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Overseas cloud domain name "Cloud" in power, the domestic cloud domain name protagonist "yun" pinyin

The giants on the Internet have launched cloud services, acquired through the acquisition and registration of cloud domain names, Apple bought, and recently opened the cloud domain name, Amazon acquired cloud domain name, seems to be to make up Before the launch of the cloud music service is missing the cloud domain name, the two giants bought the cloud domain name, but also to stimulate the cloud market domain name attention, cloud domain name into the hot. Overseas cloud domain name "Cloud" Cloud Road Concept Cloud Comp ...

cloud domain name auction grand occasion: a total of up to 350,000 yuan auction

At some time ago, the two domain names and were auctioned on overseas sales platforms. The bidding on the site was very fierce. Up to now, both of the two domains have been sold, and the transaction prices have reached 6 digits. It is learned that the domain name received a total of 20 domain name auction bidders, after 164 bids, the final auction amount reached 32010 US dollars, about 200,000 yuan after the successful transaction. Godaddy auction platform on the other domain name cl ...

Cloud Domain price inflation cloud and Yun two big domain favored

The Big internet giants have launched cloud services, acquiring and registering cloud domain names, Apple buys, and recently officially enabled the cloud domain name, Amazon acquisition cloud domain name, it seems to be to make up for the cloud before the introduction of music services lost the cloud domain name, the two giants buy the cloud domain name, but also stimulate the trading field on cloud domain name attention, cloud domain name into a hot concern. Overseas Cloud Domain Name "Cloud" The Cloud Concept Cloud computing is the Google proposed, this ...

Q Cloud Domain name sell 250,002 CN domestic note

It is reported that the following cloud domain name to 30,000 U.S. dollars after the transaction, the overseas market recently has a cloud domain name transaction, domain name 39,500 US dollar transaction, about RMB 250,000 yuan. Cloud system clouds, clouds, clouds, and other meaning, and the letter "Q" can be seen as the domestic most fire instant messenger Tencent QQ brand, domain name Terminal Commercial Very high, the domain name in July 2003 registration, domain name Buyers identity temporarily unclear, cloud technology is the future ...

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