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Cloud Application Security Development best Practices: protecting Cloud Application Security

Cloud computing is useful because it provides a new way for it to leverage shared resources to maximize productivity and cut spending. But the new approach also poses new threats. How do we minimize the risk of such an environment? The Cloud Security alliance and Safecode work together to develop a set of best practices for application development to meet the unique security requirements of cloud computing. Eventually they released the best practices for cloud application security development, which lists ways to develop secure code in a cloud environment. "In order for cloud computing to play its real potential, users and suppliers are ...

Characteristics and trends of security development of cloud computing application

First, the cloud application security development characteristic 1, the threat of application security and data security is expanding from the services of cloud computing applications to the security of public cloud applications, the security of private cloud applications and the security of hybrid cloud applications, from the service level, primarily to the security of end user cloud applications and the security of the cloud, such as infrastructure as services ( IaaS) security, platform-Services (PaaS) security, software as a service (SaaS) security, virtualization security, and so on. Data security, including data integrity, data confidentiality and repudiation, and other issues, risk not only from the hidden danger of data loss, but also from ...

Research on cloud computing security based on the basic requirements of hierarchical protection

Research on cloud computing security based on the basic requirements of hierarchical protection Zhu San Cai with the further development of cloud computing, the security problems faced by cloud computing are becoming more and more prominent, especially in the security of cloud computing, the confidentiality, integrity and availability of user data is particularly prominent, cloud computing security has Become the first obstacle and problem in the process of cloud computing. From two aspects of cloud application security and system security, this paper puts forward the threat of application security and system security in cloud computing security and the corresponding basic protection requirements. Research on cloud computing security based on the basic requirements of hierarchical protection

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