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Cloud "> The emergence of security services completely subverts the traditional security industry's model of providing security services based on hardware and software, reducing the cost of deploying security products More enterprises can enjoy the security services.However, cloud security services are still mainly for small and medium enterprises, for large enterprises to consider the use of cloud security services are still very few.And the cloud security services, there is a problem about privacy Problems, this is also a lot of business ...

Cellocloud; E-mail Cloud security services

In the face of a new type of spam threat to the rapid rise of the era, how effective real-time defense?   Cloud Security is an innovative idea you can't be unaware of. Figure cellocloud™ E-mail Cloud security Services What is cloud computing according to Wikipedia and the Gartner Research Institute, Cloud computing is a dynamic extension of the operation, the basic concept, Is through the network will be huge operation processing program automatically split into countless smaller subroutines, and then to a number of servers composed of a huge system, after the search, operation analysis ...

360 open platform unveiled to convey full open voice

Since the "3Q" war, Tencent relies on social ecosystem to gradually promote its game open platform to mature, while Qihoo 360 sits on the PC and mobile end of the application and user resources, but has not been able to take a step of efficient integration, until today, 360 open platform in the pace of the Beijing press conference debut, To formally convey to the outside world a completely open voice. It is reported that 360 open platform will integrate Qihoo 360 of all developer-oriented resources, open up the gap between the PC and mobile end, around the opening platform, cloud security services, advertising flow import and product support plan, etc. to build small c ...

Analysis says market capacity for cloud security services will increase by 60% in 2018

According to foreign media reports, Infonetics Research, a market researcher, noted in its report that in 2013 the global security management services market amounted to $14.3 billion trillion, up 11% from 2012 (11% per cent in 2012).   About 56% of global security services revenue in 2013 came from client-side equipment (CPE), compared with 44% based on cloud computing. The report also shows that Content security services account for approximately half of all cloud-based security services sales. to 20.

Is it worth the investment cloud security?

14 months ago, SkyWire began to use the Microsoft Cloud Security Services Windowsintune software, will use the cloud security services, in the network marketing platform across a number of industries to develop and sell, so it is very meaningful to the company. In the past six months, the security cost of in-house software deployment for small and medium-sized enterprises is 90,000 U.S. dollars, including the IT staff of 330 dollars a month, this is the Intune software annual subscription fee, Intune software protection Company's laptop desktop computers and mobile phones are not virus-infected, and prevent malicious software; ...

Gartner: Strong divergence of cloud security growth still exists

According to Gartner, the 2013 market for cloud-based Security services will reach $2.1 billion trillion and will grow to $3.1 billion by 2015.   Gartner says Cloud security will keep growing strongly, but revenue opportunities will vary. Ruggero Contu, Gartner research director, said: "The cloud security market is still a viable market for providers to offer many opportunities for expansion." Encryption will be a new growth area, but it is still more complex. People are most interested in cryptographic products from the Yunan company because of this ...

Choose cloud security services not to despise the three big details

The endpoint security service based on cloud is not mature enough to the enterprise Internal Security Service, how to successfully complete the cloud security service at the present stage when the experience and case are not enough? This is a problem that puzzles a lot of CSO. The so-called win, in addition to their own needs to do a careful consideration, on the other hand, is to understand the supplier's products and services, the two-pronged approach to ensure that the cloud security services this bunker. In the cloud security three major considerations: Deployment, alerts and reports in the article, we have done a preliminary explanation, and this article will further uncover the supplier Endpoint Security services ...

Analyzing the future of SaaS Cloud Security Service development

The SaaS model was the first and most accepted form of cloud computing in, but the 2012 TechTarget China Cloud Security survey showed that the SaaS model (27%) became the least secure cloud computing model in the respondents ' minds. In all of the options for cloud computing services, software as a service (SaaS) provides the lowest level of information insight and control. The resulting SaaS Cloud security market is also growing. McAfee, for example, has dozens of SaaS operations worldwide ...

