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Cloud-based Peer-to-peer streaming media server cluster deployment algorithm

Peer-to-peer Streaming Media server cluster deployment algorithm based on cloud computing Mozhisu Wang June Zheng for cloud Computing Data Center Network (DCN) environment, Peer-to-peer streaming media server cluster deployment caused by the high bandwidth occupancy problem, a cloud based Peer-to-peer streaming media server cluster deployment method is proposed. This method will model Peer-to-peer streaming media server cluster deployment as a two-time assignment problem, and based on ant colony algorithm, find the mapping relationship between each virtual streaming media server and each deployment point, and realize the ...

spark1.6.1 cluster Deployment (standalone)

1. Node Preparation spslave2 spmaster spslave1 2. Modify host name 3. Configure password-free login first to the user's home directory (CD ~), ls view the file, one of which is ". SSH", which is the file price that holds the key. The key we generate will be placed in this folder later. Now execute command generation key: Ssh-keygen-t ...

memcached high availability cluster theory and introduction

memcached high availability cluster theory and introduction. memcached In the realization of distributed cluster deployment, the memcached service is not between the communication, the distributed algorithm is through the client bar Data stored in different memcached, so when we finish the cluster client to write data inside, Will appear the following situation. After the client writes data to a memcached node, the other two nodes can not be queried. So how the outcome of this issue, is the next to be done. memcached ...

memcached Installation and use

memcached installation and cluster deployment source pack: libevent-1.4.14b-stable.tar.gz memcached-1.4.29.tar.gz libevent Installation Memcached is dependent on the asynchronous time-time notification library so it is necessary to install libevent [root@bogon ~]# tar-xf/src/libevent-1.4.14b-stable.tar.gz-c/usr/src ...

Briefly describe Ironfan's role in big data

In Serengeti, there are two most important and most critical functions: one is virtual machine management and the other is cluster software installation and configuration management. The virtual machine management is to create and manage the required virtual machines for a Hadoop cluster in vCenter. Cluster software installation and configuration management is to install Hadoop related components (including Zookeeper, Hadoop, Hive, Pig, etc.) on the installed virtual machine of the operating system, and update the configuration files like Namenode / Jobtracker / Zookeeper node ...

Hadoop deployment small script to share

Recently abandoned non-ssh connection"> Hadoop cluster deployment, or returned to the ssh key authentication on the way. There is some trouble inside, each Taiwan machines have to upload the public key. Just because I am a lazy person, so write a few small script to complete, as long as the public key can be distributed on a machine above. The first is to generate ssh key script #! / Bin ...

HTTP session memory replication characteristics are key to the high availability of the was cluster

However, this feature requires the support of the application code, so when the was cluster architecture is selected, the Http:// "> Cluster deployment approach is determined according to the current application. and give professional advice. Architects and software engineers must be aware of the specifics of this feature in order to be more handy when designing a cluster architecture. HTTP session memory replication refers to replicating a session to another application server ...

Simple and Docker Swarm

1.Swarm Introduction Docker Since its inception, its container characteristics and mirror characteristics of devops enthusiasts have brought a lot of convenience. However, for a long time, Docker can only run on a single host, its ability to deploy, run and manage across the host is highly criticized. The weakness of the cross host capability leads directly to the tight coupling between the Docker container and host, in which case, the flexibility of the Docker container is difficult to be satisfied, and the migration and grouping of the containers become the function points which are difficult to realize. Swarm is Docke ...

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