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PHP to prevent SQL statements to inject common methods: Filtering method

PHP to prevent SQL statements to inject common methods: Filter method $id =$_get["id"]; $query = "SELECT * from my_table where id= '". $id. "'"; Injection vulnerability $result=mysql_query ($query); It is clear that we can use injection to get the rest of the database. You can use the following method ...

On the common methods of brand Word-of-mouth Interactive Marketing

& ">nbsp; Front, and you share the network Marketing PPC, SEO, AFF and other methods, the characteristics of these methods are mostly based on the display, promotion purposes. Today we will discuss the marketing approach based on Word-of-mouth and interactive goals. 1, forum, blog Marketing is more common, conventional word-of-mouth interactive marketing methods. They are characterized by the establishment of ...

New station how to quickly improve the breadth of links

Whether the site's keyword rankings to promote or the overall optimization of the search engine Trust, link building work is a long-term and indispensable work.   For a newly opened web site, how to successfully carry out links to build work, search Optimization Center will be the current common common methods and steps to share. In the link extensive establishment work, the Exchange Friendship link is the most commonly used effective method. PR value is a number of exchange links exchange standards, although unscientific, but for the exchange of links is very important, so the new site in the absence of PR value first to upgrade their site PR value ...

Extra blank Bug solution under IMG image

In the div layout of the page, encountered IE6 (of course, sometimes Firefox will also encounter) in the browser image elements of the picture element img Superfluous blank problem is absolutely common to the problem of the solution is also "play by ear," according to the different reasons to use different solutions,     Here the solution directly to solve the image layout of the redundant space below the common methods of the bug induction, for your reference. 1. Convert picture to block-level object &nbs ...

"The Valley of the Dragon" adapted into the animated movie "The Dragon Valley of the Black Dragon Rise"

Yesterday, the Royal Network and the Rice film in Suzhou announced: The two sides will work together to the grand popular network game "Dragon Valley" adapted into the animated film "Dragon Valley Black Dragon Rise", is expected to meet with the audience in the second half of next year.   The movie "The Valley of the Dragon" has therefore become the domestic first online game big movie. The game is adapted into a film, is one of the common methods of Hollywood, "Tomb Raider", "Prince of Persia" are typical cases. But at home, the concept of online games adapted to film has been fired for many years, but has not been implemented. This is the grand phase to change the game "Dragon Valley", to nine dragon fight ...

Social media: How to get marketing ideas

For many people, social media marketing has not really spread.   But for others, the new, which should have been passionate and dynamic, "> Marketing has begun to slowly become a dull pattern." I have always felt that through social media can be the most common, the most obscure way to impress consumers. However, as a marketing strategy, good ideas can bring a multiplier effect. ...

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