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Shanghai Mobile Communication Base station completed at the end of the year: will express location

Residents will know the location of mobile phone base station six guarantee housing base first try Shanghai mobile communication Base Station planning the completion of the end of the East Morning Post reporter Zhou Ling reporter yesterday from China Mobile Shanghai company learned that as soon as this week, the 3G base station (TD-SCDMA) on the roof of Shanghai Municipal Building will be opened and the base station has been completed during the national day.  This is in August this year in kangping, Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Office building opened on the roof of the TD Base Station, Shanghai authorities and enterprises and institutions in response to the Municipal party committee, the city government called for support for mobile communication construction of another practical action. Yesterday...

Shanghai Mobile Base station will be built into urban construction planning

Xinhua News (Reporter Shen Min) today from Shanghai Mobile learned that the erection of No. 200 People's Road government office building complex building roof 3G mobile communication Base station has been installed, will be opened in Friday.  By then, the 15-meter-high 3G base station will cover the People's Road, People's Park and other areas, will greatly improve the Piazza Del Popole area of the third generation Mobile communications (3G) TD Network coverage, TD mobile phones in these areas will realize the signal "full lattice." Reporter yesterday from the city economy and Information Technology committee learned that the city mobile communication base station site layout planning will be completed before the end of this year, Ming ...

Nokia mergers and acquisitions two weeks a week

Tencent Technology News get rid of cell phone business "burden" after Nokia, from the mental outlook, it seems to become another technology company. In an attempt to avoid a repeat of the tragedy of the cellphone business (which has led to the decline of new technology), Nokia staged a frenzy of mergers and acquisitions that led to two more major acquisitions this past week. It is reported that Nokia's two mergers and acquisitions, the main purpose is to enhance the strength of the mobile communications equipment business as a pillar. First of all, Nokia announced the acquisition of a US company called "SAC Wireless", which is mainly engaged in the construction of mobile communication base station ...

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