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The future farm model of De Qing Yuan brings new ideas to the reform of the world agricultural development

In the agricultural production practice, taking into account economic, social and ecological benefits, as well as the structure and function of the best is the current world agriculture, aquaculture is the common pursuit of the ecological model. In the ten years since 2002, the agricultural model of "Four in one", which is jointly advocated by our Ministry of Agriculture and industry experts, will provide the industry expectation of sustainable development in the future. In vigorously advocating "Low-carbon environmental protection" Today, many companies around the world have invested in practice, and how to make this model in the premise of social responsibility to achieve economic operation? How to make "ecological model" applauded and profitable, also become ...

On the optimization and promotion strategy of website

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall one, search engine's searching process 1, crawls the webpage: each independent search engine has its own webpage crawl program (spider, namely commonly called "Spider" program). Spider continues to crawl the Web page along the hyperlinks in the Web page. Because the use of hyperlinks in the Internet is very common, theoretically, from a certain range of pages ...

SEO need to change the mind do not enter a technical cul-de-sac

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall SEO this profession because the entry threshold is low, the competition is increasingly white-hot. Coupled with the search engine on the SEO industry to blow up, if you want to quickly put the new station rankings quickly ascend, often more than before more energy.   The author combines with its own example and friends in the story, also said that SEO how to change the train of thought, in order to better in development. Article + outside chain promotion model article plus outside chain is still the most mainstream in the promotion mode. In this context, the special responsibility for hair ...

COM domain name hot promotion domain name investment again hot

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao Guest Cloud mainframe technology Hall according to the source, Gem stock code domain name was a grab and light, the economy is still in the warmer state, domain name investment is still in full swing. It is understood that this group of investors in addition to the registration of the Special Rui De (300001), Shenzhou Tai Yue (300002), Network Technology (300017), Huayi Brothers (300027) and other 28 first landing enterprise stock code, but also in accordance with the order of arrangement, in advance after the registration of nearly thousands of stock code domain name. The COM domain name is exploded. Domain name Investment, ...

Electricity quotient is the last straw of paper medium?

Titanium Media Note: Alibaba through the mobile phone Taobao and the country's 12 mainstream newspaper strategic cooperation, "Amoy" Business today officially on the line, with mobile sweep code to pay the newspaper layout and E-commerce together, whether to try out a paper media O2O road? Titanium Media author Shun Chunhui from an metropolitan newspaper, engaged in negotiations with Ali, He talked about the original intention of writing this article: after the completion of the series of traditional media transformation of macro-strategic thinking, more hope that their thinking can be more grounded gas, the transformation of the practice of specific ways to do some discussion. And around the traditional media as the main part of the electrical business ...

The origin of O2O's electronic way of sending red envelopes

From the beginning of the red envelope incident can be seen, packet is also an arduous thing, so want to say whether can use electronic product invention red envelope, so have a O2O of electronic red envelope way, with "Tencent micro-letter + Tencent Wind Chimes" combination boxing, carry out electronic turntable draw red envelopes, and after a few days of practice,   The effects and originality have been overshadowed by the micro-letter red envelopes.   One, why use micro-letter + wind chimes way to send red envelopes? 1, the traditional line of fun is (red envelopes) The inevitable pattern of demand traditional red envelopes do not care how much money to harvest, more of the purpose is ...

Brief introduction of Empress Wu

Wu Zetian (China Wu Zhou Dynasty female emperor) Wu Zetian (A.D. 624-A.D. 705), Yuanzhao, and state Wenshui (now Shanxi WenShui East) people. The only orthodox female emperor in the history of China is one of the longest-lived emperors (82 years old), the most-aged (67-year-old ascended). For the Tang Dynasty hero warrior 彟 daughter, Mother Yang. 14-Year-old into the harem for the Emperor Taizong talent, the Emperor Taizong "Wu Mei" [1], Tango Zong for Zhao Instrument, Empress, Zunhao for the Queen, and Tanggao Zongliz and said the two saints, 683 years December 27-690 years October ...

ZTE's business empire: ZTE and subsidiaries ' interest entanglements

In combing ZTE's equity relationship, the complex structure behind it often appears to cloud the fog, but when a cobwebs to clarify the shareholder relationship of its multiple holding companies, it can be found that many with ZTE's business-related subsidiaries or equity companies,     In its shareholder list more or less the emergence of ZTE's many senior executives or the backbone of the figure. From this, a large number of related companies have been developed around ZTE, and the business involves many industries, such as real estate, energy, music, etc.

December 7 Xinjiang first Webmaster Conference and SEO Training Meeting graphic Live

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy cloud host technology Hall Tianshan network site report: "Everyone good friends, we are now Kempinski Hotel in Urumqi, 10:45, the first Xinjiang regional Webmaster Conference and website SEO Training Seminar will be held here, please look forward to." Moderator Liu Dongliang: Distinguished leaders, guests, from the north and south of the Tianshan friends, webmaster, Good morning, the first Xinjiang regional Webmaster Conference and website SEO Training Exchange began. Local conference to lead the IT industry in Xinjiang health, benign ...

Tui18 interview: Chen Jianjue on the reverse thinking of product architect

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall welcome Everybody to come to the TUI18 interview, this column is by pushes one to host, specially faces the network promotion field the interview program. We will do our best to explore latent in the crowd of the promotion of talent, experts, they have the most valuable experience to draw out, dedicated to everyone. First of all, let us review the last issue of the guests, the last issue of the guest is Tan Ming teacher, and you share their experience in doing the station. This issue (17th phase) for everyone invited to the guests are 陈建 min, net name, TMP.WORLDW ...

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