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The adoption of cloud technology needs to be cautious, blindly follow the trend inevitably pay the price

To some extent, it seems that now we have stepped into an impetuous era of "someone stands up to take the stage." From the arts and sports to leisure and entertainment projects, anything that is fancy enough to attract propaganda can always attract the attention of the crowd of spectators who do not know the truth. But cloud technology is a special case, its unique complexity contains too many variables, if companies are blindly engaged in this, it will inevitably pay for their own reckless behavior. We often choose to be vigorous and resolute in the face of the latest and greatest technological developments without thinking about these new ...

Security cloud technology to fully expand cloud storage cloud computing competition

In the construction of Safe city, the 4G (fourth generation) concept was fired very hot, typical includes cloud technology, intelligent analysis, face recognition and other High-tech cutting-edge technology.   In many construction projects, these applications will be used as part of it, it seems that does not catch some of these trends are outdated, but can really play a role, it is not necessarily, the key lies in the application of demand and technical characteristics can match. Cloud technology "acclimatized" cloud technology can understand the nature of the computer cluster management and application. In the IT industry has long been mature application, in recent years to Ann ...

NET Cloud and Sky Cloud technology to reach a strategic partnership for computing security

With cloud computing surging, in order to cloud computing landed, better do cloud computing, the industry's leading enterprises in various fields are carrying out a series of cooperation. Recently, Beijing network Royal Nebula Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Sky Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. on cloud computing security in the area of close cooperation reached a strategic agreement. Beijing Network Royal Nebula Information Technology Co., Ltd. by Lenovo Network Imperial Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. renamed, its predecessor is Lenovo Group Information Security Division. The net nebula locates in the specialized information security technology, the product, the service and the solution Solution Provider, has the independent intellectual property product, and in ...

Design and implementation of ELC Cluster Server architecture based on cloud technology

Design and implementation of ELC Cluster Server architecture based on cloud Technology University Zhang in this paper, a cluster server architecture of resilient load balancing based on cloud technology is proposed (elastic and load Balancing Cluster server architecture Based on CLOUDTECHNOLOGY,ELC clustered server architecture). This architecture takes the Eucalyptus cloud computing platform as the infrastructure, separating the original from the calculation and storage ...

Cloud Technology Resolving 12 Q

Cloud Technology Resolving 12 Ask the last issue, we have some basic concepts of cloud technology, and then what are the characteristics and advantages of the cloud, how can we use this magic technology, not only the right to improve our work and life, and not be fooled by some ads? Let's talk about this today. Cloud Technology Resolving 12 Q

5:00 conditions for "cloud technology" to the future

In foreign media reports, when it comes to "cloud" always aroused a hint of excitement. Many in the industry want public cloud solutions to provide quick solutions to those tough surgical challenges and tedious business processes. In some ways, their expectations can happen. "The cloud" is transforming into a means by which organizations take advantage of and manage technology, and cloud technology can accelerate the adoption of technology, which can give rise to huge advantages and is therefore worth exploring. Insiders summed up the five conditions for "cloud technology" to the future. ...

Symantec new product first equipped with cloud technology insight

February 16 News, according to foreign media reports, Symantec recently released endpoint homeowner 12, this is the company's first use of cloud technology insight, the collection of 2.5 billion software files of the intelligent database to help PC identify malware and block it.   The company's sonar 3 hybrid behavior Trust engine can prevent the 0 threat by analyzing the behavior of a piece of code, rather than through traditional signature file analysis techniques. The performance of the new version of the software is also a key factor, according to the company's European product marketing manager Mik ...

Cloud technology to the security monitoring brought about by the change industry application on the right track

Security industry in the development of good momentum, security industry has become the current cloud computing, things networking, intelligent technology and many other High-tech most easily landed industry. Internet of Things, cloud computing in the security industry in a number of areas have been good development and application; According to the Ministry of Science and Technology announced the first ministerial cloud planning "China Cloud Technology Development" Twelve-Five "special Planning", "Twelve-Five" Period (2011-2015), the domestic cloud computing industry chain scale can reach 750 billion to 1 trillion yuan. Cloud technology to security monitoring brought about by the development of security technology, the basic is in accordance with the model ...

Phoenix Cloud Technology in Beijing to release affordable smart wear products brush bracelet

Abstract: Phoenix cloud Technology in Beijing to release affordable smart wear products brush hand ring. In addition to the normal hand-ring sports health monitoring function, brush the hand ring built-in bus card RFID chip, can be used as a bus card. The current brush hand ring of the public transport Phoenix Cloud technology in Beijing can pay smart wear products "brush hand ring."   In addition to the normal hand-ring sports health monitoring function, brush the hand ring built-in bus card RFID chip, can be used as a bus card. Currently brush the hand ring of the public transport card function in Beijing ...

How to guarantee the security problems in the combination of data center and cloud technology

Last week I received a call from an old customer who hadn't been contacted for years. Their company intends to make significant changes to the business process that has been in operation for five years, and my previous colleagues suggested that they call me and ask me what I suggest about the changes in the business. This is the case: they intend to build the first unified mobile sales team in the company's history. Instead of letting 150 of field sales staff configure mobile office equipment as they wish, the company would prefer to adopt a unified standard equipment. This change will be a big top-down change, the company's overall strategy, workflow, equipment and software standards to do ...

