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Srmio 0.1.0 Release SRM Access Tool

Srmio is a small C library for accessing SRM Bike power supply control, implementing serial communication protocols to Powercontrols V, VI, and 7. You can download data, Mark Deletes, sync times, and set record intervals. To be as compatible as possible, it can read and write SRM5/SRM6/SRM7 file formats in Srmwin using the same format file. Srmio 0.1.0 This version is an important release, adding Powercontrols VI and 7 of the support ...

Red Flag asianux Server 3 System Management: SSH protocol

Ssh™ (a Secure shell abbreviation) is a communication between two systems based on the client/server approach and "> Allows a user to log on to a protocol that is remotely controlled on the server host. Unlike other remote communication protocols, such as FTP and Telnet, SSH encrypts a logon session so that intruders cannot collect encrypted passwords. SSH is used to replace the original ...

Where to work: rely on data matching to improve recruitment efficiency

Abstract: We see that today's Internet products have been difficult to set a threshold from the functional level, the need to rely more on the user experience, cloud services, data services, strong architecture and communication protocols as the support, coupled with the emergence of a growing number of entrepreneurial companies, which we see today's Internet products are very difficult to simply from the "function Level to establish a threshold, the need to rely more on the user experience, cloud services, data services, strong architecture and communication protocols as a support, coupled with the emergence of a growing number of entrepreneurial companies, which makes this kind of talent needs greatly increased, but all along, enterprises ...

Is open source the culprit of the Heartbleed vulnerability?

The news about the Heartbleed vulnerability sparked heated discussions on the web. This loophole from the OpenSSL project allows an attacker to steal user information over a wide variety of encrypted and transmitted network data. As OpenSSL is widely used in web servers, mail protocols, and communication protocols, the number of users affected at a time Hard to estimate. The Heartbleed Vulnerability once again shows the vulnerability of cybersecurity, of course, for those who value security, which also gives them the opportunity to upgrade basic services, increase security ...

CUPS 1.5RC1 publishes a print system supported in Fedora Core3

Cups is a printing system supported in Fedora Core3 that uses IPP (Internet Printing Kyoto) to manage print work and queues, but also supports "LPD" (line Printer Daemon) and "SMB" (    Server message Block and communication protocols such as Appsocket. The advantages of using cups are many: 1. Using IP ...

Smart home major brands competing card position, the structure of loose unity is not high

Guide: This year, during the national two sessions, the concept of "Internet +" first appeared in the government work report, and Internet companies have infiltrated the appliance enterprises have looked at the smart home. During the national two sessions this year, the concept of "Internet +" appeared in the government work report for the first time, and the appliance enterprises infiltrated by Internet enterprises have turned their eyes to the smart home, smart home at the beginning of this month in China's home appliances Expo also become the biggest bright spot. Large household appliances manufacturers pull the Internet Enterprise Alliance, small and medium-sized household appliances manufacturers display smart home single products. But behind this is the smart home market brands in order to card their own melee ...

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