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Research on theory and countermeasure of cloud computing information security in China

1. Cloud computing Information Resource Management Model 1.1 The origins, definitions, and characteristics of cloud computing "cloud computing" has a long history, as early as in 1961, McCarthy, a computer expert at MIT, predicted that computers would eventually become a global public resource. 2006, Google formally proposed the "Cloud computing" (Cloud Computing) terminology, and to the University of Washington to provide 40 PCs composed of a small cloud, open ...

Cloud-driven Retail information transformation

Introduction: The advent of the new era of cloud computing in August 2006, Google in the search engine conference for the first time "cloud computing" (Cloud Computing) concept, announced the arrival of a new it era. According to the benchmark definition, cloud computing is an internet-based computing model for sharing resources through virtualization, in which storage and computing resources can be dynamically deployed, dynamically optimized, and dynamically retrieved on demand. From the perspective of information technology, cloud computing is a set of grid computing, distributed computing, networked storage, utility computing, virtualization, load balancing, and other traditional or emerging technologies ...

Development of information strategy planning based on SOA and cloud computing enterprise

Abstract: Enterprise Informatization Strategic Planning refers to the overall framework and guidance system for the development goal and direction of Enterprise Informatization, which is to meet the business demand and realize the strategic goal of enterprise, by the high-level leadership of the enterprise, the information technology expert and the information user representative according to the requirement of the enterprise overall strategy. Enterprise Informatization Strategic Planning is a strategic deployment of enterprise Informatization Construction, the ultimate goal is to promote the realization of enterprise strategic objectives, and to achieve a lower cost to produce higher benefits. Enterprise Informatization is the use of modern information technology, through the development and utilization of information resources, continuously improve production, through ...

Analysis of security strategy for information security cloud computing from icloud

Apple's icloud service has made users excited and impatient to migrate personal data to Apple's data center for easier access and sharing. Look, the service is cool and convenient. But when you give your information to icloud, should you pray for the security of the data? In Beijing June 7, 2011, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the icloud of Apple cloud services at Apple's Global developer conference WWDC 2011, marking Apple's entry into the cloud.

Cloud communication: A new mode of information dissemination

As a new mode of information communication, cloud communication has the basic characteristics of network communication, and has the characteristics of mobility, location, ubiquitous, real-time and large data. Cloud communication is a mechanism for people to transmit and share information in cloud computing environment, and its intension can be defined from three levels. First, cloud computing can push the internet and the mobile internet into a "interconnected cloud", the nature of cloud communication is the flow of information in the "interconnected cloud"; second, the user only needs to obtain services according to their own requirements, without having to care about who provided the service, and can release it again after use ...

Rising information Huang Jianqing: Cloud computing application immature hinder standard formulation

The six-year China IDC industry annual ceremony to "build cloud computing data center and cloud application innovation" as the theme, a comprehensive interpretation of cloud data center and cloud application development trends, bringing together hundreds of industry chain elite, industry leaders and well-known experts at home and abroad to join the festivities. The conference will be held in January 2012 10-11th at the Beijing National Convention Center. Recently, Fujian Rising Information Co., Ltd. deputy general manager and thin Client division general Manager Huang Jianqing visit IDC ceremony News meeting Room ( ...

Cloud computing Application military logistics field prospective safeguard information data security

Cloud computing is regarded as the 4th it Industrial Revolution after mainframe computer, PC and Internet, conforming to the requirement of integrating computing resources and service ability in the world, satisfying the demand of high data processing, and becoming the main force of information technology revolution in today's world. Because cloud computing has such a powerful application, it is rightly valued by the armies of the world. See the science and technology daily special--to say that today's most popular it nouns, not "cloud" mo. Simply put, cloud computing is the ability to use computing as a commodity through the Internet, users need to hold ...

Thinking about the N of information security protection in cloud computing era

Cloud computing is an architectural approach to sharing IT infrastructure that allows any privileged user to access shared computing resources over the network, but the cloud services offered by different vendors on the market are not the same or even incompatible due to the lack of industry standards. Over time, the concept of cloud computing continues to expand, covering a wider range of services: The era of cloud computing in all walks of life is coming, according to the China-Wai Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute recently released the "2011-2015 Cloud computing Industry market Panorama survey and investment assessment in-depth report" Research analysis and forecast data show that 2 ...

Hang production "Invisible Cloud Encryption Cloud disk" to the cloud disk information added password lock

"There is a cloud of rain in the wind, a cloud made of rain."   "Now, this song has been sung for a long time seems to be changed the lyrics is appropriate: Because the cloud is no longer just rain, but 0 and 1." Cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud terminals, cloud services, Foggy, a Yunshan. The popularity of cloud disk products, to the netizen in the preservation of data information on the provision of a great convenience. According to the latest data released by the Analysys think-tank, the number of domestic personal cloud storage users (Web version) has more than 351 million people, 2013 China's cloud computing industry scale ...

Jinshan software Wan Yong: Calm attention to cloud computing comprehensive construction cloud information

As the cloud is hot, CIOs are looking forward to a real "cloud" of their businesses, but there is still a way to go in the current development trend. However, the company's own cloud information technology is gradually landing, and in the enterprise has been very good application. We invited the Golden Hill Software and information Technology Director Mr. Wan Yong, as the chief leader of Kingsoft Software informatization, to talk about the informatization distance and future development direction of Jinshan. Jinshan Software Information Technology director Wan Yong Cloud Computing has been widely used in life IT Business News Network: Cloud computing is a very popular word ...

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