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Diamond market, European and American brands dominate domestic product discourse right to improve

How to perfect the diamond culture in 10 words? Reporter recently learned from every Krame, in order to improve the Chinese diamond brand in the world of the right to speak, in 2011 Mother's Day came, every Krame drill opened a grand "one word pull, Diamond beauty praise Global collection activities."  Each carat promises that once the slogan is adopted, it will be rewarded with a carat bare diamond per gram of Latin American. 1951, Chi JWT for South Africa's famous diamond Enterprises De Beers, "Diamond Heng Long, a perpetual spread" of the classic advertising language, the perfect interpretation of the cultural quality of diamonds-impregnable, attack ...

Volkswagen DSG Failure Case 7: Skoda Sharp replacement clutch failure remains

Editor's note: Recently, because the Volkswagen owners generally reflect the existence of the vehicle jitter, abnormal sound, car and power interruption and other fault phenomena, AQSIQ in the recent beginning of the public DSG transmission failure to solicit information to the community. China Network Financial Center synchronous start for public DSG failure case collection activities.  The purpose is to press the professional operation, for the rights-defending owners to sound, for their legitimate rights and interests, for the standardization of the market Order of automobile consumption to fulfill the media responsibility. China Network April 26 (reporter Yiu) recently, the Chinese Network Financial center received the owner of Beijing, Mr. Guo reflected, said he bought a car from the top ...

Volkswagen DSG Failure case 9: Skoda Sharp within 1 years of a variety of failures

Recently, because the Volkswagen owners generally reflect the existence of the vehicle jitter, abnormal sound, car and power interruption, such as failure phenomenon, AQSIQ in the recent beginning to the public DSG transmission failure to solicit information to the community. China Network Financial Center synchronous start for public DSG failure case collection activities.  The purpose is to press the professional operation, for the rights-defending owners to sound, for their legitimate rights and interests, for the standardization of the market Order of automobile consumption to fulfill the media responsibility. China Network April 27 (reporter Shei Lingyu) Recently, the Chinese Network Financial center received the Fujian owner Lin reflected, said he bought a car by the Shanghai public production ...

85 after the newly married couple write creative bask in Happiness Emperor bottle air conditioner witness the housewarming

"Recall the wedding period, Emperor Bottle with us to move into the new house, let me and wife married life more fresh enjoy less trouble," from Tianjin, Mr. Rong on Weibo share his and Emperor bottle air-conditioning story. "In the Haier and the user interaction platform, each participant creativity behind is the different life story." "Activities in charge told reporters, Emperor bottle air-conditioning a word to buy some creative big collection activities ( to provide users ...

Fashionable, comfortable impress Chongqing users write creative borrow Emperor bottle air-conditioning table filial piety

"Immediately mother's Day, Father's Day, by the Haier Emperor bottles of air-conditioning to buy the table table filial piety, I hope that the emperor bottle air-conditioning to parents bring a cool summer." "From Chongqing, Ms. Liu told reporters, although this is a creative solicitation activities, but inspired her to bring convenience to the elders, the desire to ease the summer." Round Emperor Bottle Air-conditioning change is not only the appearance, but also the quality of life of people learned that Ms. Liu said the creative collection activities are "from square to round revolution" as the theme of the Haier Emperor bottle air-conditioning a word to buy a big collection activities (HTTP://WWW.HAIER.COM/CN ...

Otis Air conditioner cartoon Image Solicitation 500 works Meng Net Netizen

Recently by the Ox air conditioner launched in the "Vision of China" website launched on the "20 anniversary of the Olympic Games air conditioning cartoon image of the Global Collection Contest" collection activities, caused the high attention of netizens. Half a month, received more than 500 works, the number of clicks is more than 30,000, the collection of works is also diverse, can be described as covering science and technology, Meng, minimalism and other types-some very creative and aesthetic, and some with the future and technology, some close to the brand and consumers, Even some already have an objective derivative business value. Otis Air conditioner cartoon Image Global Collection competition part ...

Home corner Space How to design Haier air conditioner invites you to show the picture as the most in designer

With the continuous improvement of living standards, consumer demand for home appliances has not only been satisfied with the product function, but the hope in the creative and design to seek more value-added, and as the external manifestation of personal individuality. Recently, by the Haier air conditioning in Sina Weibo launched on the "most beautiful small corner ' round ' full space" as the theme of the show picture to do the most in Space designer micro collection activities ( a line on the vast number of netizens aroused strong concern. Weibo nickname for "like a replay" participants in the uploaded photos message: "...

