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Hadoop Summit: Cloudera and Hortonworks who can ride the dust?

One of the biggest hot topics at the Hadoop summit this year is "> Cloudera and Hortonworks the competition between the highly renowned competitors. Now, as the market matures, the rivalry between the two sides has been white-hot, and Cloudera's recent news of a large financial bailout led by Intel has helped. But it's really a ...

Big Data Drives Revenue Soars - Hadoop Startups

Big data is still considered a bubble gold? The close attention of businesses, the media, and even the general public is only superficial. The most persuasive data comes from the valuation of Hadoop startups related to big data. For the most part, Hadoop startups are yet to go public, so for the time being the size and growth of this market do not yet have a very accurate data, but from the case of big data venture capitalist size involved and Hadoop startup employees Number of people, there are still some clues to let me ...

Larger data series Topic Four: What does big data mean to Intel?

If you're familiar with it, you'll know. Intel actually has a lot of free resources to fight for, such as Intel has a software department that can help and guide users in software optimization and development, Intel offers compilers and various development tools, high-performance computing and the Internet are frequent Intel software, and some have joint laboratories with Intel. For example, Intel also has a data center department that provides consulting and services for data center construction and operation, all free of charge. "Intel's purpose is to help users improve their application level, but given the limited resources, we try to choose ...

10 Big Data companies were PE/VC: doubling annual revenue

One day, when you set foot in a department store in the United States, the indoor camera will monitor your movements, a few minutes later, you walk through the aisle, the products you pick or put down, the last thing you choose to buy even when you pick up and put down the object of an instant expression, will be crawled by the camera and sent to a software company.   Of course, it's not that you're a pickpocket, it's just that we're in a big data age, and these videos are just for data analysis. "Big Data" is basically an all-encompassing term that refers to the collection and analysis of a large amount of information ...

Hadoop start-up revenues and valuations soar

Is the big data a bubble or a gold mine? The broad focus of business, the media and even the public is just a symptom, and the most persuasive data comes from the valuations of Hadoop startups, which are big data-related. Hadoop startups are mostly not on the market, so there's not much accurate data on the size and growth of the markets yet, but we still have the ability to see the leopard in terms of the size of the big data VC case and the number of Hadoop start-up employees, A general understanding of the scale of large data ventures represented by Hadoop startups. Hadoop entrepreneurship ...

Software services: Large data companies continue to enjoy high valuations

Events recently, Cloudera, an enterprise-wide data-solution provider, announced $900 million trillion in financing, valued at $4.1 billion trillion, with Intel picking up $740 million for 18%, and T. Powe Price and Google ventures for 160 million dollars.   At the same time, Baidu, Tencent are in succession to launch their own large data application analysis products. Commenting on open source Hadoop architecture will be the mainstream of IT architecture: Cloudera provides Hadoop based ...

2013 ranking of the world's most influential data companies

At present, the global large data enterprises are divided into two major camps. Some of them are just emerging companies with large data technology as their core, hoping to bring innovative solutions to the market and promote technological development. There are a number of original database/data warehousing business vendors, they intend to use their own advantage to impact large data areas, the existing installation base and product line Word-of-mouth to promote a new wave of technology.   Let's take a look at today's 15 Big data companies list, of which 10 have long been renowned, and the other five are newcomers. 1, IBM according to Wikibon hair ...

Whose purse was filled with the big data wave?

While veteran teams such as IBM and Intel are gobbling up the huge profits from the big data markets, innovative start-ups are the core force for the future of the market, research firm Wikibon found. According to Wikibon, a professional research firm, if the big data market is quantified, its current total value is more than $5 billion trillion, and much of it is held in the hands of several traditional IT leaders. And when the capital injection of these giants and the innovative Up-and-comer Ganci A meeting, the total value of the market will reach ...

Big Data Age provides opportunities for startups five big companies are the best

In the age of large data, "big data" has become the most frequently used word, large data received more attention, "big data" is basically an all-encompassing term, refers to the ability to collect and analyze a large amount of information, and this information relates to all aspects of human life.   Past data analysis may require expensive databases and specialized technology, and in recent years startups that have been linked to big data concepts have sprung up and, if you are willing, are fully qualified to use large data analysis at low cost. Whether from the general business sector, or retail, medical, climate ...

Big data is big market and big business

2012 Global technology companies in the big Data market revenue rankings (Tencent technology map) Beijing Time February 18, the U.S. Science and Technology blog site founder John Farrell (John Furrier) published on the Forbes website, said Big Data is now the hottest market in the global technology sector. For businesses, the sooner they realize and take the lead in opening up to the big data age, the more opportunities they have to innovate, improve their business agility, and increase profits. To make a case for

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