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Novice must-read: Select the host of the five errors

Brokerage SEO SEO Taobao guest cloud hosting technology hall for the first time to buy the host novice webmasters often fall into misunderstandings, a host of parameters by the host provider and exaggerated advertising language confused, resulting in less than desirable host choice. Xiaobian together with the following to open the fog, take a look at the common errors when buying a host it. First, the misunderstanding: the preferred free host World no free lunch, all the virtual host server costs are needed, then the free hosting provider where to get revenue? Select free host is actually on your website ...

Page Title Five common errors

Absrtact: page title is a very important factor in search engine rankings, but many webmasters often ignore it, and frequently make five common mistakes in this article. What is a page title? The title of the page is usually in an H page title is a very important factor in the search engine rankings, but many webmasters often ignore it, often make five common mistakes in this article. What is a page title? The title of the page is usually above a XHTML document <head> label ...

10 Mistakes div Easy to make

Div is one of the commonly used terms in Web site standards (or "web standards"), usually to illustrate the difference in how tables are positioned in the HTML web design language, because the XHTML web design standard does not use the table positioning technique, but instead uses the div+ CSS way to achieve a variety of positioning. It is easy to make mistakes when applying div coding. This article enumerates some common errors: 1. Check to see if the HTML element is misspelled, forget the end tag even the veteran will often mistake div nesting ...

Why is your product open and no follow-up?

A group of data shows: 2012 app download Total is 30 billion, users use an average of 15 applications per week;   A report by Localytics even pointed out that 22% of applications were only opened once.   The reason many people have analyzed from many angles, this article is from the product design angle to say in the app loading process several common errors. Error One: Force the user to register before clarifying the app's functionality if you don't first tell the user what they can get from your app, ask them to complete the trouble entry, registration ...

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