PPTV co-solo "Mood for Love 2" open the mysterious test

"Dads" on the occasion of the return of the general trend, "Nurses" are not idle, PPTV together the whole network of the only reality show "Mood for Love 2" last episode, the 5 90 after the goddess to incarnate "Shentong Nurse" East Village children intimate contact, big love. Geisha search does not bother to take care of babies really make a fuss, a rush of confusion Five goddesses in advance to experience the "happy mother" tired tired do not love, but accidentally made China good steward Xiao Jian "mysterious milk father" warm male image, People laugh. "Mood for Love 2" has so far played, the true record of collective rural life so that 5 Xiao Nizi or personality rate or spicy hegemony or warm ...

Lenovo Music Pad Award awarded to netizens "Nanshan counselor"

Netizen "Nanshan Counselor" took over the Shenzhen News Network editor-in-chief Yao, Longgang District Bureau of Propaganda Department, Deputy minister, Regional civilization Office director Tao Hongchun jointly for its award of the awards Lenovo Music pad. Shenzhen News Network reporter Thank you to photography Shenzhen News Network held a concise, simple, warm award-style, figure for everyone to cut together to celebrate the cake.   The participants were photographed together. Longgang News (Shenzhen Newspaper group Reporter Zheng report) by Longgang District propaganda Department and Shenzhen News Network, Longgang Press network jointly sponsored "Longgang Image positioning keyword" Online award collection ...

Valentine's Day talk about "single" drama "Single Men and women" story

"Single men and women" poster Sina Entertainment News to the "modern Men and Women" trilogy of the Urban emotional drama "single Men and women" will be from April 19-26th in Beijing Haidian Theater opened the opening prologue, the play tells the 70, the remaining male and female remains of the ironic dating story. From February 14 Valentine's Day, the play will be launched from the Internet "single Story" collection activities, producer Sun Henghai said, "Some of the Friends of the wonderful ' single story ' or their ' single manifesto ', will be written into the" single men and Women "in the script. "Single Man" on Valentine's Day.

Yapeng Xu Jing sang "Waiting For You to Love Me" Moving Network Spring Festival Gala

Xu and Yapeng, "will Love" Stills Bordeaux Street View film "Will Love" poster Sina Entertainment by Zhang a white director, Yapeng, Xu Jing starring film "Will Love to the end" will be released on February 12.  Last night (3rd), Zhang Bai with four "old classmate" Yapeng, Xu, Wang Xuebing and Tri Dazhi together debut CCTV network Spring Festival Gala stage, singing "Wait You Love Me", and the film "Will love to the end" of the first and second movie tickets to participate in the Network Spring Festival gala "Micro Love Letter" collection activities of the winners. "Wait for you to Love Me" by the famous musician Xiao Ke ...

"Happy moment, contact witness" the successful ending of the smiley collection

Family Hope, a brief reunion, a bit of happiness in the heart. This spring festival, the contact is accompanied by happiness forever. At the advent of the Spring Festival, contact Food Co., Ltd. launched a "Happy moment, contact witness" smiley face collection activities, inviting the people of the province together to find a happy smile, share the happy moment, experience the meaning of happiness, shaping a happy, reunion, festive atmosphere of the new Year. Shoot a smiley face for a moment and show your happy life. The "Happy smiling face" as the theme of the face of the recruitment campaign has been highly recognized by the general public, a total of more than 1000 smiling face works, each smile has a different life behind.

Haier "dream home appliances Show" hot online have a dream to show

Do you often complain about the inconvenience caused by home appliances, more than once in the mind imagine the dream of the appliance should be what kind? Did you have a vision for your future home life when you were a child? If you have a dream, just show it here, maybe your dream will come true. Recently, by the Haier official micro-launched "Dream Home Appliances Show" collection activities on the line has aroused wide attention and enthusiastic participation of netizens. It is reported that the network activities to "dream home appliances Show" as the theme, for the national collection of netizens own dream of home appliances, as long as you have a dream, you can boldly show out. The ...

28 leading the air conditioner gene: The Chinese era of invariable and transmutation

In the face of the rapidly changing consumption demand and upgrade of the air-conditioning industry, how to continue to lead the consumption trend and the pilot industry upgrade in the 28 years ' development, from the technology innovation to the pilot of the industrial development? Haier air-conditioning handed over a satisfactory answer. Time is undoubtedly the best "touchstone" to test the brand and strength of China's air-conditioning enterprises. A family in the 14-year period of consumption experience the impact of two generations or to maintain the trust of the same brand; an air-conditioner has been in operation for up to 21 years and has won the favor of the users; a user has gone through three moves in 25 years ' time.

Haier's air conditioning legacy 28 years of innovation miracle

Reporter notes: A very meaningful 0 distance research in China, 28 years ago, air conditioning consumers are undoubtedly the era of high-end consumer groups, the reason they chose Haier air-conditioning is generally because of Haier's brand value, is a pure sense of choice. And with the passage of time, Haier air-conditioning after years has always been the same durability and considerate companionship, making these old users eventually become the real meaning of Haier air conditioner loyal fans. The significance of the air-conditioning for these old users, not just an item, the intimate companionship of the product has become a full of emotional significance ...

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