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Quest Cloud Application Integration Platform

Cloud based data integration is effective in a number of things. But cloud based application integration (cloud-based EAI) is a bit of a new listing. Vendors like Snaplogic and Boomi help us get into the cloud-based data integration field, and heavyweight players like Informatica are helping them become mainstream technology. The first cloud based application integration Platform Mulesoft is a well-known open source message bus software manufacturer, ready to use its new ion cloud-based application integration platform to change the application integration and cluster into the field of the pattern. ...

Cloud computing drives two-depth integration to accelerate enterprise transformation

2011 is China's "Twelve-Five" start of the year, is a renewal, industrial layout of the year. The national "Twelve-Five" plan outline clearly pointed out: "Strengthens the cloud computing service platform Construction" "promotes the informationization and the industrialization depth fusion, promotes the economic society each domain Informationization". The integration of informatization and industrialization is the development strategy of our country under the new situation, and it needs a new generation of information technology to provide the way for our country to realize the integration of the two. Cloud computing is to accelerate the development of China's dual integration of the breakthrough, is to help enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises to realize the low-cost flexible operation of the excellent information.

The pain of application integration: The age of cloud can not relieve pain

Drunken Cloud Blog Application integration since the middle of the 1980 has become the enterprise software pain Point, but also that time I first started doing it reports. The same old problem allows different software to coexist, mostly because the owners ' equity is higher than the open standard. In addition, application integration is always the idea that buyers are attracted by the latest applications, and the integrated pain points are often forgotten. These two factors have not changed in the cloud computing era, so I suspect that new cloud-based Integration Services will do the same. Because some of the cloud services in enterprise software practices are the primary integration strategy and radical change, I am also full of hope ...

The city of the cloud

Today, in Chengdu, diners can trace the source of every piece of pork eaten in the "City Cloud", and in Jiangxi, about 500 pilot hospitals have been using cloud services at the Wuxi Cloud Computing Center to maintain patient information.   This is based on the "City Cloud" on the basis of the city of Cloud in the next three years or will be more than 10, and form a network, become a foundation, there are applications, efficient Chinese Xiangyun. "From cloud computing you can see the emancipation of the mind of a city. "For those who do not know the Chengdu Cloud Computing Center and the Wuxi Cloud Computing Center, ...

Four steps to complete cloud application integration

For the cloud application, it can be implemented in a variety of ways to integrate is a very prominent feature of his. However, each of his integration methods can not be completely released, in order to ensure the smooth deployment of integrated operations. You need to know and understand them enough. Cloud computing market is now a mixed bag, many manufacturers continue to claim that its products are based on the cloud, but what is the cloud application, but can not say why. When most cloud applications present themselves as Web services, they tend to adopt ... even if they do not comply with all SOA protocols.

Cloud computing and data integration are hard to break

The most high-profile topic at the moment is cloud computing, a few days ago, with its own insights into the integration challenges of cloud computing and virtualization, Loraine Lawson, a prominent journalist at the IT Business Edge, said in its own report, "an evolution of the Internet 's column makes an in-depth discussion of the cluster problem, and the final conclusion is that inadequate integration will hinder the development of cloud computing and virtualization. In fact, as far as I'm concerned, the fundamental reason that cloud deployments are now limited is: in the cloud ...

Thoughts on the integration of mobile in SOA and cloud computing

"Guidance" recently, the Four China SOA standardization Seminar was successfully convened, meeting from various industry experts, users, government and other related personnel, on the SOA standards and development of the relevant discussions. The following is a detailed introduction to the integration and standardization of SOA and cloud computing by Du Yujian, SOA project manager at China Mobile Research Institute. Cloud computing is actually the third it revolution following the PC, the Internet. It's development box from the mainframe, personal machine damage and then to the cloud computing changes, we see a long time must be divided into a long time the trend, from the big ...

Oracle announces the integration of leading ISVs and Oracle cloud services in the cloud

Oracle's Global Congress, October 3, 2012-Oracle announces that more than 100 leading independent software developers (ISVs) are offering their solutions to Oracle sales and Marketing Cloud Service) is integrated in the cloud, which is provided through the Oracle cloud. The move further demonstrates Oracle's commitment to improving corporate value through open standards and cloud services. Oracle Sales and Market cloud services for the first time users can ...

Cloud Integration: The next batch of killer apps to decrypt cloud computing

Public cloud computing is becoming a low-cost backup option for physical data center infrastructure, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, the public cloud is also promoting the creation of a more dynamic cloud migration Service project. The service began to grow as small businesses began to invest heavily in migrating their applications from hosting and data center environments to the public cloud. At present, the company's investment in public cloud and cloud migration is very slow, at least this part of the funds in the overall it budget accounted for a small proportion. There are many reasons why organizations are slow to deploy public cloud (IaaS, infrastructure, services) ...

2013 China Cloud Computing Industry Keywords: innovation, integration, popularization

October 2010, the Ministry of Industry and Information technology, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a joint "on the cloud computing Services innovation and development of the pilot demonstration work of the notice", opened the cloud computing industry in China's development of the curtain. After two years of development, China's cloud computing industry has moved from the concept to practical applications, cloud applications and cloud services increasingly rich, showing a faction of the vast clouds flying the prosperity scene. First, the pilot City cloud computing industry has achieved remarkable results. In Beijing, the Chinese and foreign enterprises involved in Xiangyun project have more than 100, to "fund + base" mode of operation, has been built to Haidian District, Zhongguancun Soft ...

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