Exploration of cloud Security service development

Exploration of cloud Security Service industry Senior consultant Tan Yinyi hillstone Cloud security services market exploiting cloud security services The basic cloud Security Service exploration

McAfee: Layout China Cloud security

Following the cooperation with the Chinese branch to launch a dedicated enterprise users and research and development of the enterprise version of antivirus software "Hope Cloud Security", McAfee and Beijing Bao Limingwei Software Technology Co., Ltd. to launch the Cloud security services (Poly SaaS), to provide for mail filtering and Internet management cloud security services. A few days ago, Beijing Bao Limingwei Software Technology Co., Ltd. announced to join hands with McAfee Mutual Treasure Cloud security services (Poly SaaS), will McAfee Security technology (based on mail filtering McAfee SaaS email homeowner and Internet Management MC ...)

Is the cloud security infrastructure really worth it?

On cloud security issues for small and medium-sized Enterprises, Microsoft released this week the results of the use of cloud security software. Both Microsoft and other vendors found that their overall it budget ratios were 5 times times less secure than they were three years ago. Their time spent managing security is 32% of the use of prefabricated software. 14 months ago, SkyWire began to use the Microsoft Cloud Security services Windows Intune software, will use the cloud security services, in the network marketing platform across a number of industries to develop and sell, so it is very meaningful to the company. ...

Rising will invest in Qingdao to build the world's largest cloud security service center

Recently, rising to Qingdao, the plan to invest in Qingdao to build the world's largest "cloud Security Service Center", and increase the "online expert out-patient" service system construction investment.   This is the first time since the March 18 rising personal Software announced a permanent free, new initiatives in the service.   The investigation by the Qingdao Government attaches great importance to the municipal commission of the letter entrusted to communicate with enterprises, the two sides on the Qingdao information Industry investment environment and development planning issues such as full exchange, and the rising express sincere welcome. It is said that ...

Novell joins Windows Azure Certified Cloud Security Service

December 22, 2010, Beijing--Novell announces that it has joined the Microsoft Windows Azure Marvell Adoption Program, through Novell Cloud security Service to address cloud security challenges. Microsoft and Novell will be pre-release, Non-commercial, in-house ... for Novell Cloud Security Service on the Windows Azure platform.

Advancing Cloud security Services

Wuxi Chun Tong Network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, to serve as the first development element of Chun-tong network in the selection of network security products Partners, in addition to focus on the product itself strong technical functions, but also has been adhering to the "characteristics of products and quality services to occupy the market" development path. Cloud security is the technology in the anti-virus field, Chun-Tong Network Ann has been working with the trend of science and technology, the company's general manager Dai said: "With the trend of science and technology, because trend technology not only provide from software to hardware products, and its products can always lead the industry trend." "Early 2008, Wuxi Binghu District ...

Earthlink provides cloud security service packs through channels

Earthlink Inc. (NASDAQ: ELNK) Monday identified three new packaged solutions, including all cloud computing and virtual environments, in the hope of customizing packages that are easier for solution providers to digest.   The Earthlink package provides IT service units for its company's business, including cloud startup units, cloud entry packs, and secure email packages. Cloud startup platform covers institutions that are currently operating or want to invest in VMware virtualization infrastructure. Earthlink Company offers additional VMware virtualization capabilities, E ...

Cloud Point security: Thinking about the security services

Article summary if an enterprise never upgrades its malware management system again. Instead of taking the time to install software patches and maintenance hardware, companies can use a cloud-based console to analyze the malware trends within the enterprise. Q: A vendor has just released a cloud based endpoint security solution for the enterprise. Recently I saw a lot of similar products, they provide network scanning, configuration management and other functions, but in fact, I am concerned about the availability of products, latency and overall reliability. Is this going to be a trend in the future? For the cloud Point Security Service commitment to ensure that ...

IBM acquisition identity and Access management company Lighthouse Security

Absrtact: The trends of cloud, mobile office and BYOD make enterprises pay more attention to the safety problem. IBM is also constantly exerting its force in this field. Today, IBM has also announced the acquisition of an identity and access management (IAM) cloud security services company Lighthouse Group, the specific cloud, mobile office, BYOD and other trends in the company's security issues more attention. IBM is also constantly exerting its force in this field. Today, IBM announced the acquisition of an identity and access management (IAM) cloud security services company Light ...

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