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Development plan of cloud Computing in Guangdong Province (2014-2020)

In order to seize the cloud computing development Strategy opportunities, promote the development of cloud computing in our province, improve the level of information technology, the development of this plan. I. Development status in recent years, our province attaches great importance to the development of cloud computing, and vigorously promote the cloud computing infrastructure construction, technology product development and application demonstration promotion, achieved remarkable results. Chinese Academy of Sciences Cloud Computing industry Technology Innovation and Development center settled in Dongguan, the National Supercomputing Shenzhen Center and China Telecom Guangzhou Cloud Computing data Center put into trial operation, the national Supercomputing Guangzhou Center entered the real construction stage. A group of strong independent innovation ability and market impact ...

The Key Problems to be Solved in the Development of Cloud Computing in China

From the perspective of the whole world, cloud computing has entered a pragmatic stage of development, and the global cloud computing market has begun to maintain a steady growth. However, the steady hides a huge difference in inter-regional industrial markets. The leading technology in Google, open source technology development pattern will not change in the short term, and technical factors are the main reasons leading to security incidents. Liu Du, vice president of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Research Institute of Telecommunications, said in the recent "2013 International Cloud Computing Conference": "Although China's domestic cloud computing market has been growing rapidly, its growth rate has slowed down. Meanwhile, China's cloud computing industry ...

Automatic system hand in hand Alibaba Cloud to develop Hong Kong and Macao cloud computing market

Huasheng Tiancheng Member Enterprise Automated Systems Group and Alibaba Group's cloud service provider Alibaba Cloud reached an important strategic cooperation agreement to promote the development of the cloud computing market in Hong Kong and Macau.

Standard helps push large data center forward

With the deepening of information construction, as well as the rise of cloud computing, large data and other emerging technologies, China's large data center market has never been more vigorous.   According to IDC forecast, 2012 to 2017 China data Center market composite growth rate of 9.8%, 2017 the overall size of the market will reach 19.03 billion U.S. dollars. In the face of such a rapid development of the data center market, how to ensure its orderly and healthy development, has become a general concern of the industry. Recently, the reporter specifically visited the Ministry of Communications Institute of Telecommunications Standards Institute of the Internet Center Director He Baohong and work letter ...

SaaS Market share among the top three service models

According to Gartner's survey data, the global cloud computing market in the 2013 was 131.7 billion U.S. dollars, an annual growth rate of 18%, expected to reach $244.2 billion in 2017, and an annual growth rate of more than 15% in the next few years. With the global growth of the cloud computing market, SaaS (software as a service) model is increasingly recognized by enterprises, accept the speed is accelerating, but also almost by all it giants attention, SaaS market share is ranked among the three major service models of cloud computing. In this previous Gartner report, its pre ...

It is imperative to build large data exchange in cloud computing era

With the maturity and development of large data technology, large data has become more and more widely used in commerce, and more and more examples of the interaction, integration, Exchange and transaction of large data are also increasing. In this paper, some problems of large data transaction and the necessity of building large data exchange are discussed and studied. We believe that the establishment of large data exchange is imperative market demand. Currently the following companies and institutions usually have large data: large entity commercial companies or e-commerce companies, such as large chain stores walmart,sears, or Amazon, Alibaba. This kind of public ...

Interpreting the whole solution of Schneider Electric data Center

With a huge amount of data, the data center has become increasingly important, but also faces many challenges, the global Energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric in Beijing held the third "2014 Schneider Electric Data Center Innovation Summit."   The summit, "on the cloud, wisdom, energy efficiency, value" as the theme, in-depth exploration of the cloud era of IT development and data center operations in the Innovation of wisdom, energy efficiency optimization and value promotion and so on. At the meeting, Chol, vice president of Schneider Electric Information Technology (China) Co., said 2014 data center faces the following 6 ...

Electric business to negotiate with overseas merchants "China's Silicon Valley"

Yesterday, Chongqing negotiation meeting site, domestic and foreign exhibitors for business negotiations. The chief journalist Zhongzhi reporter Sun Liming Guo Hinghin Tanya Zhu Yan Zhang Intern Li Wenhao Zhou Jing, Chongqing Business newspaper yesterday, E-commerce procurement Fair debut in Chongqing negotiation.   Zhanggang, deputy director of the Foreign Economic and Trade Commission, said that with the adjustment and upgrading of Chongqing's industrial structure, Chongqing should vigorously promote the electronic information industry as the first pillar and build "China's Silicon Valley". From Mexico, Russia, Colombia and other countries in more than 10 overseas customers look good ...

Behind the traditional it test of the electronic business

In the SMB market, more and more small and medium-sized users of the "> Network products and technology more and more application, this opportunity for people to" interconnected everything   With a truer interpretation. According to the latest forecasts of Cisco, the world's leading Internet solutions provider, the size of the mobile internet will grow by 13 times times between 2012 and 2017, Yu Xiaoyu, and personnel, equipment ...

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