloud, interlinked cloud and cloudlinked cloud are constantly updated. So that some new companies into our field of vision. Recently, this magazine conducted an exclusive interview with a cloud computing company, the company believes that in 2014 cloud computing, cloud concept will be fully developed in the year. 2014 Yes Telecommunication Industry Practices Cloud Computing Years Currently, most clouds are orphaned clouds that are incompatible with many networks. At present, the Internet and broadband services merely implement the inter-data docking, so value-added services are carried out on the basis of data docking, and the eyeball effect has been played. no...

Cloud-specific properties

Last year, various concepts of the cloud phase sequence appeared, so that Power-All (referred to as PA) companies will also enter our field of vision. Recently, we published an exclusive interview with Steve Hui, president of Power-All Corporation. SteveHui believes that in 2014, telecom operators are the beginnings of IDC's formal use of cloud-based cloud, cloud-linked cloud and interconnected cloud, as well as cloud Cloud Alliance, cloud computing can be the beginning of the commercial value. The third layer of the Internet to establish the world's definition of cloud computing is not described in detail in a comprehensive ...

The nation's first free hosting platform opens today

Intermediary trading"> SEO Diagnostic Taobao guest owners buy cloud hosting technology hall Cloud Alliance is launched by the octave network of the first free hosting platform through It is learned that Cloud Alliance platform is currently open to all users in Anhui Province only (Auto-verification for the record of "Anhui" at the beginning.) It is understood that cloud alliance platform is currently open to all users in Anhui Province. ..

Interpreting the Cloud Security Guide v3.0

Zhao Grain is now the NSFocus Chief Strategic officer, responsible for the company's Research institute and Strategic Planning, as well as the Cloud Security Alliance (csa,cloud Alliance) China branch of the initiator and director. Zhao Food in the enterprise IT and security architecture, strategic planning and so on have a wealth of experience, before joining the Green Alliance, Zhao Food in Lenovo Group as it architect and security operations director, in the CA China as the chief advisor, in the Internet Security System (China) Co., Ltd. as chief strategic officer, in China Telecom Data Bureau as senior engineer. csa--International Power ...

The game is the best point of cloud computing cloud technology won soft silver 2 million dollar investment

If you're not a hardcore gamer, would you spend more money upgrading your computer graphics and CPU to experience the latest game?   Will not be to update more than 10 G game client and overnight hanging machine download?   Facing more and more clients, demanding more and more high hardware configuration, the answer may have no choice-online games users can only continue to upgrade, upgrade and upgrade. If someone tells you, they can let you do not download, do not install, do not require hardware configuration, even in the value of hundreds of of the set-top box can play a variety of large ...

Cloud: The Future of cloud computing

At present, our country's cloud computing infrastructure is booming rapidly, but the problems that hinder the rapid follow-up of cloud computing application gradually appear, among which there are two problems, one is the current cloud computing solutions and products lack of standards, it is difficult to achieve interoperability, So that enterprises and other institutional users (hereinafter referred to as users) into the fear of the manufacturer locked, and hit the user application of cloud computing enthusiasm.   The second is that China still does not get rid of the plight of the developed countries following the United States. This article discusses ...

Introduction to Asia-Pacific Cloud Computing Industry Alliance

PwC, which hosts Asia Pacific Cloud Alliance (Asia Pacific Cloud Computing Alliance) in Hong Kong, announced it will promote the establishment of an interconnected cloud computing framework that serves the Asian-Pacific region through a broad alliance of telecom operators and industry partners in the Asia-Pacific region. Under this framework, PWC and Oracle will work together to ensure that corporate customers in all industries are using the same thresholds and services differences between different countries and regions and different telecom operators in the use of cloud computing, whether public, private or mixed. "Asia Pacific ...

Beyond APAC's No.1 Cloud

19.6% IaaS Market Share in Asia Pacific - Gartner IT Service report, 2018

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Apsara Conference 2019

The Rise of Data Intelligence, September 25th - 27th, Hangzhou, China

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Alibaba Cloud Free Trial

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