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Sky Cloud software Guo Hong: The future trend and application of cloud Platform

December 12, the world's first large-scale conference to explore the industry Internet, 2014 CVW. The industry Internet conference was held in Beijing and was synchronized through the big screen of New York Times Square. The conference was made by the Asia Letter Group, the cloud base and the Chuang-Zhuang economic and Technological Development zone jointly hosted more than 5,000 global it and traditional industry leaders and elites who are concerned about the development of Internet and traditional industries, and explored the evolution of "Internet access to traditional industries", "traditional industry internet" and the technological model and business innovation of industrial Internet. In the afternoon cloud Platform @ Internet forum, from the sky cloud soft ...

There are six problems in the development of cloud computing industry at present

June 30, 2011, Sadie Network joint-Sadie consultant in Beijing released the 2011 edition of China's cloud computing Industry Development White Paper (hereinafter "white Paper"). In 2010, Sadie Consultant released the first white Paper on cloud computing industry in China, which aroused wide concern of the industry and media. In the 2011 new white Paper, Sadie Consultants in the market data, industry data, cloud computing applications and typical cases have made a new comb and a lot of updates to the market development of the status quo summarized, and added to the domestic enterprises of the commentary. Research on the development of China's electronic information industry ...

The highest level of PAAs cloud application development, deployment, and management

Codename:bluemix is a beta-grade product that will continue to improve as we continue to make it more functional and easier to use. We will do our best to keep this article up to date, but it is not always in full progress. Thank you for your understanding! Codename:BlueMix:IBM a key technology in the Cloud environment, Bluemix is a single solution environment that includes instant resources for rapid development and deployment of applications across a wide range of domains. You can use this platform based on open standards ...

Development plan of cloud Computing in Guangdong Province (2014-2020)

In order to seize the cloud computing development Strategy opportunities, promote the development of cloud computing in our province, improve the level of information technology, the development of this plan. I. Development status in recent years, our province attaches great importance to the development of cloud computing, and vigorously promote the cloud computing infrastructure construction, technology product development and application demonstration promotion, achieved remarkable results. Chinese Academy of Sciences Cloud Computing industry Technology Innovation and Development center settled in Dongguan, the National Supercomputing Shenzhen Center and China Telecom Guangzhou Cloud Computing data Center put into trial operation, the national Supercomputing Guangzhou Center entered the real construction stage. A group of strong independent innovation ability and market impact ...

Analysis of the development and application of cloud computing technology between China and America

Author: Wu Shifu American Road Nasgrov City CIO This June, I had the honor to attend the "China Excellent CIO Decade Summit" held in Sanya, China. As can be seen from the two-day meeting, cloud computing is a hot topic in the current domestic it field. I work in the United States, obviously not in the ranks of the Chinese CIO. But to see the domestic peers in it and professional level of enthusiasm for the development of China's it happy.   Close-up of an article to join in the fun. The purpose of this article is to provide a practical for our domestic counterparts by comparing the application and implementation of cloud computing in China and America.

Cloud services, cloud terminals, cloud computing differences

What is cloud service? Let me give you a simple description: It is smart enough to be able to anticipate your needs in real time according to your location, time, preferences, etc. In this new mode, the search for information will be done for you, not for you.      No matter what device you use, no matter what type of service you need, you will have a consistent and consistent ultimate experience. By breeding a large number of start-up companies to provide a wealth of personalized products to meet the growing market of personalized demand. Its breeding method is to provide funds for start-up companies 、...

Cloud Computing Guide: Management, architecture, security, networking, and services

One, the charm of the management of cloud computing is that users can start using their ID card and credit card, but that's the problem. Such a simple service is bound to bring many challenges to the unprepared IT department.   We've been through this many times before: the benefits of a technology that are easy to use end up being an unexpected management challenge, such as virtualization, which causes virtual machines to become fragmented, new security risks to smartphones, and instant messaging that triggers corporate governance problems. This article is intended to show IT managers how to maximize cloud computing ...

Development of public cloud services in China

China Public Cloud Services Development Survey (20012), according to the Ministry of Industry and Information technology, "> Telecommunication Research Institute" We found that in the past year, China's public cloud services market overall growth faster, the growth rate reached 73%, but the market size is still small, about 3.5 billion yuan. In particular, SaaS has the lowest proportion of public cloud users in the survey, accounting for 16%,iaas users (...).

Sky Cloud Trend Open source mode vigorously develop cloud application services

Cloud computing applications in the Internet-related industries have long been the wind, is the most popular it technology in recent years, is also considered the Internet and even the future development trend of the IT industry, the next few years industry scale is expected to reach hundreds of billions of dollars. Many enterprises in IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and other aspects of the formation of a rich application and more mature supporting commercial mechanisms. To this end, in the new Year, Sadie will work with the National Software Public service platform with many industries, technical experts in the 2010 cloud computing applications to make outstanding contributions and achievements of the Enterprise nomination "2010 ...

Cloud development Challenge: Developing Cloud application direction

Stateless features, server downtime, different database types, and continuous changes to the cloud platform pose challenges for developers of cloud applications, especially for senior developers who are accustomed to developing traditional applications.      2009 years of Cloud computing still continues its heat in the 2008, and it is not difficult to predict that the application running on the cloud (hereinafter referred to as cloud applications) is bound to be more and more, and that there will surely be a growing number of developers who have to consider or participate in the development of cloud applications. The nature of cloud computing is through Internet access ...

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