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The price of computing power per 3 years will fall by 50%

"Editor's note" Ford's T-car manufacturing pioneered the use of modern assembly line manufacturing, greatly reducing the cost of the entire vehicle, the result in the 20 years in 1920-1940, the United States to the 200 car manufacturers blood to only 8. Similarly, cloud computing, which follows the "Bezos law", will also unleash such storms in the data center market. According to Bezos law, the price of computing power per 3 years will fall by 50%, and over time, the future of the enterprise data center will become more and more uneconomical, the end result is a comprehensive enterprise to cloud computing. The following is the original: the past dozens of ...

Shuguang vice president, Head of Science and technology research and development Shaozong has

As a representative of Chinese high-performance Computing, Shuguang Vice President, Director of Science and Technology research and development, Shaozong said that the reduction of power consumption will be the important direction of high-performance computer innovation.   In addition, Shang also noted that there are new features for High-performance computer innovation, such as a better combination of applications. At present, the dawn and other manufacturers in the active participation in the super calculation, in the performance of the continuous improvement of the situation, power consumption has become the focus of attention topic. Shaozong said that the evaluation of power consumption has two very important indicators, one indicator is called per watt of computing power, another indicator is called pue, this ...

Application of cloud Computing in RSA cryptosystem analysis

Application of cloud Computing in RSA cryptosystem Analysis Qian Van Anton Xu Lingyun Jinzemin RSA is one of the famous public-key cryptosystem, whose security is based on the difficulty hypothesis of large integer factorization, the most direct method to solve the RSA problem is to decompose the modulus of RSA. Due to the massive distributed computing power of cloud computing, Some large integer factorization methods using distributed computing model MapReduce have been implemented, and a new method of searching factors in a given range is proposed for the problem of large integer factorization, and the corresponding experimental data and results are analyzed. The results show that the ...

Hil test of the ECU of NI veristand booster car

Fig. 1 Hil system integration "Ni Veristand and NI pxi platform meet the needs of users for the functions of I/O, computing power, signal simulation and data analysis, and are completely open and modular."   "–enrico Corti, Alma Automotive. Challenge: Based on commercially available (COTS) hardware, develop a modular hardware in-loop (HIL) test system for engine and vehicle real time simulations to reduce the physical needs of embedded software validation processes ...

The game industry development difficulties, cloud computing power to break through the road

Absrtact: Today's network game market is booming, showing a flourishing momentum. In the first quarter of 2013 China's online gaming market reached 18.59 billion yuan, an increase of 21.7%, which allows a large number of developers to the game industry. The vast money also let today's network game market, showing a booming momentum. In the first quarter of 2013 China's online gaming market reached 18.59 billion yuan, an increase of 21.7%, which allows a large number of developers to the game industry. The broad "money" also let the game industry fight more ...

What is cloud computing? What types of services are provided by cloud computing?

The clouds can be big and small, changeable, can be blinding the sun, bringing stormy, it can be a blue sky with floating white clouds, while dispersed, while gathered again. Cloud computing, as its name implies, is capable of providing powerful computing power and is able to scale and aggregate computing power. The reason why cloud computing, I think there are three reasons, one is the progress of science and technology, the processing power of ordinary PC servers far more than the previous minicomputer, resulting in very low utilization of system resources, the development of parallel computing technology, hundreds of units , Thousands, and even tens of thousands of PC server processing ...

Convenience is the most important force driving business progress

The young people nowadays may not know exactly what the 1970s computer is like. At that time the computer was a giant, bulky, but it seemed very weak and had to be placed inside the machine room. People want to use a computer, you have to put on slippers, put on a white coat. And when you do not make an appointment, you have to wait in line. I remember Steve Jobs's biography saying he took a rudimentary, rough PC to HP and declined by Hewlett-Packard because at Hewlett-Packard it was mostly a toy. Indeed, at that time the huge IBM mainframe computing power is very strong, Joe ...

The experiment of meteorological data processing and tuning based on MapReduce calculation model

The experiment of meteorological data processing and tuning based on mapreduce calculation model Yang Runzhi Shen Wenhai Xiaoweizing Hu Kaixi Yang Xin Wang Tian Cloud computing technology The computing power and computational efficiency of parallel computing are realized by using distributed computing technique, which solves the problem of low computing capacity of stand-alone server. The climatic standard values calculated based on the long sequence history data are of great significance to the real time service, quasi real time service and scientific research in the meteorological field. Because of the large amount of data and the complexity of the computational logic, it takes a long time to compile the traditional single node computing platform.

A deep comparison between cloud computing and grid computing

Different goals in general, when it comes to grid computing, we all think about Rage's search for aliens, which means that by installing a screen saver on this machine, you can take advantage of everyone's PC's spare time computing power to participate in the search for extraterrestrial computing. This also illustrates the goal of the grid, which is to use as many resources as possible. Through specific grid software, a large project is decomposed into countless independent and unrelated subtasks, which are then computed by each compute node. Even if there is a problem with a node, can not return in time ...

location-based Games

Companies like Foursquare, Facebook and Yelp are already well positioned to use this technology, but the mobile gaming market is just beginning to work on how to better integrate positioning technologies.   Isuppli predicts that by the end of 2011, with the increase in mobile computing power, local gaming will add a built-in GPS to the four-fifths of handsets to create a bigger market. If 2010 is the beginning of positioning technology, the next few months will provide more complex and diverse local games. By the ...

