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Divorce for online Games equipment Court dismissed the virtual property claim

A pair of young couples due to online games, and married life because of the common obsession with the game and create contradictions, and finally had to divorce the court. Divorce, the two sides not only required to split the husband and wife common property, but also split after marriage to play the game and acquired the game equipment.  Reporters yesterday learned that the Shunyi court in the decision to divorce two people at the same time, the demand for the virtual property of the claim is dismissed. Mr. Li and Miss Wang are all fans of online games. In the May 2008, two people met because of playing online games, the common hobby lets two people fall in love, and marries at the end of 2008. Real life after all not ...

Cheng don't have to give a SA alimony has been financially independent (figure)

Cheng do not have to give maintenance to a SA Sina Entertainment news January 29, according to Hong Kong media reports, Cheng (Ronald) the night before (January 27) attended the premiere was more mellow than before, on the failure to return to Hong Kong on the divorce on the court and was sentenced to divorce, he said not too much feeling. It is alleged that the court hearing is based on the ex-wife Charlene (o sa), he immediately said that he did not share the wealth of the matter: "There is no financial problem, no maintenance, no money involved, it is procedures, do not need to go to court, has been financially independent, there is no common property." "Reply ...

Zhejiang's first creditor's rights to equity enterprise set up favorable capital flow

BEIJING, April 30, Xinhua (reporter Dong Intern Wu Xian) 29th afternoon, the Zhejiang Bureau of Industry and Commerce issued the "Zhejiang Province Company's creditor's rights registration management interim measures", Zhejiang Surplus Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd. as Zhejiang's first creditor's rights to equity enterprises, the first to eat crabs, received a business license,  Creditor's rights are expected to formally embark on the stage of enterprise reorganization. As a kind of non-monetary property, creditor's right is one of the most common property rights in current economic life. The new "Company Law" introduced in 2006 listed four kinds of ﹑ intellectual property rights ﹑ land use right, such as currency ﹑.

Lack of legal basis for virtual property division

Abstract: A pair of young couples due to network games, and married life because of the common obsession with the game and create contradictions, and finally had to divorce the court. Divorce, the two sides not only asked to split the common property, but also split after marriage to play games and get the game installed a pair of young couple due to network games, and married life because of the common obsession game and create contradictions, finally had to court divorce. Divorce, the two sides not only required to split the husband and wife common property, but also split after marriage to play the game and acquired the game equipment. Reporter learned yesterday, Shunyi court in the verdict of two people divorced, for ...

Pre-marital loan purchase to be identified as personal property

Judicial interpretation of the Supreme Court's marriage law recently, the Supreme Court published the "Marriage Law of the People's Republic of China" interpretation of a number of issues (iii) for the draft.  "Chinese-style divorce" has been inseparable from real estate, children, "little" topic, in the draft of the request for comment can be found. Wen/reporter Liu Xiaoxing "Three" money difficult to solicit opinions draft article II provisions: If a spouse is living together with another person, the property compensation is agreed upon for the dissolution of the cohabitation, the court will not support the claim for return after the party requests to pay the compensation or compensation;

A lot of disputes arise in second-hand housing sale contract

In recent years, second-hand housing sales contract disputes rapid growth, the reporter from Beijing Fangshan Court Sinus Restaurant Court learned that the court in the first quarter of this year to accept the case of second-hand house sale contract disputes investigation, found that such cases mainly have the following characteristics: One is affected by the continued rise in housing prices, the seller's default case surge.  In order to maximize the interests of the seller, refused to continue to perform the signed house sale and purchase contract, resulting in a large number of second-hand housing disputes emerged. Second, the plaintiff's lawsuit request appears the obvious type. One is the third person plaintiff, the house belongs to the family common property, sell without its consent for ...

Chew Old home purchase divorce easy into Shing property justice or a double-edged sword

When the feelings of husband and wife come to an end, the problem of property division is often the most concerned. As house prices soar, property is increasingly the focus of division of property when couples divorce. Also because of the constant growth of house prices, the financing of real estate is increasingly complicated-"parents out of all the money for unmarried children to buy", "parents informer pay the couple also mortgage", "parents in the child after marriage for their house" ...  As a result, disputes arising from the unclear ownership relationship are also increasing.  How can these problems be solved in judicial practice? Situation 1--parents in the child before marriage for their wholly-owned housing divorce how ...

A new deal, a fake divorce, a surge.

In the morning, a 98-year-old young couple, holding a just one-year-old son, and kindly to the marriage registration office in the district to do divorce.  On the surface, they were no different from the rest of the divorcees, but when they got their divorce papers, they gave me a card--a divorce to buy another house. Small husband and wife: No divorce pressure greater their divorce agreement is very simple, the reason for divorce "personality, emotional rupture."  The two sides have no common property and no debt. Just got the divorce card, the wife asked the staff: "Single proof (no marriage registration record) How to fight?" "Staff said:" According to the rules, in ...

Murdoch has not let himself on the world's richest and most expensive breakup list

November 21, the 82-Year-old Murdoch and 44-year-old Wendi formally announced the divorce, the details of the divorce agreement has not been announced, but foreign media speculated that Wendi will at least get a mansion on Manhattan's Five Avenue and a Beijing property. Although not cheap, it was a breeze for the Murdoch empire, compared with the 1.7 billion-dollar breakup that ended the last marriage.   Perhaps because of the distance last 17 days, for the combination of Deng, Murdoch has already considered the future separation of property arrangements. A prenuptial agreement and two ...

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