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Development plan of cloud Computing in Guangdong Province (2014-2020)

In order to seize the cloud computing development Strategy opportunities, promote the development of cloud computing in our province, improve the level of information technology, the development of this plan. I. Development status in recent years, our province attaches great importance to the development of cloud computing, and vigorously promote the cloud computing infrastructure construction, technology product development and application demonstration promotion, achieved remarkable results. Chinese Academy of Sciences Cloud Computing industry Technology Innovation and Development center settled in Dongguan, the National Supercomputing Shenzhen Center and China Telecom Guangzhou Cloud Computing data Center put into trial operation, the national Supercomputing Guangzhou Center entered the real construction stage. A group of strong independent innovation ability and market impact ...

IBM's first "cloud computing" roadmap

August 23, IBM held a grand "IBM take you into your cloud--2011 IBM Cloud Computing Summit Forum", and in the General Assembly started the cloud computing roadmap. Mr. Chanda, Chairman and chief executive officer of IBM Greater China, led IBM's expert team from global and greater China to cloud computing experts, industry leaders, and more than 800 CEOs, CIOs, and professionals from different sectors of the world to attend the event. As one of the first organizations to promote and practice cloud computing in the world, this is the first time IBM Consolidated software ...

Talking about the Urgent Problems to be Solved in the Development of Cloud Computing

Development of cloud computing can not "follow suit" "Cloud flying over" - On the development of cloud computing several issues to be solved So far, China has set off a wave of cloud computing development. From the media's hype, the capital's campaign, to a large number of academic activities co-sponsored business promotion, has been desperate to heat up the concept of cloud computing. Coupled with Google, IBM, Microsoft and other IT giants with unprecedented speed and scale of cloud computing promotion and speculation, it is cloud computing on the peak. Cloud planning, cloud schemata, cloud projects, cloud base seems to have become a government at all levels ...

Understanding the concept of cloud computing from an economic perspective

Cloud computing initial fixed investment high, marginal input low, which leads to diminishing marginal cost, marginal income increment. In cloud computing, both infrastructure, platform and software require higher initial fixed inputs. Once built, however, it can be reused over and over again, and each value-added business, with a lower marginal input, can be launched without developing infrastructure, platforms and software from scratch. What is cloud computing? Now is not without answers, but too many answers. Now the answer to "What is cloud computing" is so much that people can't figure out what cloud computing is. ...

Shanghai Unicom's approach to cloud computing

August 16, 2010, Shanghai Unicom's Pengpu village, Changning Road, oblique dirt road, such as three business terminals officially switched to "virtual terminal", commonly known as "thin terminal." In spite of the constant stream of visitors to the business, this day is nothing special, the operating counter of the computer monitor or the previous LCD display, replaced by the thin Terminal PC host, as in the past still hidden under the counter, can not see; for the busy still in the business Hall Unicom staff, in the "cloud" On the office and operation is not different from the past, the striking can and changes, just under the counter p ...

Cloud computing: Market demand expands overcapacity looming

2013, China's cloud computing development to maintain rapid growth, industrial scale growth far beyond the international level, new services, new business has been emerging, innovative ability significantly enhanced. Looking forward to 2014, the Institute of Software and Information services of Sadie think that our cloud computing will end the development and cultivation period, enter the new stage of rapid growth, the pace of technological innovation is speeding up, the industrial structure is optimized, the market demand space is expanding, the industrial scale is growing rapidly, and the new industrial pattern is At the same time, some new phenomena are arousing people's concern, including the domestic market competition brings the industrial pattern change, the open source technology receives the enterprise ...

China's cloud Computing conference held in Beijing

May 20, 2014-23rd, under the guidance of national Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Informatization, Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing Municipal People's government, cast, sponsored by China Electronic Society, China Association of Cloud Computing Technology and industry, China Electronic Society cloud computing Experts Committee,   China's large data committee of experts, CSDN, ZDNet to the top network and Itvalue co-organised by the "Six China Cloud Computing Conference" in Beijing National Conference Center held grandly. In order to better communicate the latest experience of the 2014, further promote the cloud computing ...

Cloud computing drives two-depth integration to accelerate enterprise transformation

2011 is China's "Twelve-Five" start of the year, is a renewal, industrial layout of the year. The national "Twelve-Five" plan outline clearly pointed out: "Strengthens the cloud computing service platform Construction" "promotes the informationization and the industrialization depth fusion, promotes the economic society each domain Informationization". The integration of informatization and industrialization is the development strategy of our country under the new situation, and it needs a new generation of information technology to provide the way for our country to realize the integration of the two. Cloud computing is to accelerate the development of China's dual integration of the breakthrough, is to help enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises to realize the low-cost flexible operation of the excellent information.

Zhong Kai Chong effort to build Beijing's first digital publishing cloud is imminent

In recent years, as cloud computing has become the focus of the whole it session and digital technology, information technology, network technology in the traditional culture and publishing industry, the overall popularization of digital culture and digital publishing industries to apply cloud computing technology is also a general trend.      The integration of cloud computing with digital culture and digital publishing will enable the development of digital culture and digital publishing industry to achieve healthy and sustainable growth through the guarantee of information technology, and through the cloud computing platform through the whole industrial chain. Following the successful operation of the first digital publishing cloud computing Center in China, it will invest in the construction of the Beijing Digital Publishing Cloud Center.

Commercial application of "cloud computing" on interactive TV

"Cloud computing" estimates that in our interactive television industry, not many people will notice in the recent internet IT industry quietly emerging from a new term "cloud computing."     And the "cloud computing" business applications, but began to flood our modern society, and slowly affect our lives, and even change our user experience and habits (can actually see, feel is ready to sell in 09 cheap Internet notebook). Cloud computing (C ...)

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