Meta Programming System 2.0 Release professional software development environment

Meta Programming System 2.0 After several milestones, the long-awaited second version of MPs is now finally available to the public! The main highlights of 2.0 are: • Support for the establishment of independent language customization IDE improved type systems, plus tracking type of computing power • Scripting and custom build process • Redesigned user interface to merge different versions, more secure and intuitive • Smart paste code from Java • Number ...

Application of cloud Computing in the field of biotechnology

The application of cloud computing in the field of biotechnology Hao Ma Hongwu Zhao Ming with the development of biological techniques such as genome sequencing, huge amounts of biological data have been produced, and the computational capacity and storage requirements of bio-computing have become more and more high. Cloud computing has high computing power, Gaocun reserves and easy to use features can meet the needs of biological research, the integration of cloud computing has become a trend in the development of bio-computing. This paper summarizes the application of cloud platform and cloud computing in biology research, and points out the development of cloud computing in the field of biotechnology.

IBM: Big Data and cloud computing this year

According to foreign media reports, March 11, in order to gain greater space for growth, IBM in 2014 to the big data, cloud computing and real-time communications focus on development. Ginni Rometty, IBM's CEO, Rometty in a letter to shareholders that "demand for large data, cloud computing and mobility requires enterprise computing power, and other companies are not comparable to IBM in developing these key technologies." "In addition, technology giants such as Intel and pivotal also send their hopes for cloud computing and big data ...

China Unicom OSS Two-tier architecture clear introduction of cloud computing implementation of centralized construction

Cloud computing is a new method of computing, through virtualization and other technologies in accordance with the "Plug and Play" approach, self-service management capabilities to form an efficient resource pool, on-demand service form to provide computing power. In recent years, with the development of cloud computing technology, the domestic operators in many professional fields from different degrees, different directions of the cloud computing environment to build the attempt and implementation work. In this upsurge, the OSS system, one of the most important supporting systems of the operators, is trying and pushing forward in order to follow the development step. At present, China Unicom OSS system manufacturers many, tube ...

Cloud computing is about to rise

To the best of our knowledge cloud computing is a brand new business model whose core is still data center related and uses hardware that consists of thousands of industry standard servers mainly powered by Intel or AMD Production processors and other hardware vendors. Individuals and businesses get the computing power over high-speed Internet, avoiding unnecessary investment. In short, cloud computing will turn the future of the Internet into a supercomputing paradise. "The basic principle of cloud computing is that by distributing computing across a large number of distributed computers ...

Platform helps CERN build private cloud infrastructure

The European Atomic Energy Research Institute (CERN), founded in 1954, is the world's largest particle physics research center. CERN, with its powerful computing power, has been providing a solid guarantee for more than 17,000 researchers worldwide to work together to crack down on the mysteries of matter and the universe in 270 research centers across 48 countries. To further accelerate research, CERN has started building the LHC, the world's largest Hadron Collider. The LHC is located in the vicinity of Switzerland and France near the border area of 100 meters underground, around 27 km of the ring tunnel.

The increased computing power of the device allows us to fill the future with information about computing devices

Absrtact: VR 2014 is a series of reports on virtual reality startups in the 2014, which will provide a full presentation of the 2014-year VR 2014 for virtual reality in China, from the perspectives of display devices, interactive products, content production platforms, transmission technologies, cloud services, media, distribution, and so on 2014 A series of reports of virtual reality start-up company will present the virtual reality of China for 2014 years in terms of display equipment, interactive products, content production platform, transmission technology, cloud service, media and distribution.

Introduction to Amason Cloud computing applications

What is the benefit of the cloud, the advantages of the cluster will be everyone can think of, super storage capacity, large-scale integrated computing power and system load capacity, and cloud can be imagined as a larger cluster, theoretically its storage and computing capacity is almost unlimited, So the greatest benefit is that it greatly reduces the cost of data storage, including the cost of money. The cloud's first estimate is that Google's goal is to use it to distribute computer clusters around the world to reduce the cost of data storage, thereby bringing deeper cloud computing ideas. Programmer Monthly 200 ...

Research on Knowledge Service recommendation system based on cloud computing

Research on Knowledge Service recommendation system based on cloud computing the large double cloud computing platform in Henan Normal University provides a natural advantage for the recommendation system. First, the data storage in the cloud is clustered, the storage management is virtualized, theoretically provides the capacity-limited data storage ability and the efficient data throughput ability for the recommendation system, so the recommendation system can have the fast acquisition, the massive training data, and then, to provide the high quality recommendation result; The cloud's distributed computing power and physical resources virtualization to the recommendation system provide a high responsiveness, which helps to provide a large number of users with personality ...

Discussion on cloud computing and meteorological data processing

Discussion on cloud computing and meteorological data processing Lau in the information age large data has become the main feature, in the increasingly developed network technology today, cloud computing is increasingly becoming the current and future network science and technology development of an important topic, become the future of computer technology development of the core direction. Cloud computing has more robust and robust performance both in terms of security and computing power.  In the meteorological department, cloud computing can provide huge data and make difficult and accurate calculations, which provides a new way of development for meteorological research. Discussion on cloud computing and meteorological data processing

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