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Open Data officially became the federal government's basic policy

Identifying Open Data as the basic policy that all federal agencies must abide by is the key to Obama's acceleration of the U.S. technology industry as a global leader in the Big Data era. U.S. President Barack Obama signed an executive decree on Thursday demanding that all new government data be open to the public by computer from now on. The White House Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Technology Policy also have an Open Data policy that ensures federal government treats government information as an asset. Open D ...

Russia develops new computer games aimed at stimulating popular patriotism

Xinhua Beijing, May 5, according to foreign reports 5th, Russia will launch a new computer games, aimed at stimulating the patriotic youth, promote national unity. reported that the Russian State communications department, a well-known software development company jointly committed to the development of a new computer games.  The Russian government hopes to inspire youth patriotism through a new game, to prevent distorting history, especially the history of the Second World War, and to see this as an important step in promoting national unity. It is reported that the company called "1C" has developed 6 models of simulation aircraft games. They think that these games can help to promote the Russian ...

Can human-computer interaction rely on voice commands only?

Absrtact: In the last article when we discuss smart home, don't forget the robot, I mentioned that anthropomorphic AI may become the center of intelligent home equipment. So the question is, can human-computer interaction only rely on voice commands? The machine and the environment in the last article, "When we talk about smart homes, don't forget robots," I mentioned that anthropomorphic AI could be a central device for smart homes. So the question is, can human-computer interaction only rely on voice commands? What about the interaction between the machine and the environment? In the fall of 2013 The Intel Information Technology Summit

British internet addiction mother sentenced to probation for life disable computer

Absrtact: A British mother, addicted to computer games, not only inadvertently do housework, starve two pet dogs, three children also neglect to care for a few months, only to eat cold canned baked beans.   The local court sentenced the mother to 6 months ' imprisonment, suspended for two years, and the Daily Mail did not disclose the name of the mother, only that she was 33 years old, with 3 children living in Swanley, Kent, home with two dogs.   In the second half of last year, the mother was invited by friends to play "Little World" computer games online. At first, the mother played only one day ...

Researchers briefed visitors on the operation of the world's first mimicry computer

Inspired by the most wonderful "camouflage masters" in nature, ——— mimicry octopus, our scientists fused bionics, cognitive science and modern information technology, put forward the new theory of mimicry calculation, and successfully developed the world's first dynamic and variable mimicry computer.   21st, the "New concept of high-performance computer architecture and systems Research and development" project, in Shanghai through the National 863 Project acceptance of the inspection Expert group acceptance. Mimicry computer by the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Kang Jiangxing led the research team, in the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanghai municipal Government joint Support ...

What to do if your computer slows down for a while

For the modern people, the computer is an indispensable thing in daily life. Besides the computer can meet people's daily work needs, more importantly, the computer can bring convenience and pleasure to people's life. However, for many friends who are not familiar with computers tend to be getting slower and slower computer bad mood. Today, we will talk about how to operate after the computer is slowed, so as to avoid increasing the speed of the computer as much as possible. Today's software features are more powerful, but to mention the most powerful computer software, non-360 security guards! Basically it can be said, as long as it is not the hardware aspect of the question ...

Computer Shutdown Command _ How to set and cancel

Run Win+r or click Start-run, open the Run window (you want to shut down in the current time, you can use this method to set up)-computer shutdown time is based on its own computer time to set, not the said Beijing time in the open input shutdown-s-T 3600 ( 3600 means 1 hours of seconds, if you want to shut down after 2 hours, directly with 2 times 3600 after the number 7200, if it is 10 hours to enter 10 times 3600 of the number 36000 ...

"Star Team Fantasy" for the theme of high-end home appliances tasting

Samsung Electronics has held a "star lineup of fantasy team" as the theme of high-end home appliances tasting. At this tasting, Samsung Electronics reviewed the development of Samsung's Smart TV, showing a forward-looking understanding of the future trends of smart television. Samsung launched Smart TV in 2010, and began to make intelligence the key word in the TV industry. In 2012, Samsung Smart TV, by virtue of the integration of content resources, human-computer interaction and innovation in product upgrades, completely rewrote the definition of television, the future of products present in the present, Turn people's imagination and expectation of television into ...

Chinese New Year: a 12-year-old girl and a 24-year-old boy's computer

Author: Chen Spring Festival this year did not return home in Sichuan Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year stay in Beijing. According to tradition, as usual, we should write about the friends around the New Year "> Internet behavior records and knowledge last year, my observation target is her hometown 6-year-old nephew, infatuation Games, Moore Park, 4399, etc .. My record this year is mainly a Beijing-Beijing suburbs of a 12-year-old girl and a 24-year-old boy's computer and Internet behavior, but also quite interesting.

Cheix USB Beta 12 release Linux image Tools

Cheix USB is a Linux image tool that can run the operating system from a USB storage device, enabling the computer to boot without supporting a USB device, through the use of QEMU under Linux and the Loadin program under Windows. The root file system and boot partition on the U disk is read-only, all reads and writes are in the TMPFS partition, and the program written to the USB storage device is determined by the user. Cheix USB Beta 12 version script Tim ...

