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Shanghai Unicom's approach to cloud computing

August 16, 2010, Shanghai Unicom's Pengpu village, Changning Road, oblique dirt road, such as three business terminals officially switched to "virtual terminal", commonly known as "thin terminal." In spite of the constant stream of visitors to the business, this day is nothing special, the operating counter of the computer monitor or the previous LCD display, replaced by the thin Terminal PC host, as in the past still hidden under the counter, can not see; for the busy still in the business Hall Unicom staff, in the "cloud" On the office and operation is not different from the past, the striking can and changes, just under the counter p ...

The huge industry of cloud computing, the scraping and the backwardness of China

August 20, 2011, with the development of cloud computing technology, Microsoft decided to use cloud computing technology to protect Windows 8, which means that Microsoft has adopted a new anti-piracy mechanism. August 19, 2011, CNET Technology Information Network published goofy comments that: HP's market position and brand image, Hewlett-Packard if the adherence to the Web OS platform may be in the future in the tablet market occupy, but HP CEO Apotheker seems to the future to the cloud, the company's new focus on the commercial market. What is cloud computing? In the narrow sense, the cloud meter ...

Hannover Information and Communication Technology Expo focuses on cloud computing

The photo shows the LTE technology high-speed router and modem displayed on the show. The world's largest information technology expo--Germany Hannover Information and Communication Technology Expo March 1 officially launched. More than 4,200 exhibitors from 70 countries will showcase their latest technologies and services on topics such as cloud computing. In the past year, the world's cloud computing revenues were € 53 billion and are expected to soar to € 115 billion in 2014, according to the German Federation of Information Economics, communications and new media. The Expo is to be extended from March 1 to 5th.

Wei Early warning cloud computing blind Investment: standards and security needs to be resolved

At the end of February, Beijing Super Cloud Computing Center opened; March 22, 2012 China (Chongqing) International Cloud Computing Expo and the "Fourth annual Cloud computing China Summit" will be opened in Chongqing and Beijing, respectively, Guangzhou Mayor Jianhua recently also revealed that Guangzhou will spend 2.4 billion yuan to buy a supercomputer (1.1 billion times per second) To promote the development of digital city and cloud computing in Guangzhou ... Cloud computing, the high hopes of the strategic emerging industry, in addition to the central government a series of policy-nurturing, the various cloud computing pilot cities are also stepping up their own industrial development planning to compete for market system ...

Elusive cloud computing: Like mist and rain like wind

As we all know, cloud computing is a super computing model based on the Internet, in remote data centers, tens of thousands of or even tens of millions of of computers and servers connected to a piece, can let people experience more than 10 trillion times per second computing power. Today, cloud computing news and advertising are overwhelming, but only the storm. People create a large number of "clouds" at the beginning or end of the "cloud" of the term: manufacturing cloud, Cloud energy and so on. The word "cloud" has become a miracle in Chinese characters, which can be put into the front or back of any word, it can be said that cloud computing has become an important part of the public mind.

Telecom pushes cloud computing strategy cloud host cloud storage to run next year

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall August 31 news, China Telecom officially released the Sky Wing cloud computing strategy, brand and solution, plans to formally launch next year cloud host, cloud storage and other series of sky-wing cloud products. According to Yangjie, deputy general manager of China Telecom, at present, China Telecom cloud computing room area has reached 10 million, the room has 300, more than 100,000 racks. Yangjie also said that China Telecom cloud host and cloud storage products are already in trial business, will be officially operational early next year, can provide high-performance virtual Host 2 ...

IBM launches cloud computing white paper to help China cloud industry

August 23, bit network Shanghai report: Today, IBM in Shanghai held a grand "IBM to take you into your cloud--2011 IBM Cloud Computing Peak Forum", and released the IBM Global Enterprise Consulting Services (GBS) "In the cloud to lead the future-cloud services to help enterprises change and innovation" white paper. IBM believes that cloud computing should not only be seen as an innovation in it technology, but will also lead to changes in business models, industry ecology and even the entire social ecosystem. In the face of many regions of the country are eager to invest in the construction of Cloud computing center of the trend, IBM GBS combined from ...

Cloud computing concept becoming climate personal cloud applications are expected to lead cloud trends

The cloud computing boom is on the line, and industries are trying to seize the cloud. China Telecom has officially released the Sky Wing cloud computing strategy, brand and solutions, plans to officially launch next year Cloud host, cloud storage and other series of Sky cloud products.   It is understood that China Telecom issued cloud strategy, will further promote the domestic and even the global cloud computing industry, as the first to publish cloud computing strategy and solutions of the telecommunications operators, which also fully demonstrates China telecom in the development of cloud computing determination and strength. China Telecom "Wing cloud meter ...

Cloud computing three-year sprint 200 billion production value of the top ten leading

Clouds?   Cloud "wealth"!   For the capital market, cloud computing, the three words have long been unfamiliar, but the development of cloud computing industry is far less attractive than the surface, still like its name-high, illusory. A A-share cloud computing sector of the experience of listed companies can explain the problem: "A mining company can explain clearly in 10 minutes the use of their own fund-raising, but we spent more than 40 minutes." "In order to achieve the" cloud see the effect of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Technology has approved the national special funds to support cloud computing demonstration applications to real gold ...

Operator Layout Cloud Strategy sky-wing cloud computing application blue Sea

China Telecom officially released the Sky Wing cloud computing strategy, brand and solutions, and plans to officially launch next year Cloud host, cloud storage and other series of Sky cloud products. As the first telecom operator to publish cloud computing strategy and solution in China, it not only shows the determination and strength of China Telecom in developing cloud computing, but also promotes the development of cloud computing industry in China and even in the world. China Telecom said that the development of cloud computing can not be separated from the support of the basic telecommunications network, all products and applications of cloud computing should be carried out on this network, the network ability has laid a solid foundation for the development of the sky-wing cloud computing. ...

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