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Cloud World Congress: The Cloud technology Elite link scene picture and text

Cloud World Congress into the next step, the cloud technology elite. Tian Yun Technology Vice President Reitao: Today is really all star flashing, see the valley of the elite gathered here, so we want to pull back to China, pull back to Beijing's also Zhuang, to see what happened in the local enterprises. We invite four guests to chemistry today. First, Si Jie system company Cloud Platform Product Department CTO Liang, Mr. Liang in SI Jie company responsible for cloud product strategic planning and the overall technology implementation, once was the founder of, this year to think Jay. The second is Chen Shangyi, is the Chairman of the Technical committee of Baidu Company ...

SEO Play is the mentality you do not adapt to go away

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall SEO is a more embarrassing position, not as fast as the competitive bidding, under the 72 change rule. An enterprise's SEO often will be scolded by the supervisor, "How is the website rank again to the tenth place?", "how this period of time all have no business", "the website is k then you pack up to leave ...

Away from the noise of the It circle, my PR road to where to go?

Intermediary transaction SEO troubleshooting Taobao guest owners buy cloud host technology Hall ear son suddenly quiet a lot, I finally got longing for a long peace. I don't have to get used to looking at it professional newspapers and magazines that I've never been interested in. No longer have to pay attention to it media chaos changes, not to focus on a certain it reporters leave, not to bother to call the same reporter's number to communicate a negative news ... This is the shape of my resignation ...

Shanghai Unicom's approach to cloud computing

August 16, 2010, Shanghai Unicom's Pengpu village, Changning Road, oblique dirt road, such as three business terminals officially switched to "virtual terminal", commonly known as "thin terminal." In spite of the constant stream of visitors to the business, this day is nothing special, the operating counter of the computer monitor or the previous LCD display, replaced by the thin Terminal PC host, as in the past still hidden under the counter, can not see; for the busy still in the business Hall Unicom staff, in the "cloud" On the office and operation is not different from the past, the striking can and changes, just under the counter p ...

Innovation and Security: The two seesaw of cloud computing

Cloud computing is a hot-fired term this year, major IT giants: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM and so on to test the water, the introduction of cloud computing platform and a variety of cloud computing service model to attract the public eye, not only large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises are swarming, and tasted the many benefits of cloud computing.   So what is cloud computing? In layman's terms. Cloud computing is a huge server cluster, according to user needs dynamic mobilization of resources, ...

Catering take-away O2O, the Internet and food products of passion collision

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall with the rise of micro-letter, micro-letter O2O is also constantly heating up. Many businesses, not according to their own needs, will not enter the micro-letter O2O industry. In particular, catering take-away O2O is very hot. Catering take-away O2O survival rules, in the author seems not so optimistic, in a few years ago, catering industry group buying is excelled ...

Spring over the spring wind to a wisdom "cloud" to eat and drink "cloud services"

The bus still has 6 minutes to reach the station, you can calmly drink the cup of coffee in hand; out front to know where the traffic jams, you can choose a smooth line to work; family suddenly fever, do not run the hospital line registration, you can let the Doctor; hot summer, send a text message before work, the home air-conditioning can be started in advance ...   This is the City of Dreams and the intelligent city that we are trying to make it into reality. In the Jinan economic Work Conference held at the end of last year, Jinan formally put forward the urban development goal of "wisdom Quancheng". What is the intelligent city, the City of wisdom will give us ...

Cloud World Congress Cloud Learning Link: Third training and cloud computing

Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2011 Cloud World Congress, welcome to Mr. Liu Fung-ji, chief operating officer of Ceecou Beijing Education Technology Co., Ltd. 1 Liu Fung-ji: Nice to see the familiar faces below, there are new friends, also zhuang this place is very hot, because of cloud computing, this morning's meeting was very successful, there are more than 2000 guests to this building to participate in the day's activities and afternoon is a continuous forum activities, today I give you to share the topic is about training and cloud computing. A lot of people come on the road and think I heard Ceecou is not doing video ...

Cloud Computing Guide: Management, architecture, security, networking, and services

One, the charm of the management of cloud computing is that users can start using their ID card and credit card, but that's the problem. Such a simple service is bound to bring many challenges to the unprepared IT department.   We've been through this many times before: the benefits of a technology that are easy to use end up being an unexpected management challenge, such as virtualization, which causes virtual machines to become fragmented, new security risks to smartphones, and instant messaging that triggers corporate governance problems. This article is intended to show IT managers how to maximize cloud computing ...

Cloud ERA world view: Who can find a place to rob the future of money

Under the Internet sky, everyone is talking about the cloud. Clouds are not in the air, clouds are in the world of data, software, and services. In that world, what we ask for is centered on us, omnipresent and ubiquitous, distant and near, not possessed and everything. According to the Economist, humans are on the eve of the third industrial Revolution. Its core content is cloud computing, 3D printing, industrial robot, network collaboration production service. Mobile Internet and intelligent terminals provide a prerequisite for the advent of the cloud era, software development and application services for the cloud era of maturity ...

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