Intel promotes home theater computer in Sui

Nanfang Daily News (reporter/Cheng) recently, Intel United Asus, Ying Tai, Goldenfield, colorful and many other partners in Guangzhou held a HTPC (Hometheaterpersonalcomputer, home theater computer) enthusiasts experience. In recent years, with the popularity of high-definition audio and video applications, the relevant software and hardware solutions are emerging, Blu-ray player, high-definition player, HTPC and other types of related products have emerged, home theater market began to move towards digital, high-definition and networked. For this trend, Intel South China ...

Foreign media summed up the ten reasons for the decline of computer games: piracy is the deadliest

February 28 Latest news, recently, foreign media summed up the computer game (PC gaming) The ten reasons for the decline.  In foreign countries, people still prefer to play games on the host.  When your paycheck is finally able to afford the computer that you dream of, it breaks your heart to find that you are just a piece of outdated equipment!  Dead loops? Here are 10 reasons why PC gaming decay: 10. Piracy AH ~ Piracy! They are avid followers of the free market. You love, or do not love, they are there. Don't leave, never abandon. Develop ...

ASC World University student Super Computer competition has completed registration work

On the morning of December 29, the 2014 ASC World University Super Computer Competition (hereinafter referred to as ASC14), co-sponsored by the Asia Association and Wave group, has already completed its registration, with 77 universities from Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa all enrolled in the competition. It is reported that the competition preliminary will be officially launched on January 2, 2014, and the finals will be held in April 2014, Zhongshan University, Guangzhou, China. The theme of this ASC14 contest is "Wisdom unbounded&."

GameStop internal computer leaks Nintendo 3DS Palm machine release date

It is reported that the world's largest game chain GameStop internal computer has appeared in the Nintendo new handheld 3DS launch date and accessories and other related information.  According to the person who disclosed the information, the GameStop information base shows that the Nintendo 3DS will accept subscribers ' bookings by September 29, as well as 18 3DS games and 14 3DS accessories. In addition, the 3DS release day, which is most concerned about, is displayed in the GameStop Information Library as November 22. Because the local postal service in the United States is resting on weekends, so week 611 ...

Data Center computer system

Data-centric computer system cavalcade The Institute of Computing Technology, CAS--the data center is one of the fastest-growing areas of it--new applications such as big data have changed--a huge market (hundreds of billions of $) calls for new computing Technology Data Center computer system

2013 Best Computer Products Top 5, each one is very attractive to say

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Recently, the foreign well-known technology media CNET in the black Friday and Christmas shopping season for the majority of users to recommend five of the current market the best computer products, these models beautiful, Excellent design performance Computer products, whether for personal use or as a gift gifts to friends and relatives, are very good choice ... Let's take a look at what the five computer products on the list are. ...

What is your first common computer operating system?

Absrtact: To ask a small question first, what is your first common computer operating system? Well, Win XP is a small part of the first serious to use the operating system. A bit sad is that XP system has officially entered the retirement period, and less than 50 days, but also to ask a small question first, your first common computer operating system is what? Well, Win XP is a small part of the first serious to use the operating system. A bit sad is that XP system has officially entered the retirement period, there are less than 50 days ...

US consumer survey: Online shopping via computer costs 50.2 billion dollars

In the first quarter of 2013, consumers spent 50.2 billion of billions of dollars on computer online shopping, up 13% per cent year-on-year. In addition, customers buy 5.9 billion of dollars of goods through tablets and smartphones. Gian Fulgoni, chairman of comscore, Gian Forgni that the strong momentum of a 13% per cent year-on-year increase in retail sales bodes well for the year, but lags slightly behind the 1% to 2% of the first few quarters. In the fourth quarter of 2012, US retail sales grew 14% in the second and third quarter, and in the first quarter.

Win10 desktop this computer icon change method

As we all know, win10 system to my computer (computer) changed to this computer, even if the name is not good, but also changed the icon, change the very bad look. So I want to share WIN10 to change this computer desktop icon. First change the name, right-click on this computer and choose rename, change your favorite name on the line, very simple. Then we change the icon. Right-click on the blank space on the desktop and then select Personalization, into the personalization. In Personalize, click to select the desktop icon on the left. First select this computer icon, and then point ...

How to set the computer to shut down automatically after a certain period of time

We can set the automatic shutdown after a period of time, without guarding the computer. All my own typing typing oh. Click "Start" - "Run". Enter "at 20:00 Shutdown-s", said the computer automatically shut down at 20:00, to let the computer automatically shut down at other time points, simply put 20:00 into the other time on it, click "OK ". Computer pops up a black dialog immediately after the automatic shutdown, until 20:00 will pop up a dialog box, suggesting that "you are about to be canceled, Windows will be in a ...

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