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Survey: Developer Vision Cloud Foundry Best Cloud Platform

Beijing time November 21 Evening News, a recent survey by the Evans Data company revealed that developers view VMware Company's Cloud Foundry as the best PAAs cloud development platform. In this survey, only developers using the cloud platform were asked to rate the platform attributes. Cloud Foundry got the highest score, while IBM Cloud was the best private cloud solution for developers, while Google was considered by public cloud developers to be the best.

Brief public-private cloud

Cloud Foundry is an open source platform or service that provides developers with the freedom to choose the cloud platform, development framework, and application services. Initially launched by VMware, Cloud Foundry has received widespread industry attention and support, enabling developers to more quickly and easily develop, test, deploy, and scale their applications. Cloud Foundry is a brand new open source project that allows users to use multiple versions of private cloud as well as public cloud services including CloudFoundr.

VMware's cloud computing ambitions: Open source PAAs landing in China

The Cloud foundary 2012 Cloud Developer Conference was held at Sheraton Beijing Great Wall Hotel on March 28. As the industry's most watched open source PAAs platform in China, Cloud Foundry has attracted the attention of many industry and developers.   As a result, Mark Lucovsky, the vice president of Vmware Cloud Foundary Software Engineering, is again being watched. Speaking of Mark Lucovsky (Mark), perhaps everyone has heard of the story of throwing chairs. ...

Review 2013: The Summer of cloud computing

Before 2013, there may be a wait-and-see or scepticism about the cloud, but after a year of development, cloud computing has completely landed: Big companies are busy with how to deliver faster, more stable and safer cloud services, how to snatch users in the cloud market, and small companies to consider how to use cloud computing to reduce their operating costs. How to make your system into a cloud structure; startups think about how to use the cloud to reduce upfront spending, and even how to use the concept of "cloud" to start a business and sell yourself in front of a VC. According to Gartner, 2013 Global ...

HP Helion: Private cloud leader entering OpenStack Enterprise market

As the most popular open source project today, OpenStack's dominance of cloud computing is no doubt based on the support of many it giants. As early as OpenStack, Hewlett-Packard began in 2011 in the OpenStack community into research and development power. As we all know, the OpenStack project is mainly led by the foundation, and the OpenStack Foundation has three branches: the Technical Committee, the user Committee and the board of Directors. 2011, Hewlett-Packard began to invest in research and development in OpenStack, 2012 o ...

Cloud security Architecture from the perspective of cloud consumers

Introduction Cloud application developers and DevOps have successfully developed tens of thousands of applications for IaaS (Amazon AWS, Rackspace, etc.) and PAAs (Azure, Google App Engine, Cloud Foundry, etc.) platforms. These platforms provide basic security mechanisms such as authentication, Dos attack defense, firewall policy Management, logging, basic user and account management, but security concerns remain the primary obstacle to enterprise cloud implementations. Security concerns for the cloud, deploying from a secure configuration ...

100 Global Cloud Manufacturers inventory there is always a suitable for you

Storage and data center infrastructures are key to building cloud computing business. Any cloud platform attaches great importance to performance, scalability, and the value of Low-cost data storage in direct contact with customers or through service providers. The customer's data center is its lifeline, and data center security is the primary criterion for measuring cloud success.   At the same time, efficient and flexible management of the data center is also the building of cloud services to achieve the basis of cloud delivery.   What companies around the world have a breakthrough in cloud computing and deserve attention? 1.Abiquo abiquo ...

How should cloud applications evolve? He came to tell you

Who is he? He is the VMware Application Platform co-president of Tod Nielsen, recently, he visited Shanghai, with Cloud Foundry partner, at the Shanghai Jiaotong University Network Center, about the future development of cloud computing received a local media interview. The following is an interview press release: Co-CEO of VMware application platform Tod Nielsen talks about cloud application platform development strategy "for the transition to cloud computing, this initiative is prompting companies and customers to expect a major change in the application, head-on hit ...

Open source cloud computing collaboration ecology Matures

If the previous topic on open source has focused more on technology and product levels, today, open source technology is bringing more choices to cloudy users, and is also heating up a new ecosystem. Open source Application Opportunity Highlights OpenStack Foundation chairman Alan Clark's visit to China, IBM KVM Center of Excellence, China Cloud Foundry Open Alliance established ... This series of hot spots, gathered at the end of 2012, focused attention on the same keyword-open source. This time, with open source technology intimate ...

Cloud computing begins an enterprise-level campaign

The Battle of cloud Computing in the enterprise market has begun: new cloud service providers such as AWS have moved the cheese of traditional it giants in the corporate market, and traditional giants have struggled to fight back. With the advent of traditional it giants, PAAs markets have become more cluttered than ever before.   The only definite consensus seems to be one: everyone likes the word "platform/platform," because the word "platform" has unlimited imagination. More and more people are starting to talk and focus on PAAs, including operators, internet giants, traditional it vendors, consulting and integration ...

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