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Overseas cloud domain name "Cloud" in power, the domestic cloud domain name protagonist "yun" pinyin

The giants on the Internet have launched cloud services, acquired through the acquisition and registration of cloud domain names, Apple bought, and recently opened the cloud domain name, Amazon acquired cloud domain name, seems to be to make up Before the launch of the cloud music service is missing the cloud domain name, the two giants bought the cloud domain name, but also to stimulate the cloud market domain name attention, cloud domain name into the hot. Overseas cloud domain name "Cloud" Cloud Road Concept Cloud Comp ...

Cloud Music service Selection Guide

With the release of Google Music, the market for cloud music services has become more and more lively. Alternative cloud music services include Google Music, Amazon Cloud player and icloud. Each service has its own advantages and disadvantages, so the choice of users should consider the actual situation. The final selection result will be produced by the joint action of the terminal equipment, the use habit and the acceptance degree of the operation process. You can refer to the following situation, choose the most suitable for their own cloud music services. Case 1: I am geek, I use the iphone three big cloud sound ...

Why cloud storage is the future of the music industry

This week, Amazon became the first internet giant to offer a service called Cloud Music. To unfamiliar people, the term sounds like a whole new genre of rock and roll, but in the near future it's likely that many of us will be using cloud services. So what exactly is that? From a market perspective, "cloud" is a fantastic word that means all computers, not just your own, are connected to the Internet. Like Amazon and Goog ...

The prosperity of cloud music services: Who is the victim?

itunes and Google's cloud computing music services have been around for years, but depending on how quickly things should be, throw out some questions to discuss cloud music.   A number of research agencies have recently sung a hymn to cloud music services, even saying they will have a 95% growth rate and 160 million subscribers (and mobile music) by 2016. This number is a bit of a HTTP://WWW.ALIYUN.COM/ZIXUN/AGGR because the largest paid subscription in Europe and America ...

The development and application of cloud technology in family background music

With the emergence and maturation of intelligent terminals, Internet, Wi-Fi, cloud computing, cloud services and other technologies and applications, the old application forms of audio products will gradually break down, and new application methods are gradually appearing. Among them, the development of "cloud music" is bound to bring new changes for the traditional sound industry, and the combination of home network and control system also makes it have important influence on the integration of intelligent home system. "Cloud Music" has become an important link in the new industrial chain for "cloud music", we may be no stranger, or foggy, even a little disgusted. Indeed, in this era of excessive packaging ...

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