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Doctoral thesis-Research and study on the key technologies of efficient land resource service platform based on cloud computing

Doctoral thesis-Research and study on the key technology of the land Resource service efficient processing platform based on cloud computing the research work of Zhejiang University Fang Reiwenben mainly includes the following aspects: 1. Summarizing the basic theory and application results of cloud computing. It focuses on the basic architecture of cloud computing, key technology theory and 4 successful commercial cloud computing platform reference architectures. 2, analyzed the cloud computing key technology, and on this basis proposed corresponding cloud GIS platform needs to solve the key technology: the spatial data distributed storage strategy ...

GIS cloud service is expected to officially launch

DoNews May 28 news, digital GIS cloud platform and solutions provider in Beijing launched its own research and development of cloud GIS software MapGIS 10, GIS cloud services is expected to officially come to an end. It is understood that MapGIS 10 uses the original TCV (terminal application - cloud computing - virtual device) three-tier architecture, with suspended flexible architecture, microkernel group, loosely coupled interface and function and data separation of the four major features, making it have "longitudinal Health, Drift, Aggregation, Reconstruction, "the" cloud "software features. MapGIS 10 to promote the GIS industry from product to ...

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