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Ubuntu APACHE+TOMCAT+JDK Environment Configuration Guide

1.apt-get Install apache2-* php5-* mysql-* 2.apt-get Install SUN-JAVA6-JDK & Aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; # java-version 3.TAR-XZVF apache2-tomcat-* ...

KDE 4.5 Ubuntu Environment Configuration Guide

Audio, video playback sudo apt install kubuntu-restricted-extras system Setup-> multimedia-> 33972.html ">pulseaudio to the top (do not do this, easily lead to sound card exclusive only one program can be audible or a variety of inexplicable amarok problems). O ...

CentOS System Security Configuration Guide

System security has always been our attention in the server "> Application field of the more important links, after all, normal production environment for system security level is also relatively high, Now many server operating systems choose Linux, and in this field platform is undoubtedly CentOS Linux is the industry leader, CentOS based on red Hat Enterprise Li ...

Hadoop On Demand Configuration guide

1. This document describes some of the most important and commonly used Hadoop on Demand (HOD) configuration items. These configuration items can be specified in two ways: the INI-style configuration file, the command-line options for the Hod shell specified by the--section.option[=value] format. If the same option is specified in two places, the values in the command line override the values in the configuration file. You can get a brief description of all the configuration items by using the following command: $ hod--verbose-he ...

Postfix quick Installation and Configuration guide

Postfix is the default message transfer agent (MTA) in Ubuntu. It is "> A software in the main software library of Ubuntu. This means that it has a security update. This guide tells you how to install and configure Postfix and set it up as an SMTP server that uses a secure connection. Postfix features: 1. Post ...

CentOS Web Server Security Configuration Guide

In this chapter we will introduce the CentOS ">web server security settings, which is also a number of the most important security settings for Web services, As the administrator of the server we should develop a good system maintenance habits, regular patching, for the directory permission settings should have a very clear understanding of the user and user group management should also develop good habits, if you are just see this article ...

Slackware eyoolinux Server Configuration Guide

& ">nbsp; Slackware eyoolinux Server Configuration Guide 1 driver load driver load part, the main network card driver. First to find the network card: LSPCI grep net if not found, first check whether the network card is plugged in well. Check the loadable driver ...

VSFTP Server Compile installation configuration guide

1, Vsftpd Brief introduction If what kind of FTP server is the safest? Then in Unix and Linux, the most important thing is vsftp (Very secure FTP Daemon, very secure FTP server). As the name suggests, the starting point of VSFTPD design is security. At the same time, with the continuous upgrade of the version, VSFTPD has made great progress in performance and stability. Like Redhat, SUSE, Http:// ...

Hadoop On Demand Management Guide

Overview Hadoop on Demand (HOD) is a system that can supply and manage independent Hadoop map/reduce and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) instances on a shared cluster. It makes it easy for administrators and users to quickly build and use Hadoop. Hod is also useful for Hadoop developers and testers who can share a physical cluster through hod to test their different versions of Hadoop. Hod relies on resource Manager (RM) to assign nodes ...

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