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The fundamental factor in entrepreneurship is the search for growth

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby a start-up company is often defined as a fast-growing company, and only start-ups cannot make themselves a start-up company.   For any start-up, it is not necessary to establish what technology, to get venture capital, or to have an exit mechanism. If you also want to start your entrepreneurial journey, it is important to understand this. Entrepreneurship is so difficult that you can't put it on the side and expect to succeed, you have to ...

The development of Internet gaming industry in the past decade

Network game ten years, with the growth of online games, is the game "plug" development. A decade of online gaming operations, plug-ins affect and destroy the number of online games, even the current variety of popular online game products, there are some more or less problems with the plug-in. Then the development of plug-in is from when the beginning, this period has undergone what changes?  We may as well through this memory, to understand the changes of the plug-in. The earliest with the plug-in nature of the Software-key wizard plug the development of the earliest can be traced back to 2003, when the actual plug-in for the first time for the game and set ...

Haha carpool Li Hua: two times the acquisition and loss of entrepreneurship

In the taxi software War not stop, business car rental ushered in a regulatory punch, carpool start-up company Haha carpool announced won by Sequoia Capital, innovation workshop with a cast of 10 million U.S. dollars B-round financing. For the founder of Li Hua, in the closed door of SAIC power distributor, and opened the car market this window. In Li Hua founded haha carpool, his last venture item car goods sinks "do it tepid." The lesson of failure: Why can't the electric company of auto parts do it? When Li Hua just sat in front of the NetEase technology reporter, it is difficult to see his placid face below, but also echoed the last venture ...

The successful way of Internet entrepreneurship (10): Successful website Case Analysis (2)

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall Successful website has the reference place, for the novice that involves the Internet to start a business, how to make the first bucket gold quickly through the construction station, understands and borrows the profit pattern of the successful website is very necessary. One, you can also be a successful webmaster two, play stocks of the stock City network three, car China to do the most practical car website four, CG Art Vanguard-cgfinal net above content can go to article "Internet Entrepreneurship Successful Way (10): Successful website case analysis ...

Bottom mobile Internet Picture Community: 7 cases, 4 trends

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy Cloud host technology lobby I Dark Horse Note: In October 2012, Facebook announced a 1 billion-dollar price acquisition of only six months of the online photo agency Instagram, so that the world know the mobile Internet image Community real value. The picture community has been popular in the mobile internet for nearly two years.   Compared with the previous PC community more text-oriented, mobile phone is naturally suitable for the photo, and the photo exchange because the expression is more intuitive, concise and increasingly become a social mainstream way. To make a case for

Analysis of four trends in mobile internet image communities

Guide: By playing the label on the picture and bask in the mode of sharing the interaction, Nice has gathered a large number of young people in China, the proportion of overseas users has reached 11%. First, the Chinese version of the Instagram:nice from the young and the trend of the United States, for the picture "dozen labels" I black note: Instagram in China has a large number of "imitators", but the most successful is probably nice. In just six or seven months, successive successful completion of a, b two rounds of a total of 28 million U.S. dollars financing, set up less than a year of mobile-end start-up companies in Beijing praise Technology and its ...

To introduce you to the recruitment of foreign start-up companies

If people talk about the life of startups, the first thing that comes to mind is the table tennis table and the random beer bottles in the office, no wonder those graduating college graduates and the seasoned job seekers are now flocking to the ranks of startups. But there are advantages and disadvantages to being able to work in a start-up. And there are some places that are actually very attractive, such as some companies will have a very flexible working hours, enviable work/life balance, and you may also be with the relevant areas of the best and most outstanding group of people working together ...

Millet Chairman Lei: With the belief that must lose to start a business

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Lei, was born 1969. He is more cautious than he is, he likes balance, and it is hard to make up his mind. Innovation is like a fire, before the lei most of the time from the flame still a few minutes to stop the pace, which he left to his own safety limits.   But in the end, the people who make China's most subversive start-up companies are lei. 2007, the departure and seek Baijun together founded Jinshan, is Lei life important knot. When he was thrown at the crossroads by fate, he finally had the courage to burn his bridges. Lei said he ...

Auto Autonomy: The car rushes to the 2.0 era

Absrtact: Editor's note: Steven Sinofsky is the head of Microsoft's former Windows department and is now a Andreessen Horowitz partner at Harvard Business School. He said the traffic jams and parking difficulties prompted him to write this article. Through observation, he summed up five car and traffic editors note: Steven Sinofsky is Microsoft's former head of Windows, now a Andreessen Horowitz partner and Harvard Business School executive. He said that traffic jams and parking are difficult to promote ...

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