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Build CC 0.5 Release cross-compiler automatic building script

Build CC is a simple script that uses the GNU tool chain to automate the construction of the cross compiler. Build CC 0.5 This version improves the construction of the complete cross compiler. The 1th phase of the crossover compiler is for Linux using UCLIBC's MIPS support. Software information: Http:// download address: Http:// ...

Linux compiler kernel, where is the kernel source code?

Linux compiler kernel, where is the kernel source code? 1, generally in the distribution plate have, such as RedHat, generally in the second, the third on the 2.4 kernel called kernel-source-2.4.xx-xx.rpm2.6 kernel called kernel-devel-2.6.xx-xx.rpm 2, Go to to download a version of your favorite kernel and recompile the installation.

Free Pascal Compiler 2.6.0 release Pascal compiler

Free Pascal Compiler is a Turbo Pascal 7.0 and Delphi compatible 32/64-bit Pascal compiler. It comes with a fully compliant runtime library of TP 7.0 that supports different processors: Intel x86, amd64/x86_64, PowerPC, PowerPC64, Sparc, ARM, and Motorola 680x0. Supported operating systems include: Linux, FreeBSD,...

CCache 3.1.6 Release High speed C + + compiler

CCache is compiler cache abbreviation, is a compiler 5603.html "> Caching." The function is to speed up the c++/c++ code recompile cache, which caches compiled generated information and uses cached information in specific parts of the compilation. More details: Http:// version 3.1.6 has added support for overriding sysroot parameters, fixing GETCWD () errors. Download Address ...

Design and application analysis of the cloud computing model of compiler

The design and application analysis of the cloud computing model of compiler Pan age to solve the limitations of many compiler tools that can only be used on a single computer, a design scheme of networked compiling environment using online sharing is proposed. The scheme adopts B/s architecture, uses intermediate component in server side to integrate the Web server and compiler and other software tools seamlessly, and the interaction between user and system is mainly realized by I/O redirection technology. When compiling the program, the server-side compiler is used to process the user-submitted program by designing the middle component of the network, and the input and the loss of the program are implemented by I/O redirection method.

Ubuntu 10.10 Error message: configure:error:c++ compiler cant create execut

If you have such an error message: "configure:error:c++++ compiler cant create executables" means no gcc or gcc installed, no g++, I ubuntu10.10 is not g++, Finally is apt install g++, fixed congfiure error. Need to install C + + on your COM ...

Build CC 0.3 Release cross-compiler automatic building script

Build CC is a simple script that uses the GNU tool chain to automate the construction of the cross compiler. Build CC 0.3 This version updates the download link tool, initially supporting the Solaris 10 compilation. Software information: Http:// Download Address:

GCC features superior multi-platform compiler detailed

Inadvertently, GCC has developed into a 4.3 version, although the "> Development community outside the software But because GCC is used in almost all open source and free software, the fluctuations in its compiler performance directly affect the development of thousands of of projects, such as Linux, Firefox and even and Apache. So put GCC in ...

LRC 0.2.1 release Linux Resource Compiler

LRC 0.2.1 This release fixes the installation package, which was completely forged in version 0.2. LRC is the short name of the Linux Resource compiler, the Linux resource compiler. When you install and use a resource program, you can package multiple files into a single file (such as graphics and sounds used by the game). Its constituent parts include a command-line tool (LRC), a resource pool (LIBLRC) that extracts resources from compiler-generated files. Download Address: Https://bitbucket ...

CCache v3.1.4 Release High speed C + + compiler

CCache (abbreviated as "compiler cache") is a compiler cache that caches compiled generated information and uses cached information, such as headers, in specific parts of the compilation, which saves the time it takes to typically use CPP to parse this information. If you compile the file in Listing 2 and assume that Foobar.h contains references to other header files, CCache replaces the include declaration with the cpp-parsed version of that file. It's that simple. No...

Steelcompany Bank Common Lisp 1.0.57 Publishing programming language development environment

Steelcompany Bank Common Lisp is a high-performance Common Lisp compiler that provides an interactive development environment that includes a debugger, statistical monitoring, code coverage tools, and many other extensions. Supports ANSI standards, including: garbage collection, lexical closures, "> powerful macros, powerful dynamic types, incremental compilation, and common ...

