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Lucky cat Invoicing to help you improve clothing sales performance

The best stage of clothing business in 2002 to 2008, when for a lot of clothing companies, day into the fight gold.   However, in recent years, the impact of the traditional clothing industry, as well as market demand has not exploded, resulting in increased operating costs of apparel companies, some shops have lost money, then closed the tide. The clothing industry closes the tide to let many industry personage to the clothing enterprise's future survival condition not to be optimistic, the entity store's survival really will become more and more difficult? There are also a lot of clothing practitioners said that can not because of their own operating conditions do not ...

Missed the electric business era mobile electric Business Times can miss?

At the beginning of the reform and opening up, a group of daring to try the "sea", the first to become a market economy practitioners, after the ebb tide, now most of the business has made some achievements. When the internet first entered China, the first batch of people to enter the Internet industry, now also become China's internet industry leader. The person who dares to try on one's own, finally someone will get the favor of fate. Mobile Internet wave swept under, such as just listed on the MO, also can be called the mobile internet era, "create a rich artifact." The internet has changed the fortunes of some people. According to the report published by the Ministry of Public, the current China ...

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