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Unicom Lark launches change mobile internet intelligence communication

With the maturation of virtualization technology, Internet technology and the popularity of Web2.0 and other factors, cloud computing technology turned out, from all aspects began to penetrate the life of Internet users, and mobile internet communications industry also ushered in the spring of technological revolution. Reporter learned that Guangdong unicom close to the pulse of cloud trends, to user demand as the basis for technical support to cloud computing, on November 11 officially launched the "Lark" smart Address Book. "Lark" to intelligent Address Book as the entrance, the realization of mobile phone, Internet Communication Management integration, the construction of wo+ Intelligent Communications open platform. It is reported that the ...

Cloud trends sweep CIOs to invest in cloud computing need to be cautious

Some say 2011 is the year of cloud computing.   Because this year cloud industry's big event, emerges the personage, the product is especially many; this year, many it giants gathered energy to speed up acquisitions; more IT executives announced a move to cloud computing in the year; more cloud cases are taking root in the country this year. More cloud apps are on the smart terminals and tablet computers ... The IDC report says: In the 2012, in the corporate sector, big companies are redistributing budgets, and new PCs are no longer a priority option, as it plans to move investments to cloud services. It can be seen that ...

The mode of using cloud computing for enterprise users

December 12, Amazon AWS for Chinese users prepared a cloud technology feast 2014 Amazon Technology Summit, Amazon CTO Vonna Wigger is also brought his first speech in China, the scene led the domestic technicians and developers to share the cloud trends and AWS latest progress.     At the conference, Amazon CTO Mr. Vonna Wigger shared the data on the AWS platform, highlighting seven models of enterprise adoption of cloud computing. Figure: Amazon CTO Vonna Wigger AWS Related Data ...

Cloud-based office applications are yet to be trusted

According to a survey by market research firm Gartner, the following is not yet available for the time being - cloud-based office applications. But at the same time, Gartner also speculated that a major shift to the cloud office system is expected to begin in the first half of 2015. Gartner analysts say speculation exists in the current market that only a small number of companies have moved to cloud-based e-mail or cloud office systems. There have been reports of large organizations using Google Apps and cloud-based office suites like Microsoft Office 365. but...

Nine major details in the development of cloud computing

What should be the next step in the development of the technology industry? It is clear that venture capital firms are also very much interested in this issue, but the difference is that for them, the right and wrong manifestations are reflected in the large sum of money lost and gone. Some time ago, Northbridge venture capital firm announced a survey on the development of cloud computing. In this survey, 785 of the 39 well-known technology companies participated in the voting and discussions so that people can understand how they think about cloud computing. These companies include: AKamai, AW ...

China's cloud computing industry broke out

It seems that 2015 will soon become the focus of cloud computing industry outbreak. Part of the domestic large and medium-sized cities spontaneously will achieve the goal of cloud computing industry planning set in this year. The cloud computing, hailed by the Ministry of Science and Technology as the title of the fourth revolution in the IT industry, has been roaring in China's major cities like the tornado. Today, Beijing has set a target of 50 billion yuan of scale, Guangzhou will also be 15 billion as the main direction of development, and Shenzhen's goal is to cultivate ten annual revenues of billions of dollars, or even billions of cloud computing companies ... ... According to CCID Consulting data show ...

Cloud Trends for High-performance Computing

High Performance Computing Overview high-performance Computing (HPC) is the computing system and environment that typically uses many processors (as part of a single machine) or several computers that are organized as a single computing resource in a set of clusters. There are many types of HPC systems ranging from large clusters of standard computers to highly specialized hardware. Most cluster-based HPC systems use High-performance network interconnects, such as those from InfiniBand or myrinet. Basic network topology and organization can use a simple bus topology, in ...

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