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Intel teamed up with Cloudera to open China's big data market

By 2020, the amount of new and replicated information around the world will reach 40ZB, 12 times times more than 2012 years, with data from China expected to 8ZB,IDC. China's large data and data analysis will face great opportunities.   So, how to grasp the opportunities brought by large data, using large data to solve energy, security and other aspects of the problem, for enterprises and even the community to bring real value? Intel Corporation and Cloudera Company held a cooperative initiation ceremony in Beijing on May 8, 2014. Ling, China District director, Intel Industry Cooperation and Solutions division, Intel ...

Intel and Cloudera Blend Hadoop products

"The Internet World" is a series of questions that have come up since Intel announced in March this year that it was buying $740 million for big data [note] software solution provider Cloudera's 18% stake: for example, two companies have their own Apache Hadoop distributions,   How are the two products and services integrated? is the Legacy Apache Hadoop Intel distribution user's follow-up service guaranteed? How has Intel changed its strategy on big data? And so on. May 8, Intel and Cloudera in ...

Competing for the Hadoop market, Cloudera and Hortonworks competition white-hot

Recently, hortonworks with the data Application Platform Developer Concurrent formally established the Alliance, and as Hortonworks strong competitor Cloudera, in order to compete for more Hadoop market share also launched a series of plans,   Facing the 813 million dollar market in the future, both sides are committed to expand in the channel, pull into the various forces, a fierce competition is underway, the following look at the CNR's Rick Whiting for us to bring a wonderful analysis. The following is the original: C ...

Big Data Application Security: Tencent, China Mobile, Cloudera

Tencent has always regarded big data application as an important development strategy of the company, and based on more than ten years of experience in Internet product development and operation, it has formed a complete, reliable and scalable big data business application framework to provide users with big data processing service.

Understanding Hadoop ecosystem from problem domain

Hadoop ecosystem has developed rapidly in recent years, and it contains more and more software, and it also drives the prosperity and development of the peripheral system. Especially in the field of distributed computing, the system is numerous and diverse, from time to time a system, claiming to be more efficient than mapreduce or hive dozens of times times, hundreds of times times. There are some ignorant people who always follow the impala and say that the replacement of Hive,spark will replace the Hadoop MapReduce. This article fires from the problem domain and explains the unique role of each system in Hadoop ...

Hadoop Ecosystem Map: The eight largest groups in the Elephant kingdom

Whether you admit it or not, Hadoop is now synonymous with the big data movement. The technology around Hadoop products has become a complex of software, applications, services, or ecosystems. The Hadoop ecosystem, like a young supernova, is rapidly evolving and growing, with new products and models emerging. To help businesses and industry's large data technology and application practitioners quickly clear the way to the Hadoop ecosystem, Gigaom recently produced a map of the Hadoop ecosystem, based on different scenarios and delivery patterns, ...

Hadoop Ecosystem Map: The eight largest groups in the Elephant kingdom

Whether you admit it or not, Hadoop is now synonymous with the big data movement. Around hadoop "> Product technology has formed a complex of software, applications, services, or ecosystems. The Hadoop ecosystem, like a young supernova, is rapidly evolving and growing, with new products and models emerging. In order to help enterprises and the industry of large data technology and application practice ...

The basic components and ecosystem of Hadoop platform

The Hadoop system runs on a compute cluster of commodity business servers that provide large-scale parallel computing resources while providing large-scale distributed data storage resources. On the big data processing software system, with the open-source development of the Apache Hadoop system, based on the original basic subsystem including HDFS, MapReduce and HBase, the Hadoop platform has evolved into a complete large-scale Data Processing Ecosystem. Figure 1-15 shows the Ha ...

Do Hadoop's best partner

While actively launching commercial version of Hadoop while actively investing in Cloudera, a big data analytics management software developer based on Hadoop, when Intel recently announced that it would unite the "two lines" to launch a more "Fusion Edition" Hadoop At the time, the king of chips in the big data market, sophisticated layout and ambition also emerge in the forefront - it is to create the most suitable Hadoop server chip system, it is to become the king of the era of big data. In the booming big data market, the opportunities for infrastructure vendors, no doubt from it ...

Choose the right hardware configuration for your Hadoop cluster

With the start of Apache Hadoop, the primary issue facing the growth of cloud customers is how to choose the right hardware for their new Hadoop cluster. Although Hadoop is designed to run on industry-standard hardware, it is as easy to come up with an ideal cluster configuration that does not want to provide a list of hardware specifications. Choosing the hardware to provide the best balance of performance and economy for a given load is the need to test and verify its effectiveness. (For example, IO dense ...

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