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PHP image watermarking, cut the head like a picture and automatically zoom

An example of PHP tutorial image watermarking, cut the head like a picture and automatically zoom code, he can upload your pictures to generate the specified size renderings and pictures can be automatically cut, see the following example. <html> <head> <meta http-equiv = "content-type" content = "text / html; charset = gb2312"> & ...

LFS v6.8 releases a very compact Linux system

Lfs──linux from Scratch is a way to install Linux from the Internet "> download source directly from scratch." It's not a distribution, it's just a recipe, it tells you where to go to buy food (download source code), how to make these raw things to suit your taste-personalized Linux, not only personalized desktop. ...

Windows Azure cloud Services Manage clouds with command line

A few weeks ago, I published a blog about Windows Azure cloud services. I'm digging up new things and experimenting with mac,pc and Linux (I prefer Ubuntu). As a fan of PowerShell and command lines for a long time, I've been looking for ways to handle transactions in text mode, as well as the creation and deployment of script sites. There was a whole bunch of ways to access Azure using the command line-more than I thought. There is a JSON based Web API that will let those workers ...

11 Linux commands that few people know but are useful

The Linux command line attracts most Linux enthusiasts. A normal Linux user typically has about 50-60 commands to handle daily tasks. Linux commands and their transformations are the most valuable treasures for Linux users, Shell scripting programmers, and administrators.  Few Linux commands are known, but they are handy and useful, whether you're a novice or an advanced user. Little people know about Linux commands the purpose of this article is to introduce some of the less-known Linux commands that are sure to efficiently ...

Steps for installing JDK 6 in an Ubuntu system

The easiest way to install the JDK under Ubuntu is to use the APT install command, but the JDK installed is often not the latest version, and to install the latest JDK you need to go to Sun's aggregation/11307.html "> Download the official website. But the Sun's website has only rpm and bin two formats, and there is no Deb format used by Ubuntu, which requires us to use the Ubuntu conversion ...

FortiOS 5.2 Getting Started: Limiting bandwidth with traffic shaping

In this recipe, you learn how to use Traffic Shaping on your Fortigate to limit the bandwidth for a specific IP address and how to configure traffic shaping to set a maximum bandwidth limit for uploads and/or downloads to 200 kb/s for devices with FotiOS 5.2 and above.

Install and configure my Ubuntu 8.04:mldonky installation

Install sudo apt install mldonkey-server Mldonkey-gui settings: Here is an example of a web interface. Ed2k-force_client_high_id:true. Ed2k-max_connected_servers:50 (this casually, although the last will only stabilize in a few). Ed2k-port: Not necessarily set, but some routers need port mapping, then you need to modify this. Client ...

Mintty v0.9.9 publishes a Cygwin terminal window

Mintty is a useful tool, a Cygwin terminal window, gets the Mintty and puts it on the test. Mintty is a dedicated to the Cygwin environment Terminal Simulator, which is compatible with Xterm, support UTF-8, CJK fonts, Windows Input method, can perform drag and copy/paste operations, with native Windows appearance and window transparency features. Mintty based on PuTTY code development, can download the installation alone, can also accompany Cy ...

12 technical pain points for Hadoop

Chapter author Andrew C. Oliver is a professional software advisor and president and founder of the Open Software re-programme of North Carolina State Dalem data consulting firm.   Using Hadoop for a long time, he found that 12 things really affected the ease of use of Hadoop. Hadoop is a magical creation, but it develops too quickly and shows some flaws. I love elephants and elephants love me. But there is nothing perfect in this world, sometimes even good friends ...

OpenShift Build Nginx+php5.2+zend+mysql Server Tutorial

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall recently applied for OpenShift PAAs space, very domineering support N languages, As for the use of the two said, the space application of the tutorial is not listed in this article, interested comrades can be released later on the site of another article gives a detailed introduction, this article is built in you have achieved OPENSHIF ...

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