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Design and implementation of virtual network in cloud management platform

Design and implementation of virtual network in cloud management platform Dalian Wang Tao with the increasingly sophisticated network technology and the rapid development of E-commerce, in the 3G mobile Internet and information hard demand driven, IaaS Cloud management platform is to apply the concept of cloud computing to the Internet Data Center (IDC) A new kind of cloud management platform. In the IaaS Cloud management platform The virtual network management system uses the Java EE architecture MVC design pattern. The database server employs Oracle database databases, which are highly reliable 、...

Skyform Cloud Management Platform releases version 1.3

April 15, Beijing Tian Yun Rong Chuang Software Technology Co., Ltd. (days Cloud software) in the Zhongguancun cloud base held in the ceremony, and in the ceremony site released its core products Skyform Cloud management Platform version 1.3. Mr. Tian, founder of Cloud Base, congratulated and addressed the ceremony. Guo Hong, director of cloud Software development, describes the new release of the Skyform Cloud management platform version 1.3 features. Skyform Cloud Management Platform 1.3 highlighted the "full equipment management capabilities", a change to the general management platform can only manage the virtualization host or physical host, S ...

Four considerations for choosing a cloud management platform

How to transition from virtualization to cloud computing, how to choose cloud computing management platform? The Qin Guo-ming of the median cloud believes that the following four points are important considerations: 1. Whether it can guarantee the stability, reliability and security of the system. This is one of the most important metrics for it decision makers when choosing a cloud management platform. Cloud computing brings us increased it delivery and responsiveness, reduced IT management and maintenance costs, but these are predicated on the stability, security, and reliability of the cloud computing platform. The choice of cloud computing platform how to achieve dynamic load balancing, the failure of automatic migration, virtual ...

VMware launches new cloud computing management offerings

Recently, VMware has officially announced the launch of a new cloud management offering containing VMware Vrealize Suite 6, which is dedicated to a hybrid cloud cloud management platform. At the same time, VMware has launched a new solution to support flexible development and devops processes VMware vrealize Code Stream 1.0. VMware vrealize Code Stream 1.0 new VMware vrealize Code St ...

Perfecting eight major issues and constructing perfect cloud platform

Technology blog Gigaom recently wrote that many people now admit that the cloud is a powerful management tool, but the problem is here, we think the cloud is just a tool. In fact, the cloud management platform is not just a nice wrapper, not a few scripts for automatic generation or scaling, but a platform that allows cloud owners to feel that their company's directives and policies are more effectively and securely enforced on technical solutions and cross-border issues. Cloud management platform should be like any software, can be used to solve problems or create opportunities (often the same purpose), the company should be clear in their own needs ...

Local independent intellectual property "Wincloud" raises "private cloud" tide

Enterprise's computing resources, storage resources and network resources, like running tap water, can be more "simple" to "enjoy" on demand ... Reporter from Guangdong Huizhou held in China Huizhou things networking, Cloud computing Technology Application Expo (hereinafter referred to as Yun Bo) was informed by the Guangdong Local Enterprises, all independent intellectual property rights of the cloud management platform "Wincloud" has been fully put into use, and take the lead in the "Private Cloud" The concept is applied to the core business of the three telecom operators. It is understood that wincloud cloud management platform horizontally support different platforms, different vendors;

OpenStack upgrade process Slow

Every six months, the OpenStack Cloud management platform releases a new version, focusing on how to improve the upgrade process at this week's OpenStack summit. The open source cloud Platform version is frequently updated without an automated, multiple-system upgrade path, and the destructive human processes left by the user are cycled through different openstack elements, such as the Nova Technology application interface and the Keystone Identity Management application interface. David Andrew, an independent analyst at the meeting, said:

Chongqing Mobile Unified resource pool management platform officially online, Chongqing to sell a big step in cloud computing

A few days ago, Chongqing Mobile Unified resource pool management platform officially online, the construction of nearly a year of private cloud began to operate, marking the Chongqing mobile to cloud computing a big step. In order to ensure the normal operation of the platform, Chongqing Mobile Business Support Center spent nearly two months on functional testing, usability and usability issues have been repeatedly modified. In order to facilitate the use of cloud management platform, the Business Support department developed the interface with the portal system to facilitate user login, while taking into account that some users do not have a desktop cloud, but also configured the extranet VPN access policy, in the network side to solve the user login problem. At present ...

How cloud security drives business agility

"Enterprise Network D1net" March 26 (compiled in Beijing) cloud computing is a unique opportunity to rethink corporate security and risk management. Cloud security has become a divisive topic in many businesses. Some people believe that cloud computing, as a business need, must keep up with rivals or become a tool for transforming the "Old World" it. Others, however, saw the cloud's daunting and dangerous security risks.   For me, cloud computing is an opportunity to rethink, redesign, and implement information security and risk management to drive business agility. Cloud meter ...

Document] Elastic NoSQL Provisioning Through a Cloud Management

Elastic NoSQL Provisioning Through a Cloud Management Platform in this demonstration, we a tira-mola, a modular, cloud-enabled Framework for Monitoringand adaptively resizing NoSQL ...

Linux: The preferred operating system for the cloud era

According to the latest statistics, in the top ranking of supercomputers, the proportion of Linux used has reached 94.2%, the top 10 systems all adopted the Linux operating system. 2013, Linux will continue to rely on the east wind of cloud computing, in the data center operating system in the market has a greater role. In recent years, with the rapid development of cloud computing, as well as the continuous development of Linux platform and the continuous improvement of ecosystem, more and more enterprises, cloud service providers to Linux as the preferred operating system for their data centers, and more and more enterprises to the key should ...

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