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What is 2045 futuristic world?

2045 The Future World Congress is the second annual conference to be organized by the 2045 initiative and its promoter, Russian technology entrepreneur Dmitry Itskov. At age 32, Etskuk, with his vast sums of money and determination, mastered and conquered the most challenging and exciting frontiers of the 21st century, including human awareness, brain-computer interfaces, and biotechnology Integration and more. The ultimate goal of Yateskov's "Avatar Project" (part of the 2045 initiative) is to take human beings from the body ...

Application and research of geo-information public service platform based on cloud computing

Application and research of GIS public service platform based on cloud computing Shosu, Wu Yumin, Liu Wenjun introduces the concept and characteristics of cloud computing, discusses the application mode of GIS public service platform system based on cloud computing.   By constructing a "cloud brain" system, the established geo-information public service platform system is stored in "cloud Brain", which makes it easy for government, enterprises or the public to obtain practical information, realize on-demand service mode, and solve the difficult problem that the service platform system is difficult to manage efficiently. Key words: cloud computing; Geographic information ...

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