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Cluster solutions on clusters and Linux

& ">nbsp; Clusters and Linux cluster solution cluster System (Cluster) mainly solve the following problems: High reliability (HA) using cluster management software, when the primary server failure, the backup server can automatically take over the work of the main server, and timely switch to the past to achieve the user ...

Research on the cluster resource management technology of virtualization

Research on virtualization Cluster resource management technology Sin Jun, Chen, Cheng in the cluster management field, rapid deployment and rapid switching of clusters have not been well solved. With the development of virtualization technology, new methods to solve these problems are brought forward. The virtualization approach eliminates the coupling between system software and hardware, making it possible to build customized virtual clusters.  Through analysis, a virtual cluster system Virtualcluster is designed and implemented. Keywords: Virtual cluster virtualization Technology Cluster Management ....

hadoop--the primary realization of cloud computing and the bridge to the future

Project homepage: A distributed system infrastructure, developed by the Apache Foundation. Users can develop distributed programs without understanding distributed low-level details. Take full advantage of the power of cluster high speed operation and storage. Origin: Google's cluster system Google's data center uses Low-cost linux PCs to form clusters of applications running on them. Even novice developers of distributed development can quickly use Google's infrastructure. The core components are 3:1 、...

Data Warehouse of Water Conservancy survey based on Hive

Based on the hive of the Water conservancy Census Data Warehouse Chen Wandingshen Gu Xinzhen According to the mass and multidimensional characteristics of water Conservancy census data, this paper studies the Hadoop and hive developed rapidly under the concept of "big data", and combines the mature technology of the traditional data warehouse in multidimensional data analysis, This paper puts forward the construction method of the data warehouse of the Water conservancy census based on hive, describes the architecture of the Data Warehouse system, and according to the design characteristics of the hive, improves the traditional multidimensional analysis model through the method of splitting bucket, reducing dimension table and redundant fact table, finally building the cluster system to ...

Say the basic structure of Google cloud computing

The well-known Google, GFS is a google unique distributed file system designed by a large number of installed Linux operating system, through the PC form a cluster system. The entire cluster system consists of a Master (usually several backups) and several TrunkServer. The GFS files are backed up into fixed-size Trunks, which are stored on different Trunk Servers. Different Trunks have a lot of copy components and can also be stored on different Trunk Servers. Master ...

Is microserver an alternative to blade servers?

AMD's 64-bit ARM server will be in volume production in 2014, and the micro-server market is opening up opportunities for growth. Micro-servers are known for their high density and low power consumption, which A bit similar to the traditional blade server.We then envisioned the micro-server can replace the blade server, from the current development, the micro-server does not have such capabilities.R blade server blade server commonly used in cluster system or cluster management solutions , For special applications and high-density computing industry ...

A detailed comparison of HPCC and Hadoop

The hardware environment usually uses a blade server based on Intel or AMD CPUs to build a cluster system. To reduce costs, outdated hardware that has been discontinued is used. Node has local memory and hard disk, connected through high-speed switches (usually Gigabit switches), if the cluster nodes are many, you can also use the hierarchical exchange. The nodes in the cluster are peer-to-peer (all resources can be reduced to the same configuration), but this is not necessary. Operating system Linux or windows system configuration HPCC cluster with two configurations: ...

DRBD Management Console 0.9.9 release simplifies cluster system burden software

The DRBD Management console is a Java application that simplifies the burden of clustered systems based on DRBD, Heartbeat/openais, and pacemaker. It does not require any proxy or client code attached to the cluster node, but instead uses an SSH connection. It shows an overview of a network adapter and block device, as well as a graphical representation of the full DRBD state. DRBD definition DRBD is a cluster of kernel modules and related scripts to build high-availability clusters. Its implementation side ...

DRBD v8.3.10 release simplified management cluster system

The DRBD Management Console is a cluster system designed to simplify management based on DRBD and Heartbeat/openais and Pacemaker. It does not need to install any agents or client programs on the managed nodes, but instead uses SSH as a direct connection. It provides a graphical overview of the DRBD state information that displays the NIC and block devices.

Fujitsu launches new High-performance computer file system

Fujitsu announced the launch of a new high-performance computer file system called Fefs (Fujitsu Exabyte file system), according to the October 18 report of the US physicist organization network. Fefs is a high-performance computing cluster system of x86 (a microprocessor architecture developed first by Intel), which can perform data reading and writing on nodes through high-speed distributed computing, and has better performance in high-speed and large-scale data processing. Fujitsu said that the use of this technology, from the computer node to the file system transmission speed ...

Data allocation method for Hadoop cluster in cloud computing environment

Introduction Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing) is a new business computing model. It distributes computing tasks on a large pool of computer-made resources, enabling various application systems to acquire computational power, storage space and various software services as needed. Cloud computing is mesh computing (grid Computing), distributed Computing (distributed Computing), parallel Computing (parallelcomputing), Utility computing (Utility Computing), networked storage (...).

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