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Malicious email whose attachment is a virus or a malicious backdoor

National Computer virus Emergency treatment center through the monitoring of the internet found that the recent computer users are threatened by some malicious e-mail, the attachment is a virus or malicious backdoor procedures to remind users beware.   Typically, attachments to a malicious e-mail message are embedded in an e-mail message as a compressed attachment such as. Zip.rar, and the malicious e-mail message is attached to a Web page file in. htm (HTML) format, and a disguised script is embedded in its encoding. Experts say that once a computer user clicks on an email attachment, the script in the Web page is disguised ...

Analysis of the Microcosm of Icons - Starting from Semiotics

Since the introduction of the concept of a graphical user interface (GUI) since the first WIMP presentation by Xerox in 1970, the computer user interface has been transitioned from character development to the graphical age. After less than half a century of rapid development, through the attention of the Apple system and popular beneficiaries of the Microsoft Windows system, graphical user interface presents an endless stream of changes. In the face of these colorful, emotional and rational graphical interface design, icon elements undoubtedly play a role that can not be ignored, want to explore with everyone in the next icon of the micro-world. First, start with the semiology. What is semiotics? along with...

360 Hardware Master: Don't let the hard drive drag the computer "hind legs"

Every computer user wants their love machine to run as fast as the computer, and the speed of the PC depends largely on the hardware configuration. In addition to CPU, memory these two key components, hard drive this part is often ignored by users. According to 360 hardware master experts, hard disk is a performance bottleneck, upgrade the hard drive can effectively improve computer performance. Win 7 Rating: Hard Drive favorite "drag" how to evaluate the computer hardware level? The Windows 7 scoring feature is a relatively reliable tool. The performance of the computer is not only controlled by the CPU and memory, if the hard drive speed is too slow, often become a hindrance ...

Malicious code infected Korean website network spread steal game account

Yesterday, South Korea antivirus software company AhnLab announced that most of the South Korean website infected with the theft of game account malicious code, and such code can be spread through the network to other computers. Related malicious code is propagated through "yahoo.js" malignant scripts.  When a computer user logs on to a Web site infected with a "yahoo.js" script, the script will implant the "S.exe" file into the user's computer through a Windows system vulnerability. The "S.exe" file runs automatically, and the "C:/windows/system32" folder generates ...

Four advantages of Java

In general TV plots, the hero usually says, "It's easy ... It was so easy, "and then everything started to turn. And when I started testing Java cloud computing on the market, I found that the story was on me. Enterprise developers need to worry more about these possibilities than they do. When it comes to new solutions that make life easier in the cloud, the average computer user will be very excited. They usually use cloud-based emails, and if the emails are lost they can only be helpless, because emails often ...

Analysis on the flat site of Staples

American Staples (Staples) company is the world's pre-eminent office supplies company, in 2004, Staples came to China. The image below is Staples's English station homepage. The image below is Staples's Chinese station homepage.  & ">nbsp; A few days ago, Staples announced to launch a website specially designed for the tablet computer user, uses the tablet computer to log in the STA ...

Graphical Linux command: Viewing a disk partition with the DF command

For a computer user, you store, move, and delete files on disk day after day. Of course you care about disk space usage. There is a Shell in Linux that allows users to have a clear picture of how disk space is being used anytime, anywhere. It is the "DF" command. We tried to enter DF in the terminal to see what it would show. Gosh, there's a lot of stuff. But those numbers are so long, do I have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how much space the disk has? Perhaps DF's lifeline-H parameter can help you. We try to be in the terminal ...

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