Complete cloud computing industry chain layout in Beijing

A few days ago, Beijing World Super Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., a full range of 25 Super Cloud server in Beijing also Zhuang Yun base. At this point, Beijing has completed the country's most complete cloud computing industry chain layout, Beijing's cloud computing has entered a new stage of industrial development. According to the introduction, the future of Beijing will be built in Asia's largest super cloud server production base, in the "Twelve-Five" end, Beijing's cloud-related industry revenue will reach 200 billion yuan.

Design of resource allocation controller based on cloud computing in CDNs

Design of CDNs resource allocation controller based on cloud computing Song Ting Chen Liqi Adaptive Video stream distribution network in cloud technology, this paper proposes a control mechanism and adopts feedback control technology to design a dynamic resource allocation controller, by adjusting the number of virtual machines in CDN network of Cloud Technology, At the same time to provide users with the highest quality video services, to achieve the minimum transmission costs.   The experimental results show that the resource allocation controller greatly reduces the transmission cost and improves the quality of video service for users. Design of resource allocation controller based on cloud computing in CDNs

Cloud server 7 Big security secret key also need data encryption

"Cloud" This word in recent years has been fired hot, in the information security sector, "cloud" is a big darling, the enterprises have been among the ranks of the cloud. Because, the advent of cloud technology does bring the modern enterprise very big convenience. However, with the benefits of the accompanying, of course, there is a reluctance to touch the information security risks. Since enterprises want to take advantage of the benefits of cloud technology, it is natural to find ways to solve the cloud security risks, reduce the risk faced by enterprises.   The following is to share the cloud of the server's 7 major security secrets, so that enterprises targeted security protection. Server data Security 7 big secret ...

Security assurance is the key to corporate investment in cloud infrastructure and social networking

Overcoming fear of security risks is crucial to the use of clouds and cloud learning, according to a survey by Tata Consulting Services, a "cloud application usage". U.S. and European companies remain conservative in their use of cloud technology for fear of data security. At present, security is still the biggest problem of cloud technology. Provides enhanced cloud server management System cloud security stack controllable to ensure the security of the cloud server and make it invisible to hackers. By adopting a new policy automation and security centralization, cloud computing companies can easily build a simple and scalable first security protection ...

Law firm to give up positioning "tall", the service is facing the challenge of packaging

Professional legal services expensive, so that ordinary people deterred, last year on the line of the Law Cloud Technology (hereinafter referred to as the Law cloud) from the basic legal services into, with the help of the Internet services transparent, standardized. Law Cloud co-founder Meshangrong told South all reporters, as a legal service platform, the integration of High-quality lawyer Resources is the key, the law cloud in addition to the line has 600 24 child life cloud lawyer, offline further to match the customer to more different professional and level of lawyers, to provide personalized services. Abandon the position "tall" law cloud predecessor is Beijing Pacific Branch law firm's IT system, as the ...

McAfee launches new cloud technology security Vulnerability Service

McAfee software company released its new enterprise-oriented anti-virus services SaaS Web homeowner in Tuesday, an antivirus software that can protect against malware in real time, and incorporates the virus reporting technology of the MX logic Cloud antivirus service platform acquired by McAfee a year ago. The software relies on McAfee's self-developed Global Intelligent Antivirus Network (Threat FDI receptacle), automatic virus detection technology, and has more than 350 ...

T new storage Service Application Network cloud Technology

On May 18, global telecoms provider At&t announced the launch of an on-demand storage offering, a highly scalable feature of the synaptic storage service, which enables businesses to benefit from flexible storage choices.  According to foreign media reports, at&t the synaptic storage Service is based on EMC technology, which can meet the needs of users ' storage, distribution and data retrieval, regardless of what kind of Web device the enterprise users use to access the enterprise's network cloud. At&t said, in the increasingly complex ...

Microsoft launches integrated Cloud technology services to integrate BT Pilot

January 7 News, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft and BT (Airways TELECOM,BT) launched the integration of cloud hosting services Lync Voice. It is of great epochal significance for Microsoft to extend its Lync platform development footprint to cloud services.  At present, the company has with the telecommunications giant BT Company issued a water test plan (pilot program), in order to formally launch the Lync Voice Service enterprise-class platform to prepare. ...

Cloud computing penetrates printing industry to promote new development

As with all new technologies, people are eager to combine them, and then burst out with greater power. With regard to cloud technology, though still immature, it is somewhat powerless to apply it to the printing industry, but it has to be admitted that the technological revolution has already begun. is the printing industry just to join the pursuit of cloud technology of the army, a stroke of popularity? Or cloud technology can really achieve the close integration with the printing industry? Let's take a look at what we can do with the cloud technology and the printing industry together. Many people in the printing industry must be in a strange phase of cloud computing, but in recent years ...

"Campus Cloud" into primary school teachers and students at any time control

Enter the account number and password, open a virtual desktop, the home preparation of courseware stored in it. The next day, go to class, the teacher will not have to take a U disk copy courseware, directly can re-enter the account and password, in other terminals show the virtual desktop, and then use the courseware. This is just recently in the outside of a small open campus cloud technology can achieve high-tech. According to a small outside the Liu Headmaster introduced, this cloud technology so that teachers in school through a virtual desktop, that is, the virtual total processor will be all the data stored in it, teachers can use any anytime.

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