Opencflite 476.19.0 Release Corefoundation framework

Opencflite is a portable Apple open source version of the Corefoundation framework. The Opencflite version 476.19.0 resolves the error caused by accessing and modifying the freed memory. Support for using malloc_usable_size introspection in Linux. Added support for performing system allocation free memory debug consistency check on Linux, supporting arm. It involves compiler warnings and errors, preprocessor definitions based on limited symbolic and functional visibility, repair of UUID library detection ...

ADP 0.81 Publishing Web database programming language

ADP is a programming language designed for Web database programming. It is a scripting language and a lightweight programming language that can easily be installed and easily mixed with SQL. ADP 0.81 has made some incorrect corrections to this version. The formula compiler has been improved. Template feature changes. Includes additions and changes to keywords and command-line options. Software information: Address:

White_dune 0.31beta532 Publishing VRML97/X3DV graphics editor

White_dune is a VRML97/X3DV graphics editor. Support Simple NURBS/SUPERFORMULA3D modeling, ">3d animation tools, developing vrml97/ X3DV command line compiler. VRML97 (Virtual Reality Modeling language) is an ISO standard for displaying three-dimensional data on the web via browser plug-ins, X3DV ...

God make! 10 times times big can play real red and white machine game handle tea table

(Compiler/Lin Jie) God horse game handle tea table and so on things I believe we have seen a lot of, the following tea table from the appearance of the previous works as if there is no difference, will certainly continue to emerge more of the same creative works.  However, although the appearance is similar, the following table is still a little bit different, the difference is that it really can be used to play games. This NES (ie red and white machine) handle tea table with the original handle ratio is 10:1, that is true Nintendo handle 10 times times larger. This "Behemoth" is certainly not available everywhere ...

Three major host operators to move video game industry into the 3D era?

(compiler/psyche1004) 3D TV is becoming more and more popular, and the TV game industry is also blowing 3D wind. Sony's "Eye Pet" is on the market shortly after the launch, and Nintendo is also expected to introduce next year no need to wear professional 3D glasses to use the game machine 3DS.  The popularization of 3D TV and the development of 3D video games are very exciting. Sony's Computer Entertainment (Sony) launched the body Sense system "play redevelop move" to show that it officially entered the 3D gaming market. Sony launched the use of "play Statio ..." at 8th this month.

"Pokemon: Black and white" broken sales record drives DS sales

Play video (compiler/wendy) Japan's authoritative statistics agency media create released last week's game software sales rankings, "Pokemon: Black and White," sold about 2.55 million, accurate sales of 2557779, won the league table champion. This is the first week of the Pokemon series with the highest sales volume, breaking the 2006-year game of the fourth generation of "Pokemon Pearl/Diamond" created 1586360 Records, but also the first week of 2010, the Japanese game the highest game sales results. There was also news of the "Pokemon: ...

"Wilderness Big Gunsmoke" will make the film Brad Pitt adorn old Gunsmoke

More Play Network (compiler/drdarknight) like "wilderness big Gunsmoke" players attention, the following is two about the game of news, one is good news, another, or good news. First, Hollywood plans to adapt the game to a big screen.  Second, sexy male star Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt) will play the game of the tough actor John Maston John Marston. A few days ago, an "insider" told the media that Hollywood intends to ps3/360 this year ...

Call of Duty: Black action is treated as a formality by piracy

(compiler/wendy) in the Call of Duty: Black action "before the official listing, the move to take any action to curb piracy is not, but still let people surprised that the treatment of piracy is very polite, according to foreign digital media VentureBeat reported, Mobile View hired private investigation company IP  Cybercrime to fight piracy. IP cybercrime not immediately to the FBI report, but first gave warning to ask them not to resell or spread these pirated games, most of the pirates will feel afraid to hand over the theft ...

"Dragon Age 2" March next year the sale of the background story spans up to 10 years

Multi-Play Network (compiler/drdarknight) today, EA confirmed its launch of its RPG "Dragon century 2" release date, the "Dragon Age: The origin" of the continuation of the listing date will be March 2011, corresponding to the PC,PS3 and Xbox360 platform. At the press conference, EA said the work would be developed by BioWare in Edmonton, Canada. The hero named Hawke is one of the survivors of the Great Plague. It is reported that the role will give the "Dragon age" players to bring a new feeling. He will ...

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