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Hewlett-Packard abandoned a pawn truck to make it worse.

-the author of this version of the information Times reporter Mo for spring earlier, after HP and a traditional computer store because of the conflict of channel interests, the "HP intends to marginalize the traditional computer stores" is constantly spread.  Recently, a computer city in Guangzhou, a distributor to reporters that this year, HP's after-sales service point was their contract as a "private single" to operate, the income increased, and the recent impact of the bad, HP Flash screen notebook by a lot of consumer complaints, but still in the computer city sales. Wave after wave, channel situation so chaotic, HP is not a lesson, but let the incident intensified, quite a bit "broken ..."

Wuhan Bankia and other five notebook sellers were warned by industry and commerce

Changjiang Business News Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Hongshan Industry and Commerce Department, in the "Canton Port Tun Computer sales Complaints Hot Symposium" on, Wuhan Silver Jia Information Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Blue New Computer Co., Ltd., Wuhan Mei Cheng Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., Wuhan and Yong Haoyu Technology Co., Ltd.  Wuhan Xin Heng Tian Technology Co., Ltd. Five computer sales companies involved in "transition" sales and other irregularities by the industry and Commerce Department stern warning. Since January this year, notebook computer complaints have accounted for the Hongshan District Canton Tun Gong and Zhuo Dao Quan gong complaints total of more than 30%, mainly related to the problem is "transformation" sales, Ride ...

The most successful loser-review PSP 10 years of history, although the defeat is still proud!

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Sony announced recently that its first handheld PSP (PlayStation Portable) will stop shipping in Japan by the end of June 2014. At the end of this year, the PSP will be 10 years old. For domestic players, the PSP may have more influence than the red and white machines. Looking back over the course of 10 years, I can not help feeling ...

The other side of Zhongguancun people-the real life of the North Drift woman, what kind of people work in Zhongguancun?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "articlebody" > Chinese people have heard of the name of Zhongguancun, most people in Beijing have been to zhongguancun this place, but the characteristics of its cohabitation makes it difficult for us to use a word to describe Zhongguancun in the end is a place, 100 people in the eyes of another 100 Zhongguancun ... So what kind of people work in Zhongguancun? What changes have their lives brought about by Zhongguancun? Domestic media planning "Zhongguancun people ..."

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