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7 trends in cloud computing and business intelligence

Dresner Consulting Services recently released its seventh annual report titled "2018 Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Research." With a total of 102 pages, the report is the most in-depth report in the field of rapidly growing cloud computing business intelligence.

To retain customers with more than Business Intelligence Foundation flow Management

Communications Industry newspaper reporter Shandan If the flow of business is likened to the operator of a site to be developed, business intelligence is to activate the site of the modern equipment, with it, operators can be more efficient and better quality to carry out traffic management work. "The cost of developing a new user is 5 times times that of an old user"-a law that prevails in the telecoms industry.  Following this law, telecom operators are committed to implementing various strategies to increase user viscosity and to retain users to the maximum extent possible. However in the business intelligence (BUSINESSINTELLI-G ...

Artificial Intelligence Keynote Speech

Netease Technology News July 9 news, a few days ago Zhongguancun business forum, Digital Chief Scientist Xie Yun of artificial intelligence conducted a keynote speech; speech, Xie Yun shared several stages of artificial intelligence research and said, The second key shift in the IT industry came as computing speeds grew faster, "and there was another major turning point in the path to making computers faster and faster - today's foundational technology platform In most cases rich enough, no longer become the bottleneck of the application.Yun Yun think, in 1956, a group from neurology, logic, ...

Business intelligence for Wang Cloud computing needs smarter system

With cloud computing in full swing today, the IT industry is generally beginning to think that the concept of speculation is not meaningful, instead of pragmatic to promote the landing of cloud computing. So in the process of driving cloud computing, it is inevitable how to deal with today's volatile market, with appropriate analytical tools to make judgments and decisions. This involves business intelligence analysis (BI), which is also at the heart of corporate insight.   This paper will analyze the evolution of the traditional business intelligence to the modern BI Business intelligence analysis from the main evolution of the server market in recent years. Traditional BI Analysis transformation accelerates traditional bi ...

Cloud based Data Warehouse to build enterprise business Intelligence Highway

Recently, the world-renowned 12th annual Teradata Data Warehouse and Enterprise Analysis Summit held in Suzhou, chapter of "The ultimate interpretation of the value of data" as the theme, in-depth discussion of how enterprises to fully utilize the latest data warehouse and enterprise analysis technology, with the help of data sources to provide insight to quickly formulate the best business decisions, grasp the business opportunities. At the press conference, Teradata dynamic Enterprise Data Warehouse platform 6690 (Active EDW 6690) platform began to supply, provide the latest generation of hybrid storage, further enhance the capacity of data warehousing, help ...

Gartner: Large data dissemination in the business intelligence market is not effective

Http:// "> Market research firm Gartner said last year's big data promotion failed to promote global business intelligence and analysis of rapid growth in the market. Gartner said that while the business intelligence and analytics market grew by 8% in 2013 to $14.4 billion trillion, the gains were lower than expected. Large data usually refers to the mining of massive unstructured information from sources such as social networks, sensors, etc.

2018 five major artificial intelligence trends

Humans have always been very curious about the concept of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). Hollywood films and science fiction may have inspired some scientists to start working in this direction.

Oracle exalytics Business Intelligence Cloud Server to market

Oracle officially announced the Exalytics Business Intelligence cloud Server in Monday, and experts say the process of converting memory technology into commercial it is accelerating. Exalytics is not the first memory analysis device in the industry, and the Hana of SAP has also left a deep impression on the industry that memory technology can provide dozens of times times the performance boost compared to traditional standard databases. Oracle exalytics Business Intelligence Cloud Server is a hardware and software integration product that uses the Sun Fire server to run Oracle ...

Public cloud is the ultimate form, there will be 5-7 giant manufacturers in the future

In the past two years, the overall penetration rate of cloud computing has been continuously improved, and the turning point of the industry has arrived.

10 things to consider when software vendors turn to SaaS

Guide: Choose the most suitable cloud platform for your application, and you will need to evaluate the most competent one from a long list of suppliers. While uptime, security, performance, scalability, and "> Management functions, these are essential assessment factors." With the new online approach to customer service, this is the business challenge for independent software vendors (ISVs) and, beyond that, plan to get apps on line ...

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