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Big Data Research: Agriculture is not the cause of large countries

The data has changed everything in the human world. In the past decade, data analytics has revolutionized biological research. With Hadoop and the open source code tools originally designed by Yahoo and Facebook, the Big Data software platform revolutionized the business world. This technique even changed the history study. In early 2000 Peter Turchin founded a research area called Cliodynamics. The idea is to use data analysis as a way to predict the future, but ...

GUI Builder user Interface template Builder

GUI Builder is a template builder for creating a Webelement user interface (WUI) that generates C-language source code tools based on user requirements or as a basis for a WEP responder. It simplifies the application design process, generates a simple program framework and event framework, separates the logic from the view, allowing the source code to compile the target file directly in the specified compiler. & ...

Coco 0.6 Publishing Code Coverage tool

Coco is another code overlay tool for Http:// ">ruby 1.9". It is used to display the file name on the console covering more than 90%, creating a simple HTML report covering only less than 90% files. This tool is compatible with UTF-8 and is configured with a simple Yaml file with a color console output function. Coco version 0.6 adds "...

Uncrustify 0.59 release source code Landscaping tools

Uncrustify is a source code beautification tool to help you spruce up your code and support C + +, C + +, C #, D, Java, Pawn, indents, and Vala. Features include: Adding and removing line breaks, height control, code alignment, and so on. Features are easy to configure and easy to modify. Uncrustify 0.59 adds several new options, fixes multiple bugs, and adds UTF-8 and UTF-16 support. Software Information: Http://uncrustify.sou ...

Atlassian fisheye 2.7 Release Code tool

Fisheye is a way to help you open your source code base so you can better understand your code. It allows you to view user activity, track code changes, and search and operate from any ">web browser through your database." Fisheye offers easy navigation, powerful search features, historical reports, configurable file annotations and diff views, change analysis, RSS feeds, and integration ...

Spike phpcheckstyle 0.10.1 Publishing Code checking tool

Spike Phpcheckstyle is a tool that helps PHP programmers check code and report errors, running in PHP 5.0 and later. Spike Phpcheckstyle 0.10.1 This version to add new rules and code cleanup capabilities. Software information: address: ...

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